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Abreu Act

June 9th, 2014
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This small stretch, that opens the interpretation possibility, takes the efetivao of the Reformation of the Additional Act already in May of 1840, where the desire to yield Peter de Alcntara the majority already was extremely latent. Established the Reformation of the Additional Act the Blow of Majority closes a cycle of Brazilian history, initiating another episode in our history, good more pacifies (the least in terms). In 24 of July already one is formed new cabinet, that lasts less of one year. This is composed for names as Clean Antonio Paolino of Abreu, minister of Justice and one of the men most influential at the beginning of As the Empire. Through the study of primary sources, in this in case that, of periodicals, we can perceive the increasing fluctuations and joints politics, as well as the unreliability due to abdication of Peter I and the years of regency. The Periodical Brazil, periodic vespertine, published teras, thursday and Saturdays in the Typography of F.

of P. Brito, tells during two days and twenty and eight July of 1840, of including form, all the moments until the efetivao of the majority blow. In day two of July the notice of a possible blow already openly is told, where from these stretches we can perceive that the interpretation of the additional, occured Act in May of the same year, subsidizes the quarrels still more: Because it renders unhappy opposition did not want to oppose its to this program? The promise of debellar with the weapons the armed rebels, because not oppoz its defense to the opprimidos ones? To the declaration to fight for the reform of the prescribed laws and not to make to observe the constitution and the additional Act, as to finish to be interpreted, its defeza of the public freedoms, and over all of the provinces.


Jose Claude Aguiar

June 1st, 2014
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Primitively it was understood for ' ' place where usually they inhabit guias' '. The first one to use this last name was Peter Mendes de Aguiar, who lived in the time of D. Enriques, in Century XI. Already Aguilar would be the Spanish form of this last name, of the ancestry of the Aguilares of Andalusia, mainly of Crdoba. The main personage of this last name was D. Alfonso de Aguilar, Mr. of Aguilar. As surname it is of onomstica origin of the Portuguese language and its space origin is toponmica derivative of the name of a bird, the eagle, equivalent to the Castilian term Aguilar.

The Aguiares exists since the antiquity, many had come to Brazil, having had such last name in states of the northeast south and. In the Cear, it has a great influential Aguiar family and another branch of this family migrou northeast for Santarm, in the state of Par, Legal Amaznia. Being of origin of Spain, it was there for Portugal and of for Brazil in search of a life more insurance. The cause of the family to emigrate to Portugal was the hunting to the witches, therefore they had suspicion of the black magic in this family. After this prohibition in Spain, in Portugal they lived well and the family originated many descendants.

When the hunter of witches Clastron Wedcover left for Portugal in search of the family Ribeiro Aguiar, them had planned an escape hidden for Brazil, counts that, after this they are here until today. The Aguiares of the south had together with come to Brazil the 50 couples of Porto Alegre that if had spread in the interior of the states of Paran, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande Do Sul for the project of occupation of lands of the hinterland of this region. The people from the state of Cear of the Aguiar Family are descending of Narcissus Lopes de Aguiar, Vicente Lopes de Aguiar, Francisco Lopes de Aguiar, Jose Claude Aguiar, Raymond Gabriel Aguiar and Jose Claude Aguiar Days. Aguiar? as they prefer to be called, that they are in Par already are migrantes Brazilians, descendants the first ones that they sairam of the Cear, running away from dries, of the absence of politics of government in the hinterland or participant of settling projects and agrarian reform, as it occurred with many northeasterns in the cycle of the rubber and at the time of the gold, in the construction of the Transamaznica and with the extration of the wood. Currently, these dedicate the rendering of services to it of the third sector, such as: commerce of clothes, of footwear and of material pertaining to school and of foods, sales in attacked and in retail in fairs free, location of property, agronegcio, improvement of wood and other occupations, as it happens with the Aguiar pertaining to the state of Cear that lives in Santarm and Itaituba, in the southwest of Par.



