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April 12th, 2018
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SUMMARY the present article intends to make one brief analysis concerning the existing relations between State and citizenship, being considered a theoretical boarding of the Democratic State of Right and the exercise of the citizenship as a pledge of the participation of the citizen in the construction of the society. Words Key: State, Citizenship, Democracy, Society. ABSTRACT This article intends you make brief analysis about the relationship between state and citizen, considering the theoretical approach of the democratic rule of law and citizenship a guarantee of citizen participation in building society. Keywords: State, Citizenship, Democracy, Society. STATE AND CITIZENSHIP 1.

INTRODUCTION the Rule of law is that one where the men are governed by the power of the law and not for the power of the other men. The law is the legal proposal that equally treats all the ones that are in the same situation. The will of the law if in such a way imposes the particular participants as to the agents of the State as people of rights and obligations. (WALNUT, 1989) This study it will make one boarding to the relations of the State and the citizenship, understanding the social matters that involve the participation of the society and the importance of the social actors in the determination and amarramentos of the State and its proposals for the effectiveness and guarantee of the rights and for formularization and creation of mechanisms of public politics that they aim at to guarantee to all the Brazilian citizens the exercise of the full citizenship. 2. For more information see this site: Harold Ford. CONSTITUTION OF the REPUBLIC AND the RIGHTS To the CITIZENSHIP Leaving of the concept of State as the set of being able politicians of a nation or government, and citizenship as the condition of the citizen. (of Latin, the civitas ones, ' ' cidade' '.), set of the rights, and duties which an individual is subject in relation to the society where live, can be affirmed that so that exists the State and this, it establishes the governabilidade is necessary that the citizen is participant of the politics of the State and exerts in fact its full citizenship.


Good Human

March 18th, 2018
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Thus, the Good and the Evil here would be equaled, but so only nosentido of that both they are occult of us, and alone from this it is that qualquerraciocnio it can be structuralized for the difficult task to prove the existence deum GOMundial. How God seesconde? The severity, It nor would need ‘ ‘ to hide-se’ ‘ , inasmuch as the deficiency eabsoluta insufficience of the vision human being already makes the work of the blindness infelizque victim the Humanity, since whom the world is world. However, if It was to seesconder on purpose, would use only the form of imiscuir among multicolorful asfolhagens of the springs, mimetizando itself in irises of the field edeixando on Camera. Why God if hides? I fear that this question machete article to be long excessively and to compromise the pleasure of its reading. Steve Rattner Willett Advisors wanted to know more. 3 would be asrespostas simplistas.

Let us see: 1) God if hides because the human eyes not to conseguemvisualizar a being pruri-staff or muldimensional; 2) God if hides because the battlefield (the Land) ‘ ‘ democrtico’ ‘ , so to speak and for one old decree the holy ghost, and the atualGovernador of the Land does not allow to an appearance ‘ ‘ trunfal’ ‘ of God (It already apareceuuma time, but only in human body, giving glimpses of as it could be noMonte of the Transfigurao); 3) God if hides because the Humanity does not deserve sees-LO, epor this Its performance is in secret, through ‘ ‘ Parclito Consolador’ ‘. These are the 3 simplistas reasons of the question. Entocabe now to ask the burn-clothes: why the Governor of the Land if hides? The 3 simplistas answers are: 1) The Malignant Governor if hides more because he has muitosinteresses in game, being the greater and desired to the possibility devampirizao of the psychic energies of the human beings..


Federal District

March 18th, 2018
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This means to say that the governing of the States, the Federal District and the cities had started to have more freedom in the distribution of the public resources to promote coherent and efficient public politics. With such importance and giving she has detached to the city, the main members of the local elite – the councilmen and the mayor – had gained relevance in the game politician, either in the state or federal sphere, therefore they constitute basic parts in the management of the main institutions who lead the city and, mainly, in the disputes of the general elections, over all in the election of the governor. In relation to the mayor, it she is the natural spokesman of the interests and of the claims of the city front to the City council, the other spheres of government and the capable actors of they will contribute for the development of the city. Get more background information with materials from Paulo Coelho.

