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Brazilian Politics

December 31st, 2017
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The last one of the firmed agreements was in the year of 1976. more, in this context, ' ' aid externa' ' for the education it had for objective to supply to the lines of direction politics and techniques a reorientation of the Brazilian educational system, to the light of the necessities of international the capitalist development. The technician North American that had disembarked here of what not worried about the Brazilian education, was busy in guaranteeing the adequacy of such system of education to the designs of the international economy, over all to the interests of the great North American corporations. (SAINTS, 1981). Still in accordance with the author above the PABAEE looked for to make of the school agnciaformadora of the necessary human resources to the development of the country.

To fulfill this paper, the school would have to print greater rationality to its work, using for this subsidies of the economy and administrative sciences, beyond a psychological approach more I practise. The PABAEE initiates a process of overcoming of the escolanovista iderio, that marked the formation of the educators in the State and introduces the first actions aiming at to print tecnicista orientation to the work developed in the schools. Paiva (2008) detaches that the tecnicista orientation does not assume discontinuity of the field of the thought and the practical one in the primary school of years 1950, being able itself to admit that the PABAEE brought more modern metodolgicas proposals, more systemize in a set of action that had the system of education as objective. It is important to detach in 5692/71 LDB the inclusion, through the article 7, of the Moral Education and Civic, in the first degree and of it disciplines Social Organization and Brazilian Politics (OSPB) in as the degree. As You mark (2008) the creation of such you discipline if it must to the fact of Geography not collaborate for the accomplishment of the objectives politicians ideological of that moment, intended and ratified in the LBD of 1971.



December 31st, 2017
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Geopolitics of the Oil Summary: After the Industrial Revolution the oil started to print its marks and importance in the geographic space, and as primary fuel source it is of extreme importance for the petrochemical industries. In middle of 30 years this industry if became the biggest source of in production of products with substance cousin derived from the oil with diverse commercialized products already in the world that went since tires to the caladista industrial, diverse fuels, plastics. Words Key: Oil; Geopolitics; sea Cspio; Russia; China; Europe However the Geopolitics of the Oil if materialized through five phases in which the first one started in 1956 later that the president of Egypt in this year nationalized the Suez Canal of property of a company Anglian-Frenchman. The canal era/ an important ticket for exportation of products of the region for occidental countries, and this nationalization of the canal generated the interrompimento consequentemente of ticket of the exportation what it raised the price of the oil, the second phase if characterized when U.S.A. had given to support Israel, third it occurred when during the crisis politics in the Anger and the consequent deposition of X Pahlevi Prayer what it all disorganized the sector of production in the Anger, the fourth phase if gave when Gulf War in 1991, later that the Iraq governed for Saddam Hussein it invaded the neighboring country Kuwait, one of the producing greaters of oil of the world fifth and most recent one was in 2008 when the prices had gone up more than 100% between January and July, in virtue of speculative movements in global level, in elapsing of all this process specialists says that the demand for oil can grow 50% up to 2030, and this goes to happen in result of the growth of the indian and also of China, since countries of ocidente had still continued very fosseis fuel dependents, currently in the Middle East the existence of a great reserve of oil in the sea Cspio and this region was discovered who dispute route of it has carried the exploration from oil and gas to the Ocidente and too much regions it is Turkey and Russia, since the sea Cspio does not have exit for the open sea; a geopolitics of the oil in the world indicates that the dependence of the countries is increasing even so either doubtful to have suppliers as Russia, and in the Europe great part of the oil and consumed gas is of Russian origin, what it generates problems therefore the politics of the authoritarian government of Russia nationalized you vary company of the petroliferous sector, thus cancelling projects of companies multinationals and showed in some places that would not hesitate in closing gas-lines for reasons politicians, such situations generates a great nervousness concerning the dependence of the European countries with the oil Russian, thus resulting in uncertainties and great concerns in countries as Germany that almost all gas and consumed oil comes of Russia and for some European countries the only exit would be the exploration of the existing reserves in the sea Cspio, but in what geopolitics says respect the access to these reserves more is complicated of what of any the other existing one in the world, since the sea Cspio if points out in a region between countries as Azerbaidjo; Cazaquisto; Uzbequisto; Quirguisto; Turquemenisto; Gergia and finally the Romnia all former republics of the Soviet Union what it would make it difficult and entrance of any another country for the exploration of its reserves that as studies more than has reserves esteem in 110 billion barrels or the double, a reserve with this petroliferous platform is very coveted by companies of the sector as Exxon Mobil; Chevron; BP among others, and had been these companies whom they had more invested in this region of the Cspio and many of the governments of the countries above are being cortejados for countries of the entire world to open ways for exploration of the possible reserves, to put exists some countries giving palpite as it would leave the products removed of the sea Cspio Russia intervines in the way that can through its area of it influences, there China with its hunger of oil for its turbinada economy tries of all the forms to narrow the relations to these countries to be able to usufruct of this oil the Japan of its palpites and obvious U.S.A. .


