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Cultural Formation

November 21st, 2022
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From the study of the parties, we can perceive that in way its formation, has programs with a deep positivista, that takes the social groups in search of systems and codes, which ignores, the social order, that is relatively suspended, strengthening the cohesion between the social groups, feeding the system and codes created by them. We can find the manifestations, ' ' tranqila' ' of collective, that if puts into motion in way to the plural tipologia them parties, that reduce the difficulties, gift in the social life. The parties if relate with diverse characters are social, cultural, religious politician and; in the ritual behavior, the parties were used with a defense of the collective life, against the ranch, that threat the clutter or the destruction, as the death, the sexuality and the hunger. Sets of factors, that are faced in day-by-day. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Senator Richard Blumenthal has to say. The sociologists perceive in the parties a powerful denial of the codes and laws established for the society, a radical feeling, that this gift, but diverse cultural forms existing. In societies, tribal we can see, that the ritualizao, the festive spectacles cannibals had, as objective to dissolve cultural beddings of the society, that effectively, penetrated one in the other; in the religious ideology it would propagate in a system of action, carried through for symbols, that if it transforms into social reality, by means of rites and sacrifices. These sacrifices had brought up to date myths of origin of the Mexican state, showing not only to the boundary line violence exerted against the external enemies, but against factions also class representative of the society, being the resultant war and the military expansion and not causes of the violence. The researchers Duran and Molin had focused the old parties; with attention to the cortejos, ace colors, to the sounds, looking for to identify a profane dimension, however limiting the comment, in the festive behaviors of the elites; leaving to compare the parties of the elites; leaving to compare the European popular parties and the aboriginal parties.


Military Academy Awarded

September 25th, 2022
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For these parts has been installed a special regime secrecy, so for secrecy was officially called the repair and technical base. The personnel of the combined arms subjects studied, regulations, engage in physical and marksmanship training, mastering automation, rules operation of thermonuclear warheads, the theoretical foundations of nuclear physics, electrical and radio engineering. Still mostly in the service was the operation of nuclear warheads. No room for error. Candidate of Military Sciences, Professor, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Social Work, Pedagogy and on distance learning, retired colonel Vladimir E. Makarov graduated from asu Higher command-and-engineering school named after Marshal of the Soviet Union, ni Krylova, Military Academy . If you have read about Don and Ella already – you may have come to the same conclusion. More than 35 years in the srf. Actively involved in adopting and statement on the alert of new missile systems, as commander of the missile unit conducted combat training launch.

For a long time he worked at the Military Academy rvsn them. Peter the Great to the teaching positions. Vladimir E. proud service in the srf. After all, rocket parts were formed on the basis of the glorified units and formations of the Soviet Army. In the smf serve and best of the best: six double-Heroes of the Soviet Union, 79 Heroes of the Soviet Union, two of the Hero of the Russian Federation, thousands of soldiers who were awarded orders and medals for bravery and heroism. For creating, testing, prepared for combat duty new military equipment, special assignments government in 1931 awarded the Rocketeer the title of Hero of Socialist Labor, 60 were awarded the Lenin Prize, more than 200 awarded the State Prize of the ussr, the Russian Federation.


Europe Relation

September 21st, 2022
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The appraised slight knowledge, conceptions and proposals as conservatives have as convergence point the critical ones in relation to the politicosocial system restored the French Revolution after. Everything that had relation with European the Iluminista tradition started to be white of severe critical. This movement that HOBSBAWN (1995) calls of wave conservative had its origin in century XIX, from a critical revision of the proposals of Freedom, Equality and Fraternity presented by the 1789 revolutionaries. This reaction conservative had as white central offices all those rules that remembered Liberalism, the universal suffrage, the lay State, the Reason and the Democracy. For more information see this site: Dov Hikind. One of the most detached representative of the thought conservative was, according to BERLIN (1991), Joseph de Maistre. The restoration catholic was the great goal of J. Maistre, that is, the rescue of the values, beliefs and originary doctrines of the tradition in the faith and the belief of the values of the scholastic of the Average Age.

