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Landscape Design

October 9th, 2022
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When we decorate our interiors to any ancient goods, or precious natural stones, we bring a special flavor to our environment, history notes snugly envelop the atmosphere by bringing in her chic and luxury. For example, ammonite – a wonderful decoration for any interior or landscape design, ammonite can become a great accessory and a talisman of your home. Today, ammonites adorn luxurious design and beautiful gardens. Preserved pearl coating, rich coloration of fossilized ammonites surface – is only a small portion of their merits, in addition, each sink ammonite is unique, its spiral simply fascinating, and this energy Stone fills the whole house with positive energy. Ammonites of the mysterious and, in fact they have managed to preserve its beauty for the hundred and fifty million years since they became extinct, and generously gave up their beautiful shells in all over the world. Well-preserved ammonite shells are inserted into pendants, earrings, rings and bracelets, they decorate the room. Senator Richard Blumenthal has similar goals.

Large ammonites sawed in half and polished – so you can see chalcedony partitions, or just good clean from the stone and clay, while keeping mother of pearl. Today ammonites are very fashionable and stylish accessories for the interior. You can order a coffee table or countertop with ammonites on the surface, You can make original watch or to use the ammonites in the finishing of the fireplace, an aquarium, a swimming pool. Ammonite shells look great in landscape design and finishing in winter gardens. Ammonite – while not cheap, but a truly splendid and magnificent decoration. The price for ammonite set depending on how he survived a copy and what is its size.

Ammonites variety of sizes, from two inches and up to two and a half meters in diameter. In landscape design, ammonites are popular as decorative accessories for the garden or as a decoration material pools, arbors, fountains, and so on. Sometimes create beautiful accessories ammonite form of various metals, silver or bronze for example, which were later also used as an unusual artistic garden ornaments. Order 'pseudo ammonite "from some not very expensive metal to decorate his garden, a good solution for those who are fascinated by the external appearance of ammonites, but can not afford a real copy. In addition, there may be to dream up a size, color and pattern of ammonite shells. In general, there are many options as possible to decorate your landscape design even if not true ammonites. Will look very impressive patterns of ammonites on the fence or on the door to the garden and fountain will be decorated with ammonites beautiful decoration for your garden. Still, ammonite – an incredible creature, it was once lived on our land, Pat died, and now it is resurrected with the help of designers, making this luxury and beauty to our interior.


Room Organization

September 12th, 2011
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When baby equipment should provide the best conditions for sleep, work, leisure and gaming of the child. If several children in the family, and the room alone, it is desirable that each of them was not only his own bed, but his workplace, a place for personal things. Child's play a significant role in the development and formation of personality a little man. And perhaps, a pledge of future willingness to learn, the relationship between him and his parents, the manifestations of interest in life, development skills and talent lies in his first room. Parents in arranging a room for their children impose very specific requirements for a set of furniture and space organization. Some would like to see the baby's room as many built-in furniture that is compact will need to place things. In this case, it may be the height of the entire room with an open bottom space available for the child, and closed shelves, access to which available only for adults. Built-in furniture can be a transforming horizontally in the evening, in the lower level can be arranged beds, desks, komodnye elements and space for toys.

This provides an opportunity during the day as free gaming space. Other parents prefer playing elements, transformers, by which you can from time to time to "build" their own hands a new interior. For example, furnishing rooms, consisting of lockers, bunk beds, where the second level there is a proper bed, and underneath a desk with shelves, may be changed to "grow" with your child.