Tropical Climate

July 8th, 2016
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) Later, the Tropical Climate, present in the states of the Bahia, Cear, Maranho and Piau. It is the climate most characteristic of Brazil, therefore called Tropical typical. Understanding areas of the regions Center-West, Northeast, North and Southeast. Possessing characteristic marcantes, for the experience of two well definitive stations, as the Summer, with rainy station, generated for the continental equatorial air mass and for the Atlantic tropical mass. the Winter, with dry station. In this period, the Continental Equatorial Mass if contracts, assenting places for the action of other air masses, as the Atlantic Polar Mass and the Continental Tropical Mass.

The polar mass uses the corridor consisting of lands lowest of the region Center-West and approaches the portion south of the Amaznia, when in time C can arrive the 10. also for the thermal intensities annual superiors, needed for the extension of the continentalidade. In last it analyzes, it appears the Half-barren, present Tropical Climate all in the hinterland northeastern and to the north of Minas Gerais. The masses that act for the ticket of this type of climate are the Atlantic tropical mass and the continental equatorial mass. When it reaches to the interior northeast, the Atlantic Tropical Mass loses its humidity, for the mountainous barriers that prevent the entrance of rains, that happen in the coast.

It is a Brazilian climate that possesss the low annual precipitation index. Originating the difficulty of the estiagem, for me the distribution of rains, accumulated in few months of the year. Through its annual rain index it reaches, to the times, being below of 500 mm. Seen by the annual thermal averages and its temperatures that are raised. In accordance with Mendona, through the presence of the half-barren climate, guarantees. Tropical-equatorial climate with nine the eleven dry months. In this climatic subtype, also known as half-barren climate, localities marked for landscapes meet sufficient hot droughts and, exactly that presenting some rainfall in parts of the year.


Sustainable Development

February 4th, 2014
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Thus, it fits to the State, with the one creation legislation and of an institucional body the paper of regulator of the use of these waters that flow off in the pertaining to the state of Cear territory, to adjust this territory to a profile of competitiveness in global scale, therefore the implantation of a joint system and interconnection of hdricas workmanships. Amongst the projects and programs, is distinguished it creation of the Program of Urban Development and Management of the Hdricos Resources? PROURB, in 1995, Project Are Jose in 1995, Project of Integrated Management of Hdricos Resources of the State of the Cear? PROGERIRH in 1997, having as has detached the construction of workmanships of basin integration, as the complex of the Eixo of the Waters, that possesss 5 axles of integration of waters of the Castanho dam until the Region Metropolitan and the Complex of the Port of the Pecm; Program of Sustainable Development of Hdricos Resources for Brazilian Half-Barren? PROGUA in 1998, amongst others. The projects and investments in the hdrica infrastructure field had made possible economic modernization, but this occurred of intent form in specific sectors of the pertaining to the state of Cear territory, notadamente the Region Metropolitan of $fortaleza (RMF), coastal zone, and some cities of the region of the valley of the Jaguaribe, Acara and of the Cariri. The hdricas workmanships of great transport, as dams and expositories pass if to locate strategically in considered territorial portions favorable to its exploration for irrigated agriculture, fish, tourism and other economic activities (QUINTILIANO and RASP, 2008). It is given credit that it had an modification in offers and management of waters in the Cear through the creation of some projects and programs, inside of the national context of implementation of hdricas politics. These actions had brought some improvements for the State, contributing for the development of the economic activities.


New Discovery

January 22nd, 2014
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The majority of these institutions is religious with diverse denominations, between which if it can cite, of the beginning of the stretch studied until its end, Church baptist Missionary in New Discovery Figure. 4; Church Catholic Ours Mrs. of Lourdes, Appears 5; Group woman Figura.6 wonder; Esprita school Cristina Menezes de Albuquerque Appears. 7. Figure 4: Church Baptist Missionary, New Discovered; 25 L 0287745; UTM: 9113180 N. Photo: Dario Galdino, (2010) Figure 5: Church Catholic Ours Mrs. of Lourdes, in New Discovered; 25 L.0287887; UTM: 9113890. Photo: Dario Galdino, (2010) Church catholic Ours Mrs.

of Lourdes, (Figure 5), esprita School Heifer of Menezes (Figure 7), among others. Of these institutions people if they had detached just helping the removed people of the recifense center and that they look the mounts to fix housing. Figure 6: Headquarters Group Woman Wonder, in New Discovered; 25 L02877830; UTM: 9113738. Photo: Dario Galdino, (2010) the group Woman Wonder (Figure 6) was born in 1975, New Discovered, periphery of Recife, in the context of the growth and affirmation politics of the social movements, which had had a basic paper in the fight for the reorganization and joint of the communitarian movements and for the democracy, already in years 73 and 74, when the country lived dived in a situation of great repression politics, with persecution and emergency laws to the libertarian movements, Some women of New Discovery, already involved in the social fights for the redemocratizao of the country and social justice, had started if to find and to argue the situation of the woman in the home and the community, the problems of the country and its roots, in search of concrete exits. Beyond these questions the women argued the paper in the society and the discovery of its identity. After that they had created a workshop of artisan clothes that if became mark of the group, until today cultivated by some women who if had dedicated to the artesanato.