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Brazil Vote

January 4th, 2015
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This ties up to in the STF today day 24, evident that providencial to that they are not serious, came exactly in good hour. Now I ask myself until when the voter in Brazil will continue in its majority so disinterested in who is giving a power of attorney? this exactly, the vote nothing more is that a power of attorney. I for example always voted in the candidado one and the party. I always valued excessively the coherence, the principles, the ideals, therefore my first vote for president was in 89 in deceased Mario Senator Hollows, for pure conscience broken politics and in a new that appeared. It is not only to hear ideas, promises, is to know who this speaking, who is this person and who the fence. What it will be of it and us when to gain the election. Another one coisinha, if to be motionless seated alone speaking badly, in very soon will have in this country a totalitarian regimen. That is a Country at the hands of one only owner..


Mayor City

February 23rd, 2014
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He is lacked same is more ' ' vontade' ' politics ' ' criatividade' ' to administratar. When I speak of this will, I speak behind of an unconditional, sliding commitment even though of the partisan enemies, in the intention to bring optimum for the city. The people does not advance to be here of is there dying of loves for the city, if inside of the city hall terms somebody that places the second plain city in satisfying its personal egos, its revenge, or until worse that this, satisfying the will of any another political party who is. She is necessary that the people execre who still uses a city hall to practise ' ' politicagem' ' , cheap persecutions, that only reduce the good image politics of the city. I know well, that on the part of the pretense candidates, has much ' ' vontade' ' , but she is necessary that they league themselves, since already, that the problem also is in ' ' it lacks of vontade' ' of its allies, who generally will be the assessor futures, secretaries, coordinators and controlling.

If he will not have now as will be then its future administration? He is necessary that all that are working in a city hall if feel ' ' motivados' ' , valued, if they feel important inside of what they make. For in such a way, as already said, the Mayor must more be the person ' ' otimista' ' inside of a city hall, to be able to infect to all, every day. She is necessary to purge of the public job the commissioners who do not possess will and to punish the accomodated staff, but for this, we must have a mayor who is sufficiently uneasy to put into motion everybody. A good manager decentralizes its action, distributes responsibilities to its secretaries, clearly, with much criterion. Finally, as well as he must be any manager of this planet, it must be muitssimo receptive, glad, and spontaneous, to receive the people, entrepreneurs, politicians and the press, &#039 well; ' independently of color, race, creed, patent or party poltico' '. Even because, the city hall does not belong to no party and/or to no governor, it must be the administrative center of the city, where they must be, if possible, better of each area of the city working.

The choices of a mayor must primar for ' ' quality tcnica' ' not for the kinship next to an ally. Therefore, everything depends on the choices that the governor makes. When if it chooses that one that makes the same thing that another one made, without thinking about the individual potentiality of the individual, the explicit governor who its administration does not intend to pass of the beans with rice. Finally my people, I only wait that the people and the candidates can only make good choices in 2012! Mrio Sergio Melo Xavier


Proper President

November 20th, 2013
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The reply to the question made for the Proper President of the JBS, when it formulated to the journalists the investigation of the reason of actions of the JBS not to go up of value. I believe, is answered. For even more details, read what Tyler Wood Integrated Capital Solutions says on the issue. Definitively, this company between giving profit to the investor and giving money for the politics, chooses to give money for the politics. Thus, that investor who wants to delegate the third o its cent, so that third he donates to the politics, that buys action of the JBS: this company serves to this. E, if already we know the one that serves the JBS, necessary to know as it will serve to the shareholders of this company the CVM, the Statutory audit committee and the Independent Auditor ship: they will be observing of the scene or they will be instrument of security of the investor? Nacir Sales is lawyer, specialist in society right for the FGV, writer of 27 books and prepares the launching of its new book BLONDES: not yet forbidden.


