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Juan Iglesias

April 12th, 2014
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For the stablishment the future is tied to these destructive plans that are coming in an advance accelerated to corrupt the majority of youth ruining the wealth, the Treasury and the hope of humanity. According to the strategy you should kill mentally and spiritually three generations and we have already spent two and half of these. THE ROMAN LAW ALLOW? RETURN to LAS FUENTES II ParteDice the romanist Juan Iglesias if Rome’s history is the history of a people launched bregosa and continued to go in search of the eternal, its root must be found in the times more distant, when there was not yet the urbs, but prepared the advent. The principle is in the past that they were thrown out the foundations of Rome, to make Rome the universe.First, elemental question because powerful countries have nuclear arsenals and peripherals rich no, can’t find more balanced to Bush than Mahmoud Ahmadineyad. The atoll of Mururoa was the scene of more than 137 underground nuclear tests carried out by France, annihilating the plankton, altering life marine, today the explosions are replaced by simulations in laboratory. Attacking nature in its intrinsic Providence is auto delete us, but now there are organizations such as Greenpeace who are fighting vigorously against these follies of the large multinational interests. Because the Kyoto Protocol is not signed by the us when it is the country most polluting, ruining part of world globe; No one may arrogate to itself the status of the doctrine of manifest destiny, to be elected by God to govern the universal destinations. There are powers that are enlarged in its territorial extension but become smaller in the conception of subjugation, are regarded with great suspicion and earn the hatred of the invaded countries, when a national dies fighting for his homeland is not a terrorist, he is a true patriot; I reiterate the crimes against humanity is the worst of the flagella, but political realities cannot be seen without an objective assessment.

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