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Russian Heater Products

November 19th, 2022
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Basalt insulation brand THERMO – products known company OAO Termosteps', widely used in the construction industry, specializing in one of the most important areas – the production of insulation materials. Insulation grade THERMO now successfully compete with products of leading European manufacturers such as rockwool, isover, URSA and occupy leading positions in the domestic construction market. AP leads wholesale brand THERMO heaters for heat insulation. We offer only the best quality products, insulation floor insulation of walls, roof insulation, installation of which is carried out by specialists. Now insulation is no problem – because we offer an insulation THERMO made on the latest technologies heater, whose price is much lower than European counterparts. Thermal insulation – is one of the few industrial products that allow you to reduce the human impact on the environment. Mineral wool brand THERMO significantly reduces power consumption by man, for all aspects of its related activity, as with the need for industrial processes and create comfortable conditions in the home, conserving heat or cold.

Our insulation, which fully meets the cost of quality, environmentally friendly. In addition, Any insulation TERMO of rocks highly resistant to organic substances – oils, solvents, weak acid and alkaline environments, so their use is allowed in aggressive environments. AP Russian TD Insulation Insulation Russian is the official dealer of basalt insulation holding company Termosteps uniting under the trade name THERMAL factories in the cities of Yaroslavl, Tver, Samara, Yekaterinburg and Volgograd. This professional team of experts, a wide range of building materials, storage areas and optimum logistics with his Russian transporta.TD Heater implements warehouse in g Yaroslavl insulation, thermal insulation, rock wool brand THERMO, URSA, rockwool, isover, wall insulation, heat insulation floor insulation roof with delivery to object to any destination in Russia.

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Bricks – Building Material For All Time

October 10th, 2022
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For masonry load-bearing structures usually chosen polnotely building brick. It has a small amount of voids (13%) and used for the erection of columns and pillars, exterior and interior walls, that is, which can withstand own weight and the extra load. The main advantages of the brick – cold resistance (up to F50, and A75), high bending strength and compression (under heavy load suit brand M250 and M300), water absorption – from 8% to 20%. Should bear in mind that brick has a good heat transfer, and exterior walls made from this material would require insulation. Most often it has a rough surface, one can often see cracks and curvature forms. Septic tanks and pit latrines can be constructed from any ceramic brick. This is because, due to its porizirovannoy structure can easily take excess water out of the pit. In addition, ceramic brick is biologically safe material.

For these structures there are techniques like solid masonry, and masonry over a half-brick. To fill the unloaded structures – apartment buildings frames, masonry walls and lightweight exterior walls ideal hollow brick. It is also called the hole, economical, slotted and self-supporting. Holes in the brick come through and closed with one hand, any shape, with horizontal and vertical placement (such bricks more durable). Thermal insulation of hollow bricks above regarding corpulent through closed volume of air, and wall thickness is less. To improve More insulation in the manufacture of bricks achieve porosity solid part – is added to the clay peat, straw, coal and sawdust. Burn out during firing, additives form a void, resulting in a so-called light or Ultra-efficient material. Brick – virtually the only material for masonry chimneys, flues and other thermal devices operate at high temperatures.

For the device stoves, fireplaces, chimneys used fireclay (furnace, refractory) bricks. Because of its density it perfectly in contact with fire and can withstand frequent temperature fluctuations (maximum – 1600 C). Usually sandy-yellow color and can have both classical and wedge-shaped, arched shape. Optimal solution for facing building facades, which are often exposed to precipitation, as well as landscaping (paving, car parks and entrances to garages, stairs, outdoor terraces, roof gutters or courtyard) – clinker bricks. It is produced as a result of high temperature firing plastic clays selected quality up to full sintering without inclusions and voids. Owing to the specific raw materials and special technologies is an exceptionally durable, low porosity, color-, wear-resistant, frost, and as a consequence, long-lasting product. Clinker bricks are distinguished as wide range of sizes, textures and colors.