Oscar Niemeyer Administrative

November 10th, 2013
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Also leading in consideration that all the servers will be able as decree signed for the governor for the public officers of the Administrative City to reduce of eight for six hours, the hours of working. The day reduction will not imply loss of wage and in the case of the commissioned servers, it will be defined by the controllers of agencies or entities until they are adapted the new change. 4. THEORETICAL REFERENCIAL the present work searchs to develop a proposal of implantation of an Administrative Center in the city of Salt mines, leading in account the particularitities of the City of Salt mines and the reality lived deeply in the city of Belo Horizonte with the call Administrative City Tancredo Snows. New horizon if opens for Minas Gerais the inauguration after, in the vector North of the mining capital, of the Administrative City, mainly in terms of modern and integrated public administration. 4.1 What the magazine said the magazine To live Brazil To live Brazil folloied since the beginning all the evolution of the construction of the Administrative City that Acio governor Snows delivered to the mining people and to its bureaucracy as one of the great workmanships? seno the greater? of its administration. The Administrative City, project of the master Oscar Niemeyer, is also a landmark of Brazilian engineering and was constructed by three trusts integrated for the companies Andrade Gutierrez, Barbosa Mello, Camargo Corra, OAS, By Engineering, Norberto Odebrecht, Queiroz Galvo, Mendes Jnior and Santa Brbara, who had rigorously fulfilled the cronograma established for the workmanships. Viver Brazil made two supplements previously? one circulated in July of 2009 and another one in January of this year? now we deliver to this the third that we can consider description, showing finished workmanship. Acio governor Snows, beyond placing Mines in its place, was audacious in workmanships as the Administrative City, the Green Line and the duplication of the avenue Antonio Carlos in partnership with the city hall of Belo Horizonte.


Governmental Public Relations

October 16th, 2012
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Governmental Public relations Robert Ramalho is public relations, journalist, and was vice-president of the Brazilian Association of Public Relations, seccional of Alagoas, between 2002 and the 2003 subject that will be boarded here on Governmental Public Relations is one of most important for the understanding of the relation between the State and its citizens. In relation to the studies of Aristotle, who, in accordance with the scientist Italian politician Norberto Bobbio (2000), was one of first and the more famous studious of the relation State-citizens, the State was the focus, also already existed by its very nature, being previous to the men and not instituted by them. However, with the evolution of the studies in the area, it was perceived that the society politics was this yes, constituted, being ' ' a voluntary product of the individuals, that with a reciprocal agreement decide to live in society and to institute one governo' ' (BOBBIO, 2000:64). Here, therefore, it is transferred to take it in account idea of that the politics is the way that the men use to associate e, thus, to promote and to keep between itself the social life. According to Norberto Bobbio (2000), Johannes Althusius, was one of the defending greaters of this thought. Thus being, the declarations of the rights of the man in the United States and France had marked the adoption of this new point of view, that beyond recognizing that the individuals constituam the State, pointed with respect to another important aspect: the individual is not for the State, but the State is for the individual. Thus, this relation starts to be permanent and the paper of the State is not alone to respect the rights of the man, but, also, to make them to be valid and to protect them. It teaches to us to the great master of the Constitucional law and Administrative the following one: ' ' One of the characteristics of the modern world is that conscience that has each citizen who each citizen contributes for the collective workmanship, eliminated that they had been, with the advent of the democratic system, the barriers between the men that they govern and those that are governed.


