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Santander Banking

June 16th, 2012

The American banking sector is in a fragility situation that abre opportunities of growth for foreign organizations, such as Santander. Although the main financial organizations of the USA already are enough restored, not yet they have managed to standardize its capacity of intermediation generation, which makes them lose part of the market. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Integrated Capital Solutions. In the American banking sector, the risk persists between the smallest organizations whose weakness can make them imprisoned of foreign organizations. The commission of the Congress that supervises to the program of financial rescue by US$ 700,000 million of the Treasure of the United States, recognized yesterday that the small organizations (with assets between the US$ 600 million and US$ 1,000 million), will need between US$ 12,000 million and US$ 14,000 million to do against their weak loans. According to the report of the commission, directed by Elizabeth Warren: Necesitarn to reunite much more capital, since the calculated losses will exceed the predicted benefits and reserves. This situation will take to a fall in the total of banking organizations and an increase of the participation of the foreign bank. In Spain, according to Latin Press, the banking sector aims at the efficiency and is for that reason that the five main banks of the country (Bank Santander, BBVA, the Caixa, Caja Madrid and Popular Bank) have reduced to their personnel and number of branches.

The greater efficiency and the increase of the activity produced that Santander and the BBVA are the first and third organization of majors benefits during first half of 2009 in Europe. Santander has obtained a gain of 4,500 million Euros in first half of year, having been second a world-wide level behind the Bank of America (NYSE: BAC) that has obtained benefits by 5,263 million Euros. BBVA (IBEX35: BBVA) obtained the third place in Europe with a benefit of 2,799 million Euros.


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