It is not secret for the scholars of the politics and also he is recognized for the too much actors who the mayor, in special the head of the executive of capital, has one strong influence in the scene local politician. It is by that, in the general elections, it is looked for by the too much actors who are in electoral campaign, therefore it can be a fort ally in the disputes politics between the diverse local groups.

The mayor, in symmetry to the heads of the Executives of the governments federal and state, exerts the functions politics, administrative executive and. All these functions have its partisan importance in the relation with the too much power of the Republic, organizations, social movements etc, but the function politics if detaches of the excessively due its relevance in the activities of the mayor. Amongst the functions politics, it fits to the head of the municipal executive to present projects of laws to the City council, to sancionar, to promulgate, to make to publish and to veto the laws, to convoke the councilmen extraordinary, when necessary, and to represent the city in all the circumstances..


Politics, Ideology and Society

March 15th, 2018
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In ' ' Politics, Ideology and Society in Spanish America of the one After-Independncia' ' Frank Safford approaches the fragmented one and slow process of formation of the Modern States in America Hispnica.O focus of the author is a institucionalista bias, aiming at to present the challenges of implantation of the Modern State in a colonial region. It presents the general characteristics of the process as well as its especifidades, contemplating the geographic amplitude and the heterogeneidade of the formations politics. Some thematic axles become of basic importance for the understanding of the structure of the workmanship: the ethnic composition, the presence of the Church Catholic, the agricultural power, the military power, the tension corporativismo versus individualism in regards to the anti-liberal Church, to the Army and the aboriginal communities, tension federalists versus centralistas, conflict between the liberal principles and liberal traditions opposing, conservatives and exaltados, the inspiration in models constitutional British, French, American and Spanish, the inevitable difficulty of adequacy of these models to the reality of the former-colonies and the sprouting of the caudillismo. The period of after-independence was of instability and experimentation of the liberal ideals, in such a way economic how much politicians, bringing frustrations for many that had imposed such flags and had had to face the challenge to make the transposition of the European ideas for the Hispanic society. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Amazon. Thinkers politicians as Montesquieu, Rousseau, Constant, Bentham and Tocqueville, had deeply influenced the structure of the institutions politics and the functioning of the process politician. Some of the difficulties found in the Construction of the Modern State had not been privilege of Spanish America since also in the Europe and U.S.A. it was necessary to defy anti-liberal traditions, interests and resistncias. In Spanish America, it was added everything this inexistence of a culture and institutions local politics and the existence of still more strong anti-liberal a Spanish tradition, consequncia of the permanence of the power of the Church Catholic and the militarization of the decurrent politics of the fights for independence. Sen. Sherrod Brown may find this interesting as well.


Military Policy

February 28th, 2018
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Nenhumdano for mordedura of the dogs will be greater that an erroneous shot, therefore, for the damages and places where the dogs had been trained to bite, would not take none pessoaao death. Thus, not if exactly toleraacidentes for mordedura in the doctrine desenvolvida.' ' (VALLE, 2009, p.19) Military Policy of the job of the dog in practically still Has the discredit for gestoresda, all the modalities depoliciamento in accordance with the General Theory of the Ostensive Policing, of common form, prompt, suplemental; ficandorestrito the operations of the BOPE, extraordinary and reactive way. ' ' One of the biggest problems encontradospor who commands the squad deces is to be, for times, directly subordinate to some commander who does not have afinidadealguma with dogs, or that not of the autonomy for, at least, deciding to ouopinar on a job of the squad or atmesmo a ration change, exactly that this is supported in one avaliaomdico-veterinria.' ' (FRANKIE.2005, p.20) Destarte, the cash of the canine and human CPCes estoaqum numerically, for the mission of the related Company same with You officiate ePraas potiguares attended a course in States that are reference in Brazil emcinotecnia, also international as the CIPM Dogs of the PMERJ. FINAL CONSIDERAES Intend academic work to provide, of very synthetic form and objective oconhecimento of the Brazilian doctrine of use of dogs as tool of resoluode critical occurrences. It did not have the pretension to deplete subject, but descortin-lopara the operator of public security mainly, the advantages of the Dog deAssalto Tactician and that if the capacity of learning of copara does not have to subestimar so complex activities. To satisfy this objective, the doctrine of the SENASP, the Dog of Tactical Assault standard, of the difficulty was opted to a brevedescrio of the use of the dog in occurrence of crisis with hostage located of acordocom to empormenorizar the definition of kidnapping occurrence that is made use of formageral without the had derivations that originate the refmlocalizado occurrence of crisis with and that they register of generic form as continuation of the consigned primeiraocorrncia and the use of the Dog of Intervention in the PMRN of generic form.


