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Sending Important Documents – Courier Delivery Service Or Ordinary

April 1st, 2011

Not all correspondence can be sent via e-mail, especially important documents – financial and accounting documents bearing the seals are effective if they are not in electronic form. For this reason, even in the age modern technologies exist and thrive courier services, which carry out the urgent delivery of letters. In general, the history of the courier service is very rich in events. The first courier considered Greek runners who brought a letter from city to city only by the muscular strength of his legs. In Russia, the courier service was established in 1701 by Peter I for speedy delivery of royal charters and government securities. Later, the separate military couriers and special couriers were engaged exclusively by diplomatic pouch. Now operates a network of detailed postal delivery, but also work effectively and numerous courier companies delivery components of successful competition by mail.

Why? Because the company, entrepreneur, business person can find many reasons to request dispatch of their mail service courier delivery, rather than the state post office, for example. First, the only express delivery service will ensure urgent delivery. Time of receipt of correspondence by post offices can not stand any criticism, and the quality of shipping important correspondence is sometimes lame – sending parcels and lose some of its contents, the letters disappear, ports. Second, only a good courier service can be arranged truly express delivery parcels, packages, papers, correspondence, letters, documents, and their excellent preservation. Third, courier services will give your correspondence exactly into the hands of the recipient, following All you specified framework, it will be important if you want to submit the documents for the tender, to have time prior to departure, to urgently deliver the paper to a specific person, not a department of correspondence, which quickly There will be long enough to engage in the distribution of incoming mail. Express delivery of letters in Petersburg takes no more than 3-6 hours, depending on the distance at which it must deliver, and weight of package. This is much faster and easier than using regular mail and cheaper than deliver letters and other correspondence himself to the right place, at the same time wasting time, fuel and wearing out the car.

Courier will call to your office, pick up a paper, and at the appointed time, your recipient will receive the requested document. Of course, the express delivery in Moscow, it makes sense to entrust only the best services. How to find a company that is guaranteed to carry out urgent delivery of documents in London? Ask around friends and colleagues advise you reliable courier service. Select in accordance with the fact whether you personally liked the firm, starting from the site and the first call in the courier service. Website courier service should be comfortable, beautiful and informative. All data on delivery must be stated clearly and simply, the system of payment for services should be transparent. Well, if your site has provided an opportunity track the route of delivery of your parcel and the precise time of its delivery to the addressee (real time). Pay attention to customer testimonials. In a decent company they are many and they are not afraid to share their impressions of collaboration with the company. Remember that the express delivery of letters in Moscow – the key to success in business, the key conclusion of contracts, transfer of important documents on time only if you choose a reliable and well proven organization.


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