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Eternal Hardwood Classics

July 13th, 2018
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The traditional material for wall low-rise buildings is a tree. Wood as a material has many important advantages. Wood fairly easy to stick together, easily connected with nails, screws, etc. She is well handled and lends itself to decoration. In terms of the ratio of the density and strength of wood can be compared with metallami.Steny home should be durable, have good sound insulation qualities that have, perhaps, less weight, provide permanent facilities in the temperature regime required for the building. The strength of wood is defined types of wood, density, moisture content, presence of defects.

Humidity is the free and bound. Feature of the free moisture is that it evaporates from the tree very easily. To test this, it suffices to recall that the rain soaked wood dries fairly rapidly, for several hours. Bound moisture, by contrast, evaporates slowly, and in order to dry the wood, without resorting to the aid of special technology, can take a few years. Malousyhayuschie: spruce, fir, cedar, white poplar, pine and others Sredneusyhayuschie: oak, elm, beech, aspen, ash, black cottonwood, small-leaved lime, etc. Silnousyhayuschie: Norway maple, hornbeam, larch and birch. Since the density and moisture content of wood is closely linked its ability hold a metal mount. The higher wood density, the higher the resistance to pulling out a nail or screw.

Humidity makes driving nails into wood. Hardness – the ability of wood resist the penetration of solids. Widespread in Russia have long been used for tree construction. It is perfect for areas with any climate. And today, this traditional material is often used in the construction of the beautiful and warm houses. Its special features allow you to achieve a high level of indoor comfort. In recent years, suburban housing market, many new materials and technologies. However, the wooden houses are still the most popular among individual developers. Much of this popularity is due to the fact that in our country, forest is the cheapest building material.

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Water Wash

December 25th, 2016
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So that the cement floor – close to the ideal option. If you drop something on the cement floor kilogram weight at 200 (my favorite welder from the top shelf of shelving) and hurt him – in 10 minutes you can easily fix the hole. The floor must be perfectly smooth, not just ‘no mounds’ – namely, in the level. When you need something to collect the volume on this floor – you have to evaluate. Nora. Workshop – is, among other things, your political asylum.

There you can to escape from all of the closest enemies, and most beloved friends. And – for legitimate and legal grounds, not even defiantly. Sometimes it’s necessary, believe me. So … well, you yourself make out what you for political asylum needed. I started with a rookery, a toilet, refrigerator …

Well – what political asylum without the Internet? – So that the fiber pull it back together))). Sofa helps sharpen creative breakthroughs … Well, at least hinged bed, fastened to the wall, do yourself – you will not regret. Bathroom. What about the toilet even very seriously, because – do not be tired with running about. And come to you to visit his wife, children or friends, even – you’re not going with them? .. – Here and need a bathroom. And you need to wash hands, wash.

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Granite And Marble – Base Beneath The Fortress

April 19th, 2016
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Granite and marble – perhaps to implement a strong finishing and dekornyh ideas, raw materials, more practical and better not be found. Both of these natural stones in their own precious, and both had hugely popular since ancient times. Variety invoices, a wide range of choice, versatility of this raw material – all this could not remain indifferent to the architects and designers around the world since ancient times. Granite – a dense and solid rock, which is the strongest natural stone having vnutrezernistuyu structure, marble – crystalline rocks, according to some judgments, considered the most beautiful finishing material in the interior, these achievements and allow them to remain in a large supply and demand in our time. Both of these stones will last for centuries with proper maintenance and timely action taken to correct minor defects. Marble unlike granite in the care and treatment required for a more careful Treatment: Do not resort to the long thermal stresses on the rock, as well as protect against chemical agents capable of harm marble.

