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July 9th, 2024

What do people do with their monthly salary? Part of the money they will spend all means, the other part can put in a bank or hidden under a mattress, because I do not quite trust the bank and some money, maybe be exchanged for dollars. But what determines how much money will be spent, and how many – remain in bank deposits or foreign currency? Experience and economic theory suggest that people try to maintain a certain ratio between the sum of all available to them in money (cash and bank deposits) and the size of its normal monthly expenses. Likewise, the company trying to maintain a certain ratio between the volume of its operations (Sales and purchases) and the amount of money in bank accounts. If the family is shopping for 200 000 rubles. per month, during the month it is preferable to have at the disposal of 100 000 rubles. After the salary total cash resources of the family exceeds 100 000 rub. Then, as the implementation of monthly purchases, the amount of its available cash will gradually diminish and become less than 100 000 rubles. Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs is full of insight into the issues.

With the new pay this amount increases again. On average during the month possession of the family is the amount of money equal to about half of her monthly expenses. Not a bad option – put some money on car insurance car. It is only at first sight it seems that car insurance car – is a waste of scarce resources. In fact, if Insurance balanced approach – a very useful thing, especially in a crisis. Man uses economic logic to determine what portion of their income, it should be in rubles, and which – translated into U.S. dollars and assets of another kind, such as bags of sugar or coffee. With high inflation wiser to keep their savings in the form of dollars or non-perishable goods, rather than as rubyesh This can be somewhat cumbersome, because every time before making a new purchase, dollars or goods have once again changed to rubles. But in any case it is much more profitable than to have on hand Dollars that every day more and more worthless.

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