March 30th, 2014
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Martim Enriques Uchoa was of the city of Toledo in Spain, of where it changed with conde D. Enrique to the conquest of Portugal; he was noble of that kingdom of the house of this nickname. It was the room grandson of Peter Affonso Uchoa, rich man of the empire of king D. Diniz, and of this it was also room grandson Affonso Vaz Uchoa, young man noble of the house of king D. Affonso V, being great-grandfather of Francisco Uchoa, of who descended the bachelor Francisco Andres Ucha, natural of Irada, the jurisdiction of Bragana in Portugal. Its weapons are found in the book of the Tower of the Tumble, fl 73. The Uchas had come to Brazil in the period of the United kingdom of Portugal and Spain, as it consists, the invitation of the Hispanic-lusitana cut to help in the settling. As they had noble ancestry, they had emigrated at the time as clerks and storekeepers from the cut as one of the families who were not merchant peasants and yes, with the objectives to control captainships, to form flags to prear indians, to discover mines and wealth and to negotiate slaves to the crown. It all has Uchas in the state of Pernambuco, the coast to hinterland, also appearing in Rio De Janeiro, Espirito Santo, Bahia, Recife, Petrolina, Salgueiro and Belm of the San Francisco, but in well small number, not being generally numerous family. This Ucha family associaou itself for businesses, politics and marriages with the families of the Farm Pan D? Water, as well as the Trapi and the Caribbean.


Iranian Oil

February 11th, 2014
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The fear that the Iranian oil fell at the hands of the nazistas hurried the exit of the father of Pahlevi. The Allies had perceived that the son could be more passive and to accept the occupation better. They were certain. The government of x Pahlevi Prayer was a man centraliser. In its government, they were gifts its circle of allies. Those that made opposition were pursued. It arrived to be accused by international agencies diverse times for disregarding the rules of the human rights in the country.

To each year that passed, it increased its personal richness, what it contrasted with the poverty of the population. In the decade of 1950, it implanted a series of measures that was known as ' ' Branca&#039 revolution; '. Through it, it modernized the economy of the country and ocidentalizou many customs. Pahlevi moved in a wasps’s nest when making an agrarian reform with lands of the religious leaders. The opposition of this segment increased.

Moreover, much of the practical occidental people, as the flexibilizao of the clothes in the woman, as well as the maquiagem, films, musics, games, were seen as half of deteriorizao of the Iranian culture. The series of reforms really made with that the Iranian economy grew, however, this improvement was not felt by the ample majority of the population. It was increased income concentration and the popular idea, stirred up for the religious ones, of that everything that was occurring for the distanciamento to the Islamic customs. In the measure where the poverty if spread, the number of people was multiplied who if came back to the basic values of the Isl. The Revolution Meanwhile, the opposition forces if agglutinated around a name? the Ayatola *** Ruhollah Khomeini. This religious xiita (let us remember that 89% of the Iranian population are xiita) was exiled in Iraq. Shortly after Saddam Hussein to assume the power in this country, x Pahlevi Prayer requested that Khomeini was banishes, similar to diminish the influence of it in the Anger.


Russian Revolution

January 13th, 2014
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This idea quickly was spread for the four cantos of the world. The idea of each country to identify itself with proper symbols that differentiate them of its neighbors or enemies is something that, currently, seems normal and natural. However, this idea is historically a typical movement of modernity. The work of the modern States throughout century XIX and beginning of century XX was to create, to recriar or to invent traditions and symbols to identify and to mark each country and nationality. As already we said, the proposals conservatives of century XIX had been brought up to date to form the ideological and philosophical base of regimes European fascists. Thus, of century XX, still astonished in face of the horrors of the World War I and the serious economic crisis generated in the period postwar period, detached parcels of the population had at the beginning found in this iderio> conservative the alternative explanations and ways to the serious social crisis and politics.

Another factor that placed in alert the forces politics conservatives was the growth of international the communist movement, over all, from the Russian Revolution. The distrust of a World-wide Revolution was another important factor wide used by the parties of the radical right to angariar support of the religious sectors entrepreneurs and for the cause conservative. The ghosts of 1789 and 1917 if had added to build new representatives of the eminent danger of the proletarian revolution. Another important event that would leave deep marks in the European picture of that moment was the Crisis of 1929. The Great allied Economic Depression to the reaction conservative, the new nationalisms and the anti-communist propaganda propitiated the ideal scene for the sprouting of the known parties as fascists, who had as base a strong contrary feeling to the ideas and Liberal and Communist proposals. In some countries, especially in the Europe, the notion appeared of that only regimes that they privileged a system based on military reinforcement and in the centralization of the State and that they were directed by a charismatic leader they would be capable to solve the problems economic and to bar the ascension of the communist propaganda. The iderio conservative arrived its apogee when countries as Germany, Italy, Portugal, Crocia, Hungria and Spain had finished adhering to these proposals.