And to this day are very popular products from granite and marble, from the raw material Peerless made furniture accessories, decorative objects that can create either a classic, strict conditions, or ultra-trendy, or move his master in the ancient, ancient times. With granite and marble You can decorate the elegant bathroom, living room, hallway or accent certain parts of the room: stairs, fireplace, windowsill, or even buy some unique pieces: top, sink, column. The room decorated with granite and marble – a real fortress, which looks decent, and inside and outside, which would indicate a good taste of its owner. Products from a granite varied from centuries-old gravestones and monuments to architectural and decorative finishes and some decorative items. Let the granite is not the cheapest raw materials, but the costs and benefits are worth money. Depending on the added impurities, the marble can be "strict and cold", "warm", and can achieve colorful playful color, which gives the opportunity to put all our fancy decor, you can create quite a luxurious interior, or Conversely, do all the humble and understated. Granite and marble – the raw material for fine solid foundation, create your own, unique strength, whether it's home, with unique accessories that are sure to become your family relic, or the same office, which will always look luxurious.

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Western Europe

February 3rd, 2012
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In fact, the reality is different. Carpets have long been gaining a dominant market share of floor finishing materials in Western Europe and North America. And not just leadership won thanks to the comfort or design variety, namely quality. Only guarantee of some manufacturers to give their coverage for 10 years. The real life of carpet in this case will be more. Carpets from leading manufacturers in the world from Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Italy, the USA has excellent performance characteristics that allow them to quietly endure the daily cleaning with no loss of appearance.

When This carpet can be used completely in all areas of office space, even at the entrances. In terms of quality, a recommendation – choose the carpet of the leading manufacturers in the world from Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Italy, the United States. In this case, you get a carpet in a series of "put and forget." An ideal variant composition nap – PA. Compared with other synthetic materials – polypropylene, polyacryl, Polyester-polyamide has precisely the best performance. Except when it comes to design VIP areas of office, hotel or a level 5 * country house interiors. For the interior of the premises recommend the use of carpet made of wool (100%) or shesrt + PA (80% + 20%). Best analogs have carpet wear resistance properties comparable to similar properties porcelain.

Given the advantages of carpet on indicators such as comfort, design options, color schemes, the validity of the primacy of carpeting is not in doubt. But there is another reason why Russia in the office instead of the expected use of carpeting gres. This is the reason – the legislation. In recent years adopted several decisions, which greatly tightened the requirements for fire carpeting. And as glad to, but unfortunately, as we often have decisions are made hastily and without consideration of important points. According to current standards adopted by Russian law, in such institutions as kindergartens, schools, cinemas, theaters, hotels on the five floors above and on the other similar objects can only be used granite. Yes, just like in kindergarten bed, linoleum or carpet from leading manufacturers in the world is illegal. The reason is that the floor covering used for the interior uses, such as kindergarten, should be absolutely no fuel. This material is stone. Here on the rock kids can play with all the consequences in the form of permanent injury falls, etc … And use a different floor, a soft, comfortable and not traumatic, which passed all tests in the European laboratories, are widely used in European and American schools and preschools, we can not by law. Or a movie theater. Again here, if you strictly follow the letter of the law can only be used granite. But the carpet, which on its fireproof property allow for clearance of cruise ships – you can not. Here's an imbalance there is in the law that prevents more actively used for interior uses carpeting. But, nevertheless, the world experience developed countries shows that better coverage is not there for decoration of the interiors of hotels, offices, restaurants, private homes, cinemas, theaters. The fact that Russia will be the same – it is not in doubt.

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Pre Plaster

November 23rd, 2011
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This type of plaster has some bumps, so often referred to as textured plaster beetle. What made plaster beetle This type of plaster made from high quality components. In the course of attending a special white cement, various chemical additives, and marble chippings. The layer thickness after drying of the solution depends on the size fraction used components. A property? Textured plaster beetle is unique. It can be applied to almost any surface without prior training.

Plaster beetle is particularly good with the possibility of cracking the wall surface. Decorative plaster beetle can be used in heated and unheated rooms in. Plaster beetle resistant to moisture, steam passes, it is not terrible temperature drop, and at the same time, decorative plaster beetle looks polished and beautiful. Textured plaster beetle has been successfully applied in almost any finish premises, but especially popular in the repair of office buildings and facilities, with public gatherings: concert halls, shops, etc. Tyler Wood Integrated Capital Solutions insists that this is the case. Plaster beetle before applying the plaster surface of the pre- prepared. Its completely clean of dust and dirt, buried burrs, remove oil stains.