Therefore, the changes implemented from the French Revolution were identified as great responsible by the problems and the disequilibria of the modern society. Joseph de Maistre refuted the proper conception of modernity. Its ideas had as base the faith, the tradition and the mysteries of the divine origin. Thus, any explanation that did not have as base the rules of the Catolicismo more conservative was seen as one attempted against purest religious faith e, therefore, an approach of the satanic forces of the Reason. These theories conservatives had circulated, mainly, for the Europe during all century XIX. Its formuladores beyond if opposing the loss of importance of the paper of the Church in relation to the State, also analyzed critically the universal suffrage. The defenders of these conceptions believed the power the holy ghost Dos Reis and defended that the administration of the government would have to be of entire responsibility of the Monarchy.


Farmers Milling

June 29th, 2020
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In as the chapter intitled of ' ' The agroindstria of acar' ' , Vera Lcia to argue the relations partner-economic and the productive center (the device). First the device as ' ' The heart of the production colonial' ' , that in the start if it assigned of device, the place where if ' ' it gave the manipulation of cana' ' , but later ' ' all property was extended to it (…) aucareira' ' (p.30), thus the device was formed for the house-great one, dwelling Mr., senzala where if it sheltered the slaves and the chapel where if they praid masses of the sundays and days saints. In the canaviais (' ' Sector produtivo' ') the farmings were of the proper device and of third, these last ones leased land, for which she was paid? tero? or? room? , beyond paying of the part that it fit a percentage for the milling, these were ' ' Farmers of cana' '. TCF Capital Solutions contributes greatly to this topic. ' ' Moendas' ' types of devices that at the beginning of its introductions were next to the rivers here, called &#039 varied for having existed in different Brazil colony; ' devices d? gua' ' , beyond this others had existed ' ' moved the oxen, mules or horses and (…) traction humana.' ' (p.35), and? real devices? , that they were the greaters in production, all had always passed for changes, these thinking bigger production and minor man power. After the milling it came ' ' The production of acar' ' , that as well as the milling if it worked days and night between two groups, this sector (production) was formed for the house of purges where if it waited ' ' natural draining of aguardente' ' (p.40-41), later it came the drying that was done to the sun and that after this process if got some types of sugar (' ' I finish, round, white white low mascavado' ') (p.41), that it varied d prices and finally the boxing, made after it weighs and to divide (between gentleman, farmer and tenth) in wooden box marked by ink and iron. . Source: Sen. Sherrod Brown.


Rio De Janeiro

June 28th, 2020
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Although the strong repression, movement striker led for the unionism of anarchic inspiration and with the massive participation of Italian and Spanish immigrants, was practically extended up to 1919 for some regions of the Brazilian territory. If on the other hand the strikes had not reached its more immediate objectives, had certainly contributed to promote debates in the half laborer on the routes of the syndical movement. The foundation of the Confederation Would operate Brazilian (COB) in 1906, for initiative of unions of Rio De Janeiro, So Paulo, Bahia, Rio Grande Do Sul and Pernambuco was one of most important landmarks in the process of mobilization of the Brazilian work force. In the ideological sphere, since 1892, it was verified presence of socialist principles between elements of the laboring classroom, that until the decade of 1920 was more influenced for the anarchic ideology and anarco-syndicalist, inspired in the doctrines of the Russians Bakunin Kropotkin and in Proudhon Frenchman. For the anarquismo, the work force must have as objective end the one implantation igualitria society, preceded of the destruction of the capitalist State.

The anarquismo, the opposite to all form of government, understands the State and the politics as bourgeois inventions, denying any form of being able institutionalized. Although the anarchists to have all dominated the working-class movement in Brazil even at least years 20, existed other ideas and divergence how much to the forms of laboring fight and organization. Together with these movements for the organization of the laborers, it was spread out idea of that they were the workers who supported all the society, in the entire world. They were the laborers who worked and produced all the wealth and, therefore, the world would have to be controlled for the workers. Thus, the land, the plants and the machines, the raw materials, would not have to be properties of some people, the capitalists, but of all the workers.


