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School Community

June 16th, 2012

It is the school that is next to the reality of the pupils, what it allows to greater knowledge of the necessities and especificidades of these educandos, for the different segments that constitute the pertaining to school community. This process of collective decision makes possible greater envolvement of the different actors in the definition of the routes and the accomplishment of its educative intentions, what it assures greater commitment of all. The evaluation and the recovery constitute integrant part of the learning process, reason of being of a proposal compromised with the democratic management of the school. The organization and the development of a Politician-Pedagogical Project, based on new paradigms, had allowed to the change of the assignment administration for educational management. One is not about a simple substitution of terminology, but to represent new ideals and to establish, in the institution, a transforming orientation, from the dinamizao of the net of relations that occur, dialeticamente, in its internal and external context (LUCK, 1998). The democratization of the school, therefore, is not scrumbled to the process of choice of the director. The democratic management goes beyond, waves for a change in the distribution of the power in the interior of the school.

It is characterized for the collective participation of the substantive decisions, that define the organization and functioning of the school. It estimates an organization sidewalk in the reciprocal contribution, the healthy convivncia and the dialogue. It results, of course, of conceptions defined clearly in the Politician-Pedagogical Project from the vision of World, Society and the Man. 2.2. RECITAL THEORETICIAN OF the CARRIED THROUGH WORK the collective devotion of some weekly hours for study is, also, a right of the professionals of the Education and a form to value them foreseen in the Law of Lines of direction and Bases of Educao Nacional (LDB), of 1996. Already the National Plan of Educao (PNE), of 2001, recommended to reserve of 20 25% of the day for the perfectioning is of the classroom and the next PNE, still in transaction in the National Congress, has enters its main lines of direction the formation in service.


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