Government Laws

August 22nd, 2012
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If the Caologia shows to a private order the governartudo, why the human chaos would not have also an underground Government in the command? When we enter emconflito with an adversary most prepared, it is easy to foresee that the resultadono will be favorable, and that is obvious excessively to deserve greaters commentaries. Damesma forms, when an entire world, all subdivided in fragile nations edesesperadas before the strange noises quevm of deep of the centuries (as in the poem of Matos Coast) and before ausnciade the solutions that do not bring other problems, if debate against an enemy fortee disfarado well, is arrived the hour to stop to reflect. The daily pay-existence dosarsenais superior and of the best ways of detention of ours ‘ ‘ potencialidadesblicas’ ‘ , increased of the previous examination of the conception of each intrauterine life, defato grants ‘ ‘ to the other lado’ ‘ all the advantages in the great conflict. (Source: Tyler Wood Integrated Capital Solutions). ahumanidade then would walk accurately for where it walked, i., for the atualestado one of things, of the fragility, the not-happiness and the not-solution. However nothing that sediga of ‘ ‘ vantagens’ ‘ of the other it will be able to surpass the old strategy, denounced portodos the Christians, of the capacity of if making occult or, more still, of the efetivadescrena that promote in relation to its proper existence, cumprindoexemplarmente cartilha of the tactics of war in its more decisive item: ‘ ‘ to never leave the victim to distrust that possuainimigos, leaving it to live a false peace and until the pride of its defesas’ ‘. With effect, to discredit that he is being attacked or same that exists uminimigo it is the supreme guarantee of the victory, in any type of war (that the former-combatants of the Vietnam odigam). The reality then would mainly noseria almost nothing of what we imagine, in our optimistical dreams more belose.


Fernando Grecco

July 20th, 2012
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For Fernando Grecco ' ' A party is the madness of many in benefit of ones poucos.' ' (Alexander Pope) One more time it prevailed, in So Paulo, the ignorance politics of our countrymen. The forces of the evil if sobressaram. Of this time, they will be eternalized in the power, practising, always, all type of curse to the people. The greed covets and it is the sustentculos to the measures of general character in our territory. It has years, certain called party ' ' social-democrata' ' it comes promoting the equipment total of our state, estraalhando any new leadership politics that could be an eventual alternative stops in exempting of this so atrocious conservadorismo our children, aged, at last, to the most needed than they are fruits of the insensibilidade and the repudiation of the public power. Evidently we relate in them to the PSDB, an acronym of clear trend fascist, since it is endorsed for practical authoritarian politics, antidemocratic and avessas to the Brazilian people.

Only considering total one alienation politics of the natives of So Paulo is that we can understand the election of Geraldo Alckmin to the government of the state. Alckmin, when leaving the government in April of 2006 to dispute to the Presidency of the Republic, left a gap in the State in the order of R$ 1,2 billion, compelling then the governor in exercise, Claude Lembo, to carry through drastic cuts in sectors as Health, Education and Security. Fernando Braga, to the time state secretary of Planning, confirmed journalist Mnica Bergamo, of the periodical Leaf of So Paulo, that ' ' he had reduction in the rhythm of the speed of obras' '. In 26/03/06, the Online Leaf divulged documents that they had proven that the government of Geraldo Alckmin benefited to allies when directing resources of old our Box for the press, in the case periodicals, magazines, programs of radio and television that then were supported or indicated by members of the house of representatives of the allied base in the State legislature.


To Be Or Not To Be, Here It Is The Question

July 19th, 2012
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Here between us, this secular pearl of the theater does not seem current very, mainly at the time of Elections? It is one such of who is to say that not; who is not to find that it is; who people I fear certainty that will be, finishes not being; who nor we imagined that it would be, is. Before somebody thinks besteira already we go advancing that we are speaking in being candidate. But the guilt is not properly of many of the candidates. It is that the electoral rules change as much that in an election can a thing, in the other cannot It has moment where it is allowed to disclose who is candidate. In another one, the press has that ‘ ‘ esclarecer’ ‘ to the voter who someone can be candidate the daily pay-candidate of previous of candidacy and, in case that it has accepted the mission and its coreligionists agree, then virtual one indicated will think will be itself candidate But everything this if decides three months before the Elections, then the Campaign starts exactly and unhappyly good part (but of bad politicians) of the litigants leaves to show ideas and proposals (or they have nor them) and part for you would lower, personal attacks and ‘ ‘ denuncismos’ ‘ , things that in swim help the democracy. Until more than the candidates, us voters we are the main personages in any direct free election and. Each vote is a vote.