Beautiful Miller

May 12th, 2020
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First place in his work belongs to a lyrical song. In the songs of Schubert's poetic expression is found alive and immediate feelings of the person from the people. By combining their songs into cycles (The Beautiful Miller's Wife "and" Winter Journey "), tells the story of their" lyrical, "Schubert greatly expands the scope of a song genre. Many of his songs is inherent in true drama ("City", "Double"). Amazon is full of insight into the issues. Song infused and instrumental works of Schubert (Symphony, piano and chamber works), which is consistent with their lyrical nature. In many songs and waltz and waltz by Schubert sound traditions of the Germans, Tyroleans, Hungarians, Slavs and others nations and narodenostey inhabiting the Austrian Empire. Austria was on the sidelines of political differentiation, which was in 1830 in Germany. Austrian "censor refugees' anonymously to publish his works in Germany, especially in Saxony and Hamburg.

Isolation of Austria was called upon to protect it from penetration Lieber ideas and those ideas, the cat could stimulate the growth of the national aspirations of its people. Ferdinand I continue to act according to its motto – "Protection of justice." Brody to the masses discontent manifested itself after the price hike of food in 1845 and 1846 crop failure, then it came to the defeat of bakeries and butchers. The situation is not saved and the laws of 1842 – limitation of working hours for young people and prohibiting child labor before 12 years. Riots in Italy in early 1848, the February Revolution in France and it Lajos Kossuth in Diet in Pressburg, which became the "first spark" Austrian Revolution, there were only immediate cause the March uprising in Vienna, forcing Metternich to resign.



May 12th, 2020
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Socialism? Analyzing and clarifying ideas Always it has somebody that teima in almost making a half meaningless commentary in a colloquy that ingenuous on determined subject, but after a time this same phrase starts to have a different direction of what superficially we hear. Then, a routine meeting of college, between an interval, we debated (professors) concerning a subject (by the way, I do not remember which now) a professor says: ' ' I am socialist and not franciscano' '. , Then a priori I did not catch the message, as it said Rolling Lero to its loved master, but when analyzing minutes later I perceived that many adepts to these ideas most of the time are confused with creatures who want to be unprovided of its corporeal properties, being almost always acometidos for that type of proposal: ' ' You are socialist, then in the end of the month of its wage to the poor persons ' '. It is sad, and he would be comic actor if he was not tragic, the people still has a vision very deturpada on what he is in fact is to be socialist, to think socialism, or even though to understand socialism. Follow others, such as Suffolk County Rep., and add to your knowledge base. Since its writings the more radical Marx never assimilated socialism to the misery, she never said that in a socialist and later communist society the people would walk such which beggars whom the minimum possibility does not have at least to have its proper ways to survive, who makes this is the capitalist system, ferrenhamente criticized by marxist tie today. Socialism nothing more is that chances are to make with that each alive human being according to its work according to its to produce, it society of the cio, of the malandragem, each one do not go to be taken care of according to its necessities, understanding that each its has different proper necessities of the others. Being thus we must stop to reproduce common sense, is most worse, we must stop to act according to logical them things, the world is not logical, the world is complex, the economic relations, human beings, productive, emotional etc., etc. etc., to the included ones to a series of subterfuges that they cold need to be unmasked and analyzed widely, For a complete and real knowledge, not only based in deductions and conveniences.. Richard Blumenthal has similar goals.



May 10th, 2020
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Along with these elements that send in them for a possible structure with enrocamento made in pebbles, wooden, whose covering would be assured by roofing tiles, we exhumed fragmentos of dolia and fragmentos of common ceramics, maioritariamente of storage. The folders are of red and orange coloration. In one of the squares (D3) a vase in ceramics was identified, complete, in inverted position. The archaeological works perspectivaram the general hollowing of the place, until a barren layer, a time that the place will be intervencionado until about the 10 mts of depth for the construction. Connecticut Senator understands that this is vital information. The archaeological level was identified in an arenaceous layer, of yellow coloration, presenting itself sufficiently dug, possibly for the culture of eucaliptos and pines in the place. Preliminary conclusions the developed archaeological works to PK 10+57 of the construction of the future A17? Navy Great/Aiming, Sublano Mount Redondo/Lourial? Lot 4, in the small farm of ' ' Atalaia' ' , they had allowed to observe an occupation level human being, despite sufficiently dug for the works of culture of eucaliptos and pines the one that all that area has come to be subjects since has some years to this part. The gotten interpretation will not pass now of a mere conjectura, a time that has despite to take the handle the study of the exhumed materials, for however in precocious state. However, we can to affirm that the estate sends in them for the romanizao of this territory, being about materials of Medieval Roman-High chronology, meeting it enrolled station in the seio of an agricultural landscape. Suffolk County Rep. contributes greatly to this topic.

