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Secretary General PPT Cabimas

August 14th, 2021

If we conduct a brief operation mathematical and added to him to the result that the companion obtained Felix Bracho the 23 of November votes that the MEP with the companion Ebiles Sangronis obtained and we detailed whatever obtained each party of the added alliance to which it obtained New Revolutionary Way we found that somebody backed down, somebody lay, somebody juice to the failure of the process or somebody I demotivate to a good part of our people whom did not move and other than moved to vote against. But nobody can be adjudged the totality of result obtained the past 15 of February because it would be denying the participation of the rest of the allies and this offense not the acceptance since in spite of the sabotage of own and strange the PPT Cabimas it grew. Across of the sidewalk this that important group of compatriots who let themselves seduce by a speech drained of ideological content with that one of the life president. r VP and COO). And in that land also there was backward movement since Oscar Garci’a obtained the 23 of November 59786 that added to the rest of the opposition candidates it gave like result for those then 64299. Of all this passional drama it is an education for us or we stopped acting as current within our parties and began to see our allies without meanness nor arrogance of no type or the prophecy of the disaster will be fulfilled that or announces by the streets of ours you take care of that the result of the 15 of February was pre revocatory for Felix Bracho and taking into account that this year we are going to choose councilmen, parochial meetings and deputies to the National assembly with a lead in the wing since we at this moment have lost our circumscription to the National assembly and the majority of curules to the Municipal Council but we are able to surpass the low passions. definitively to mount from our natural space to the formulation and execution to us of the Cabimas Plan, the revision, rectification and I reimpel of all the bolivarianas missions to optimize its services and the constitution of a true Political Directorate of allies that not this subordinate it name to it of the mayorship. From the PPT we assumed our responsibility before this electoral failure of the 15 of February and announced that in the next days we will make all the adjustments pertinent to continue participating With Political Effectiveness and Revolutionary Quality since now we go by the creation of the greater mayorship of Zulia for the Eastern Coast of the Lake..


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