Eronides Governor Blacksmith

November 17th, 2013
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In another Original Printed matter, this corroborated the apio of the Classrooms that commanded the Sergipano State, (' ' MERCURY – HOMAGE TO THE HIGH REPRESENTATIVES OF THE CLASSROOMS SERGIPE CONSERVATIVES – FOLLOWS ANNEX STATE CONSTITUTION OF 1.935? Ed. originL' ' ) uneven figures and friends of Dr. OrLando Ribeiro had made presence in this Periodical, through substances exaltando the oposicionista politics of the time such as: Dr. Julio Cesar Milk, Dr. Exupero Hunter, Dr. Heribaldo Dantas Vieira, Prof.

Arthur Strong, Dr. Juarez de Figueiredo, Dr. Joshua Baptista de Jesus, Dr. Togo de Albuquerue, CeL. LourivL SobrL, CeL. GuiLhermino Rezende, CeL. Torquato Sources, Dr. Octavio Acccyoli, Dr.

Coast Son, Dr. Hugo Bozzi, Dr. Francisco de Lacerda Son, Dr. ManoeL de Noble CarvLho, Dr. Maurcio Graccho Cardoso, Dr. Alfredo Gomes, CeL. Jose Boy of Oliveira, Major Antonio Maynard Gomes, Dr. Carlos Cross, Dr. Herclio Porfrio de Britto, CeL. Jose Peixoto, Dr. Jose GonLves, Mayor Godofredo Diniz GonLves and Jlio Journalists & Seting BarreTTo and editor in chief Jefferson SiLva. One counts that a time, in the Sergipano hinterland, the height of the electoral period then the young candidate Dr. OrLando before going up in palanque for its ferrenho speech against the Government, was alerted on possible ' ' attempted against against its life ' ' , moment where one of its voters (or gunman) it entered for backwards and it transposed its two hands with two to dig in each it placed and them enters the two arms of the orator, saying to it: ' ' . now it can go up and speak what to want Doctor ' ' Dr. OrLando Calazans Ribeiro, was state deputy in Sergipe for the PR., friend of Eronides Governor Blacksmith of Oak, of the Member of the house of representatives for the UDN Tenrio Cavalcante, of President Arthur Bernardes (where it keeps today until a card of personal fist of the President, strengthening the friendship of both ), of all the Constituent Members of the house of representatives of 1.935 for Sergipe, always were correct in the treatment, right in the agreements, honored in the Tribune later already in Minas Gerais, before its departure final, coexisted Bows of friendship with President Juscelino K.


Sacred Seminary Heart

December 10th, 2012
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The afros plenrias, musics, instruments, presentations in the streets and the manifestos, showed that the black movement of the Piau would have at that moment force to stimulate the creation of a strong group that would mark history, from this franciscanos support of frades. After the meeting the representatives of the Piau, had been motivated to articulate and to organize black communities, as, the creation of groups of reflection of the black movement. In the Piau Park, one of the old habitacionais sets of Teresina, came in permanent performance some militant ones in the joint of the organized black movement. With prominence: Black Cona, Svio, Black Halda Regina, Marizete, Black Claude and Divina. They were militant that they made reflection on excellent subjects of the time in reference the cause of the black person, acted in the called group New Ylwai. Its meetings happened in the center of formation of the Piaui Park.

With this group they had given origin to the Mocambo of the Black Agents of Pastoral of Teresina. After some months would go to initiate the creation of small groups in the quarters and the Sacred Seminary Heart of Jesus, with prominence to the work of Frei Leandro OFM, Frei Fernncio OFMCap, Frei Joo Muniz OFM, Foot. Joo Pablo and Frei Evandro, Frei Ccero OFMCap, had created the Black group of the Seminaristas: Juarez, Adelino, J Cross, Carlito, with support of the Foot. Peter Brito, sufficiently operating in the afros celebrations and cultural nights. He had the wakening of militant young of the Great Dirceu: Someron, Jakson, Sebastiana, Socorrinha of the Itarar, Gean (in memory), Jose de a Cruz, Josefa and Ruth Goreth. In They are Joaquin, a group of people were participating with the leadership of Baptist, great militant, perseverante and friend of all, with its elegant gingado, conquest to all and all. In the Red quarter it had the wakening of Rejanei, Ruimar and a Rodinelle child.



