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December 28th, 2010

And sometimes Aque a long, narrow and difficult road we must travel to reach peace and happiness within us! a Elsa Bianco a "Learning to live, 38 pages a "40 a My friend Elsa, talks about the long, narrow and difficult roads we have to go to find peace and happiness that dwells within us, in fact, what each of us perceives from birth are external signals, which we educated, that we should prescribe what and what not to do. a The School of Life opens its classrooms and traps us from the very moment when the air is introduced for the first time in our hectic lungs. a There is no doubt that words are the magic of the spirit, when we employ new sensations, unexplored horizons open before us, unknown worlds on which we plan our mind held aloft by the soft momentum of our own imagination. a It is this magic of words, is what allows the creation through the story of the most varied situations or circumstances where the characters emerging as outbreaks of life, which spontaneously burst on the scene of the facts, not fictional beings, but as creatures that come alive through a the breath of life she exudes its maker, the wizard who created and organizes the words. a The characters created by this magic of words, are incorporated and interspersed with other beings that are part of creation, regardless of the means used to give them life and living beings exist that have erupted to life through sexual union of their parents, or those created by artificial insemination or some other method advanced genetic manipulation, in the same manner and with the same right to exist have been engendered by the power of the word escrita.a a Who can deny its existence? a In fact, the recorded world history over the centuries the invaluable contribution of different characters that have left a deep track, true paradigms, shapers of behavior, example of virtues that have surpassed the very importance of their creators, characters idealized by the pen of the magicians of the words that have given them life, figures epic, Homeric gods and demi-gods, saints and martyrs, angels and demons, that defy time and remain forever immortal in the collective consciousness humanity.


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