If the wall surface is uneven, it should be pre-aligned. If you put the plaster on the dusty concrete bark beetle surface should be pre-treated them with special solution, or just use putty. Plaster beetle is wet on wet method. The dry mix can be bought at the store. Before starting, of course, should be carefully considered statement. Typically, the dry mixture to 25 kilograms of six liters of water was added and thoroughly mixed all. The resulting solution is flexible, it should be used for three hours. Usually, before starting mixture is kept at a minimum of 10-15 minutes. In the process should be constantly stirred solution: the fact that the marble aggregate in its structure settles on the bottom, which leads to disruption homogeneity of the composition. Thus, application of plaster on the walls of bark beetle is the usual way.

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Engineering Survey

November 15th, 2011
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For all companies, which may engage in manufacturing, in all ages may appear similar obstacles, which only worsens the failure to cooperate, and other municipal bodies. And with that, and actually emerging issues more than you need. For example, with a lack of personal space – whether industrial or warehouse, or office, in positions that require building, or if the company uses long-life spent operation of construction – in any situation necessarily need to involve professionals in the construction industry. The survey works has the right to carry out a very solid number of corporations, but sooner than you choose to stay at any one of them was, most likely to check her "track record". It is no secret that expert examination of the existing structures can be connected with a simple examination structures, and with a hypothetical increase in the scale of output.

In other words, be sure to test, pull a building, for example, increased by the vibration of the work. In the construction expertise of design documentation in number is an essential element of the project and circumstance. Analysts will certainly need to consider not only the specific building characteristics of the building, but also features the position where it will be Construction activity: the type of soil, groundwater level and the like. With a thoughtful approach to the future of the building can not be a problem: since they will probably fix before the start of construction, for example, by choosing very suitable area for development. In addition, one can not distinguish the importance of such research as an environmental audit. It is very important in a situation where an enterprise has to deal with chemical materials or components that could harm the natural environment. Moreover, contrary to popular impression, the evaluation data, in principle, be useful not just for a good relationship with the regulatory administration, but primarily for personal business. Environmental assessments show that the company is going to work not so much that day, but on the future.

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Russian Wood

November 3rd, 2011
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It's clean and air, and the ability to equip the surrounding area at your leisure. Recently, live in a country house becomes more and more prestigious. Colm O’Comartun is a great source of information. Therefore, the construction of houses and cottages – this is a profitable investment in your comfort. Today suburbs of large cities is actively built, the construction of houses and construction of town houses is constant. But during the construction of wooden houses from which the tree house is made lurk serious danger in terms of wood-fungi. So if you see signs of browning or blueing wood must urgently apply the whitening composition. Bleaching of wood Neomid 500 Today belongs to the most effective means of their group. Neomid 500 is a concentrate that can be diluted with water 1:1.

Neomid 530, Fire-retardant treatment Neomid 530 retardant treatment for wood Neomid 530 used to protect the wood for a long time. Practice shows that the domestic wood processing enterprises mainly trying to basically use the Russian defenses because of cheap wood drug costs. Domestic products – protection of wood and fire retardant impregnation Neomid 530 Senezh and CDS are designed for reliable protection of wood indoors or outdoors. The most frequently used high-impregnation Neomid 530, DCC and Senezh ognebio protect the tree for long periods of heat and fire. The compositions 'Senezh' and Neomid 530 professionally protect the wood from burning and biological damage, provide high-quality decorative finishes of wood. Products 'Senezh' is designed to provide reliable protection of wood indoors or outdoors. Impregnation Neomid 530, DCC and Senezh ognebio designed to cover sawn and planed wood surfaces inside and outside the premises (window frames, doors, interior and exterior walls, balconies, railings, balconies, trim, shutters, moldings, facades, stairs, fences, garden buildings, furniture, articles made of chipboard, fiberboard, plywood, etc.). Senezh ognebio Fireproofing Materials Senezh ognebio One of the first drugs used in the wooden construction was Senezh ognebio.

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