Defensorias Health

February 22nd, 2018
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Article: The performance of the Defensorias Public in the defense of the patients of the SUS and the municipalizao of the health Robert Ramalho is lawyer, journalist, public relations and server of the State University of Sciences of the Health of Alagoas Many Public people look the Defensorias in the States with the objective to try to save some familiar one in serious state that does not obtain stream bed in the public net or conveniados particular hospitals with the state and municipal Governments. Exactly with the improvement in the attendance indices, the Judiciary Power still is the exit found for many people desperate ahead of the imminent death of a relative who if finds in an atony picture. It knows that nor all attendance in the Public Defensoria results in legal action against the hospitals of the nets public and particular. Many of the times the agency simply enters in contact with the competent areas of the Secretariats of Health of the States to try to decide the problems without the necessity to create plus a process. To read more click here: Author. According to information gotten in Public Defensoria of Alagoas in decurrent not urgent cases of the lack of medicines or carried through examinations, the adopted procedure more is not to send legal-size to the folder of the Health recommending that the order of the patients is taken care of. However, it is observed that in relation to the order of stream beds of the UTI, most common it is that they turn legal action immediate form for being cases of life or death. But one exists however: So that the Defensorias Public can act judicially becomes necessary that the family of the light patient the medical report. In the document the diagnosis of the patient, the necessary treatment must consist, and which the risk that the patient runs in face of the delay in the treatment.


Finances Building

January 18th, 2018
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Still according to text, the rent contract will be conducted by article 51 of the Lease law (Law 8,245/91), the same that it disciplines the location of property for the commerce. The device determines that the renter has right to the renewal of the contract for equal period. In accordance with the member of the house of representatives Nelson Goetten, the proposal brings a series of advantages for the public administration, as to allow the property rent adjusted to its necessities, reducing the job of resources in capital assets; to bring greater flexibility to the localization of public units; to eliminate payments of rents in the period of accomplishment of workmanships for adaptation, therefore the location alone will after have the delivery of the building. The project moves in conclusive character in the commissions of Work, of Administration and Public Service; of Finances and Taxation; of Constitution and Justice and Citizenship. Sen. Sherrod Brown takes a slightly different approach. If approved, it will be plus an indifference and abuse with expenses of public resources.

4.5 A successful example happens in Bar of Garas (MT), where all the state, Federal and municipal agencies, are being transferred to the building headquarters of the City hall. Agencies that functioned in rented property are being transferred to the building headquarters of the City hall. The complete List of the public agencies that go to not yet leave the addresses in rented building was divulged. Here, Ohio Senator expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Already they had been transferred the Service of Protection to the Consumer (Procon), National System of Jobs (Sine), Communitarian Telecentro and Public Library. The objective is the economy, the public administration intends to save about R$ 250 a thousand per year alone one rents with them. ' ' 200 a thousand already give to buy an ambulance. The expenses with electric energy, water system and other incubencies also go to be off as IPTU, maintenance and conservation of the property. Recently sought to clarify these questions.