November 9th, 2012
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Candido designates not only that Sergio Buarque of Holland, paulistano transferred to the River, participated, as to the experience of life, but how much to the intellectual temperament, the way of being and the nature of the workmanship of the two spaces that it looked to concentrate itself. It oscillated between Rio and So Paulo, what he had important paper in its formation and its characterization as historian and as critical. In this height he agrees to allude to the differences between the modernismo in So Paulo and Rio De Janeiro: that one, more moderate. , That Candido, in such a way thus in accordance with moderate of So Paulo, as Guillermo de Almeida and Ribeiro Couto, more is seemed the ones of the River. An indication of this is that the documents most important of the modernista theory had been produced in So Paulo, being enough to remember ' ' Preface interessantssimo' ' , of Paulicia Desvairada, and the Slave who is not Isaura, of Mario de Andrade, or the Antropofgico Manifesto, of Oswald de Andrade. As we know, it had in the modernismo a nationalistic section half ornamental politically conservative represented in So Paulo for the movements Verdeamarelo and Anta.

However, exactly this modality had in So Paulo bigger theoretical density, with Pliny Salgado and Cassiano Ricardo. In Rio De Janeiro, it had only cosmic ecstasies of Favour Spider and some articles of Ronald de Carvalho, that had not marked the movement nor had had great consequence. Perhaps this if explains, the least in part, because in So Paulo the track was freer and the news had little thing to respect, while in the River it had of long dates a strong cultural quantity, that imposed, corresponded the arraigados habits and it was not left to derogate easily. To prove this, even so it is not our objective, it is enough to compare the mental attitude and the writings of Mario de Andrade, Oswald de Andrade, Antonio de Alcntara Axe with the ones of Favour Spider, Ronald de Carvalho, Renato Almeida.


Regionalism and Nationalism

October 10th, 2012
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The pretension of this work is in analyzing the aspects that say respect to the images created for the government the Vargas who had served for cloth of deep of its government, made possible at a first moment its ascension and consequentemente, the affirmation in a next future. Taking us it understanding of the importance of the regional factors of influence in the estruturao of the nationalistic plan that if consolidates in the New State. Words key: regionalism to be able politics nationalism Getlio Vargas. The questions that involve the stability regional politics in the south, with the arrival to the central power for the oligarchies of second order giving new roupagem the national politics disclose to the way trod for Getlio the Vargas had taken who it of the regionalism at a moment of indefinio of certain oligarchies in its localities, on the other hand to the alignment of forces of the Rio Grande Do Sul longing for ‘ ‘ well maior’ ‘ to the Presidency of the Republic. Already at as a moment of affirmation of Vargas in the power if of, over all from the elections of 1934, and the pretensions and joints that had led to the establishment of the New State. This as moment characterizes for the paper and growth of the nationalistic speech if overlapping to the regionalism that had its Maximum point in the representation and materialization of this nationalism in ‘ ‘ espetculo’ ‘ of the burning of the state flags. The 1934 elections, there and the consequent victory of Vargas discloses, it for Brazil from emancipated Vargas of the regionalism, the national scene is the consequence of the International, the regionalism is left of escanto in ascension of the nationalistic speech.


Military Regimen

August 15th, 2012
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In 1936 if they had formed the first permitted professors, and education searched if to move away from that geography enciclopdica and based in stories, giving place to a modern, scientific Geography, worried about its methods and objects. under this perspective from 1930, the pupils of the college Peter II studied: populations, races, languages and religions, highways, transports, creations of animals, exploration of animals, and natural resources. Regarding Brazil, they studied ethnic populations, groups, European elements, settling, natural resources, production of the cotton, extrativista industry, etc. Additional information is available at Click here. Changes still would occur in the following decades, even so theoretical-quantitative revolution has opened a new perspective for education and the critical one in classic Geography, made possible a revision in the contents, did not have significant modifications in the objectives and the didactics. The objective biggest still continued being the enaltecimento of the wealth of the nation and the method of the memorization.

With the military blow of 1964, the Education suffered sevaras transformations, and one more time the education of Geography comes back to be used as an instrument of ideological propagation. The State started to intervine in all the institutions, also in the educational area, for consequence in Geography, defended an education model in which the pupils had been in conditions of only spectators, instead of pensantes and critical citizens of the moment, this could be a dangerous idea for the militant ones in the control. In accordance with Rock (2009, p.4), the paper of conscience taking that Geopolitics can exert in the domination of the peoples, sufficiently was used understood for diverse you lead dictators. In the schools this was an idea used with the objective to limit the knowledge, to mold the behavior and to convince the society the benefits of the Military Regimen. Of this form, Geography was fit in the interest of the State, therefore it presented to the pupils a hierarquizada and lead society from top to bottom, where the order would be the maximum objective reached by the citizens.