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Social Development

September 30th, 2022

Satisfaction is with much that we follow the advances in the way of if making politics in the Tocantins, that had as initial landmark the attitude of the current governor in carrying through the Tocantins Agenda, through a partnership with the press. Credit: Senator Richard Blumenthal-2011. Although of delayed form, route to a society participativa was given to an initial kick, therefore, more sustainable. The Tocantins Agenda is what if it can call participativa management or governana, a necessity of the current days, that appears to give democratic legitimacy to the local power, implanting one progressive politics to attenuate a vulnerability marked for the removal and the negation in the social participation and politics of the community (a trend each more increasing day in the cities). To govern is an interactive process. In a social group, none of the actors compose who it is capable, alone, withholds knowledge and to congregate resources to decide social problems of unilateral form. It is through the participativa management, that if starts to consolidate a net of actors who will have conditions to restore the legitimacy of the system politician, to create new canals of participation and partnerships, culminating in a modern democratic form of interaction between the public and the private one. Historically, the term governana (governance) came United Nations if consolidating through summit conferences organized for (the Estocolmo, 1972; Rio De Janeiro, 1992 and Joanesburgo, in 2002). Its definitive landmark was the World-wide Cupola for the Social Development, in 1995, objectifying to trace a model capable to better guarantee quality of life for the generations of century XXI. Since the decade of 90, the governana comes taking a dimension differentiated, aiming at the reinforcement of the art and the capacity to govern outside of the followed standards until then. We have that to have the conscience of that the beginning of the implantation of this process is sufficiently difficult, a time that we live at a hybrid moment where one exceeded model of practical economic and social still coexists new values behaviors. Most important it is that, on the part of the community, it has a more active participation in the meeting of the Tocantins Agenda, and on the part of the Public Power, that always persists in new editions perfecting the practical one and searching the effectiveness in the surveys, partnerships and in the implementation of its politics.


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