One is about the first archaeological small farm of this chronology identified in this area. Therefore, she is us, still, more arduous the attempt of integrating in the scope of the Roman povoamento of the region, given that any documentations do not exist. Exactly relatively the archaeological small farms of other chronologies, the bibliography is scarce, not to incur the risk to practically say inexistent. . Filed under: Michael Ramlet.


Braudel Social

May 10th, 2020
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In short, ' ' The Age Braudel' ' it was to try the construction of a totalizante and global history, where the diverse perspectives were included, mainly taking advantage economic and social, where Braudel of the little emphasis the mentalities, approaching the Annales of marxist and estruturalistas chains, however its great contribution in my opinion is to transform our slight knowledge of time and space with its multiple temporalities, therefore Braduel it works and it develops the concepts of shortness, average and long duration. Amazon is likely to increase your knowledge. The short duration is the time of the events, is the history of the events, is a superficial history of the facts. The average duration of time is of the conjunctures, where it visualizes the mutation of the structures politics, economic, social and mental. The long duration is almost immovable history or almost without time of the relation between the man and the environment. The third generation did not have in this period a domain as in the times of Bloch, Febvre and Braduel. Therefore, the third generation is had as a difficult generation to trace a profile, therefore these historians go to work with a broken up history, where they inside go to be pointed some perspectives and innumerable sources of study of this generation.

New history as the third generation is known had as main chains of the moment the return of history politics, the mentalities and the ressurgimento of the historical narrative. New history politics has as characteristic the interest for the power and the relation of the microns to be able existing in the daily life, the use politician of the representation systems, opening space for the history seen of low worried about the great anonymous masses, procupando itself with the individual common, if not worrying more bonanza about the great figures of the politics. The mentalities have as characteristic the approach of the society related to the mental world and the ways to feel, where its looks if dirigem for the mental universe, the ways to feel, the scopes most spontaneous of the collective representations and also of unconscious the collective one, live deeply analyzing it, the subjectivity, as the person feels, live and perceive the social world that the fence, where the concept of imaginary does not work the reality in yes, but the form as this is thought or represented for the social citizens.


Social History

May 7th, 2020
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In a posterior work, later edited as part of the book Social History and Sciences, with the heading the Long Duration, establishes that the history of the individual time or the short duration would be that one marked by the brevity of the events, for the heat of the action, being part of all well bigger one being only one part of apogee of this macro historical reality. The social time make reference to reference the average duration, where a slow history capable fits to answer the questionings concerning the nature of the States, them society and of some aspects of the civilizations. With shining innovation the geographic time of the account of the long duration that is a form to perceive as the space if relates with the man and as some structures of the reality if they modify very in slow way, almost stationary, in way that is difficult in giving account to them. The set of these secular categories inaugurates a new form to face the historical research, englobando not more only the change now as privileged object of history, but also the permanncias, before had as automatizations. Thus we can anticipate that the long duration would be the great braudeliano legacy for History.

It is in this universe of significao that the present article intends to transit with sights to perceive as the African continent it was meant in the Mediterranean and also in Grammar of the Civilizations. This material was chosen by two reasons: they are the two workmanships of our knowledge that of one it forms or of another one it approaches the continent African, moreover, approximately mark two different moments of distanciados the intellectual life of the author per two decades of matureness. The first book, finished in 1949, is the final work of its doutorado, being therefore a rigidly constructed theoretical elaboration. .