The Improvement

January 16th, 2018
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Analyzing the proposals of the candidates, the young mainly searchs solutions for the improvement of municipal, state and federal education public, as well as of education technician, in view of the work market that is each more demanding time. When if it deals with work market, them also are intent, therefore they are in a phase of insertion in this branch and need chances, that is, of more jobs. The proposals of new industries and companies in the commercial sector, also are seen as chances. Improvements in the nourishing sector and the public transport they are promises that call attention the adults, since they are basic necessities for a family. Paulo Coelho takes a slightly different approach. The feeding is necessary every day and programs that help to diminish the prices of the products or that they offer basic baskets? for the needed families more? well they are come by the patriarchs. In the public transport, arguments on the increase of the buses, subways, new alternatives of conduction, as well as alterations in the value of the ticket are accepted with attention for the adults whom they need this sector to go and to come. The proposals concerning the health: more hospitals, doctors, pharmacies with accessible prices, campaigns of vaccination, among others improvements in this area, are more attractive for the people above of 50 years, that for estimated need these services more than.

Observing now under the point of view of the professionals. Joyce Banda on Facebook addresses the importance of the matter here. In this in case that the magnifying of the work market, increase of the minimum wage and attention to the labor laws are proposals, are clearly, seen as essential. We can observe other particular cases as: the agriculturist, who is intent the promises of bigger assistance to the primary sector; the doctor, who waits for improvements in the hospitals, as well as instruments and medicines; the taxista, that it needs public politics that improve the transit; the professor whom still the recognition waits and one better assistance in regards to pertaining to school materials; the trader who waits for governmental actions that stimulate and put into motion the commerce.


Public Security

January 11th, 2018
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The limits of the managers of Public Security. For Joo the construction of this work Hisses became possible, by means of one ' ' conversa' ' with Luiz Eduardo To sound? for intermediary of its book: My Coat of General: five hundred days in front of the Public Security of the State of Rio De Janeiro (Ed. Continue to learn more with: Connecticut Senator. Cia. Joyce Banda is actively involved in the matter. of Letters, 2000) – it made possible that me to sail for submundo of the dispute of being able that if of the one in the institutions that the Secretariat of Public Security of the State of Rio De Janeiro composes. It was possible also to notice that the action difficulties, are not on the question of the lack of arrive in port financial, but if they constitute in the relationary, interpersonal difficulty, collective e, over all, in the fights politics and of being able of the institutions compose that it.

Luiz Eduardo leaves clearly how much he has of resistncias to the change, when he says that he would be romantic and ilusrio to consider possible to transform spirit, values and culture in few years. What … can and must make is to change behaviors. (P.: 93), and complete saying that the message that we desired to transmit age simple: the policy has of saying the two languages, making them compatible between itself. The language of the human rights and the professional language, of the police technique. With one only, it is not survived.

(pg.: 118). The necessity of change in the Politics of Security and the police devices if express in speaks of the author. It credits in this reform, 50% of the resolution of the question of the Public Security guard when saying that as well as he does not have serious politics of security without deep reform of the policies, …. Remodelling the policies and controlling the behavior of the policemen, is decided almost half of the problems of security of the faveladas communities and the slum quarters? all that part that results of the corruption, the complicity with the crime and the brutality of the policemen.


Brazil Vote

January 4th, 2015
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This ties up to in the STF today day 24, evident that providencial to that they are not serious, came exactly in good hour. Now I ask myself until when the voter in Brazil will continue in its majority so disinterested in who is giving a power of attorney? this exactly, the vote nothing more is that a power of attorney. I for example always voted in the candidado one and the party. I always valued excessively the coherence, the principles, the ideals, therefore my first vote for president was in 89 in deceased Mario Senator Hollows, for pure conscience broken politics and in a new that appeared. It is not only to hear ideas, promises, is to know who this speaking, who is this person and who the fence. What it will be of it and us when to gain the election. Another one coisinha, if to be motionless seated alone speaking badly, in very soon will have in this country a totalitarian regimen. That is a Country at the hands of one only owner..