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The Payment

August 26th, 2018
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Writes paid and the date next to each debt on your list. Step 3: Make a table (in Excel or on paper) with the total of the amount owed. An easy way of doing this is draw 13 columns and a 13 or more rows. The first column Debt repaid and the twelve following columns will tell months them, January to December, listings at the top of the table. Step 4: Enter the total of your debt at the end of the first column. Then write down debt amounts to above in that same column so that the amount is smaller than each month ending in zero at the top. Each month, after paying the stipulated amount, color the new balance to the debt decreases. Place the table in a place where you can see her often.

Step 5: Any extra money that is an unexpected drop you from heaven, use it to decrease the payment of debt more quickly, so are only $10. For example, a refund of taxes, a Commission, a bonus, a returned money, etc. Step 6: A helpful tip is to get rid of all the things in your garage or in your garage. View touring your House and get rid of that pile of things that you’re not using and selling them. You can sell things on the internet, for example on EBay, in Market or in second hand, or take things personally to any store for buying and selling used things. And the money you get, apply it also to accelerate the repayment of the debt. You’ll feel great when you put your order and you’re paying your debts faster!

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October 3rd, 2013
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Another afternoon in which the master was resting his feet on a jar with salt water and Sergei was preparing to give a massage with balsam, the Siberian Hare said to him: the truth, teacher, and without wanting to get into this bustle that you bring in the evenings, on the other side of the River, is that it would be better that you compartierais with the community so that they enslaved in this way. Because look how you bring your feet and how you have hands! In addition, you’re slimming the two worrying way. Ay Sergei, Sergei. According to the Saints books of the West, all misfortune ensued to men when they claimed to know the secrets of the sky without being properly prepared. And who were responsible for that were not prepared and, what is worse, that they knew that there were other dimensions that could make them happier? Therefore the gods! Do not trust appearances, young Sergei. Apart from that it’s literary genres so that we can understand it, the men had, in its origin, everything you need to be happy if they lived according to his nature. Then, why not could they eating of that tree of wisdom which would make them as gods? That was cheating. It had everything, but his huge mistake was not recognizing it.

They believed that they could be as gods when they were already so, Sergei, I were! And now? We can not be, Sergei. It’s fall in the account by detaching us from so many scabs that they obscure our mind. Watch the bamboos that we have planted a few years ago. Do you see them? Yes, master. No two are alike, some are taller than others, some more weak, other greener, some carry water and others are dry, some are inclined to step of the wind and others resist because they believe older. And they are all bamboos, Sergei!


Isaac Newton

September 25th, 2013
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What do you think that you happened? In fact, ten thousand new has cardholders in a day and a loan to build a church. Simple? I rather I would say creative. To my something similar happened to me. The other day looking for some option to generate money extra at this time, decided to try one of those offerings to generate money by internet offering different products. As our page already generated some traffic, I decided to take advantage of it and incredibly, has already begun to generate revenue in dollars and I am currently studying some options offer it and generate revenue extras and who removes, maybe and exceeded my income by this way and not in the traditional way. Creativity has a lot to do with the relaxed States of the brain and the body. Therefore, its natural enemy is stress.

There is a very interesting study which shows how 97% of good ideas occur outside of work. To walk, bathe, sleep and many other activities which have as a common ingredient, be relaxed, mentally and physically. ANOTHER VERY GOOD REASON TO PRACTICE MEDITATION. Of course, creativity also has to do with the intention. Do you remember Isaac Newton and his famous story of the Apple? Do you think that it was the first human being who fell an Apple from a tree? Of course not, but he intended to solve a problem and your mind was working for him, attentive to any response.

And that tell of Archimedes and his famous expression EUREKA! Achieved by solving a problem very serious in a very creative way. From a neural point of view, creativity has to do with the use of the right hemisphere. Remember that this hemisphere is the one dedicated to creativity, intuition, art, etc. The right hemisphere manages much emotions while logic is the Forte of the left. Women use more its emotional part (right lobe) and men their logical part (left lobe). Why women can perform several tasks at the same time, while men focus more on a task in particular. A left-handed will be a more creative person (and they are highly sought after in advertising) and always It will be he who asks the question that is out of the ordinary in a class. A left-handed and an ambidextrous have a markedly different way face the problems and are a very valuable help in decision-making. What can we do then to increase our creativity? Three simple options that are available to everyone: 1. practice brain gym 2. Break schemes, even mentally, and although at the beginning does not take you to the practice. Remember that the brain cannot distinguish between reality and fiction and therefore will act as if you were actually implementing it. 3. Display quiet and new scenes. For example, a stroll through a forest that is located on a beautiful island in the Moon and in which a man and a woman from the future appear and follow displayed and inventing. But not forbid, you are activating your right hemisphere. 4. Practice meditation and relaxation every day (if I know that I said three, but this is so important that I had to put it). Until the next. If you want to read more articles by this author click on the name of the author.


Dow Jones Industrials

August 28th, 2013
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Hedge funds that handled approximately some US $1.800 trillion in assets. Galiegue adds: a part of this industry is dying, probably half. They then settled assets in panic, without consideration of the economic news. The reality is that no one wants to be purchased in this market, because no one knows so much more can deepen this low, nor how much can get to suffer the economy. In times like these, it is not taken into account potential future value, but is the only thing that operates panic and uncertainty. The majority of analysts repeated what to enter for the long term, that always wins do but meanwhile what do we do? While both may refer to more than one year even.

Those who purchased Nasdaq or S & P 500 at the start of the year 2000, in full market euphoria, thinking that the party would continue, never could see their investments become positive. The Nasdaq has lost 70 per cent since then and the S & P 500 40%. It took 8 years. The long term may be for the children or grandchildren of the investor and the investor in question will thus lose always. There is one variety of funds to bet on low, if we were waiting for the boom in the market for the long term, sonreiremos from some other side when to who bequeath them our assets sold. There are several alternatives for those who foresee a drop in the markets and do not intend to hold on to their shares for the long term in which everything will tend to rise. The ETFs and bearish investment funds, which sold short (short-sell), that arman options strategies betting on downward, they gain value as the market loses. And there are all kinds: ETFs bears (bearish) to emerging markets like the PT insti MSCI emerging market (AMEX:EEV), the commodities as PF insti basic materials (AMEX:SMN), the financial is PF insti financial (AMEX:SKF), or to take advantage of the PF insti oil low oil & gas (AMEX:DUG). Who could come and see the decline in the Dow Jones Industrials, could have bought the bearish ETF PT insti Dow 30 (AMEX:DXD) and bagging during October more than one 80% rise, while the DJIA lost more than 20 percent in the month.