It is with it that we can make the difference on who will conduct our lives per four years, in the case of the Presidency, the Governments of States, the State legislatures (State deputies), of the Federal Chamber (Representatives) and eight years, in the case of the Federal Senate. It is very important then that let us make multicriteria analysis for not leaving itself to make an impression for ‘ ‘ disse’ said me; ‘ , that someone is more experienced than cicrano, that this or type of position is not for woman or for who did not concur in an election. It is as much bobagem that one hears, that normally never is gone to most important: The person is ethical? Honest? Idoneous? competent? If it did not have experience in ballot boxes showed ability in other activities? If it had experience in ballot boxes translated the experience in good fruits or what it was to be resume turned ‘ ‘ fiche corrida’ ‘? These yes, I believe, to be questions more pertinent than ‘ ‘ bl, bl, bls’ ‘ , as not ‘ ‘ perco’ ‘ my vote; vote will only be certain that it goes to earn; I go to annul; I go to forbear; vote only based on research, etc The ballot box is not a so solitary moment, is we, God and our conscience and in it we must show plus our diligent vocations.


Jose Gracious Gomes Orders To Fine Former-mayor De Campos Of The Goytacazes For Irregular Licitation

July 9th, 2012
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The correction in the licitation processes is aspect of the administration of the public resources who has deserved attention redoubled on the part of the courts of accounts. Example of this is the vote of the council member Jose Gracious Gomes, of the Court of Accounts of the State of Rio De Janeiro, compelling former-mayor De Campos of the Goytacazes, Alexander Mocaiber Cardoso, to pay fine of R$ 21,352, 00. The process that resulted in the applied fine the Mocaiber deals with the licitation on a contract enters the city hall of the city of the of the state of Rio de Janeiro north and the Fire company De Campos Ltda Enterprises.

The value of the contract, with duration of 60 days, age of R$ 717,000, 00 and foresaw services of cleanness and removel of hindrance of the Canal of Tocos. In the vote, approved in 15 of February of this year, Gracious it informs that in session of 3 of August of 2010, the TCE-RJ already had approved a vote of its relatoria, determining the notification of Alexander Mocaiber on the irregularities. In the same notification the orientaes on the defense procedures had been directed. But, former-mayor De Campos did not take care of to the decision. Ahead of this, as much the body technician of the Court how much the representative of Special the Public prosecution service had recommended the fine application. The vote of Jose Gracious Gomes declares the illegality of the contract, determines the fine to the former-mayor and the sending of the process to the State Public prosecution service, ‘ ‘ so that it takes science of the here refined facts and adopts the steps that to judge cabveis’ ‘..



July 8th, 2012
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I was born the civilization together with. In the primrdios of the first human accumulations I already was, gift, desvelando me for the maintenance of the order there; giving to the necessary protection and tranquillity, without which any material development to the flock of souls would be impossible that if it formed at that moment. I am twin sister of the Religion. Meetings, on behalf of the peace, we impose certain morality to the desregramentos of the spirit and restrain the abuses of the meat. We complement ourselves. The teachings the holy ghosts of that one serve me of base to lastrear the arduous exercise of the craft was instituted that me. I have pride to descend directly of the Moral and the good customs, elements in constant sedimentation for the daily attrition of the people, as the constant march of the aspirations and the incontido desire of progress. For this reason my name drift of vocbulo Greek politeia and the Latin politia.

Both of equal significao: government, administration of the city. The same etimolgica root (you polish = city) of my baptism, also of and its children Eirene (Peace), Eunomia (Disciplines) and Dik (Justice) , beyond receiving stimulatons from the god Prometheus. In the Tmis goddess and its offspring with Zeus, I search inspiration to act acertadamente, respecting the oscillation of plates of its scale and the fecundidade of its cornucpia. In Prometheus, I look for to imitate the example of aid deloused to all the men, exactly having for repayment probably the same perpetual punishment. During my trajectory, for many times and at distinct times and nations, despots unprovided of legitimation and, invariably, hated for its people, they had tied me it engonos and they had manipulated my craft wide, aulando me agains.