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Internet Development

November 21st, 2017
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Soviet unix User’s Group served as a domain administrator. In 1993 suug gave rights to ripn (Russian Institute for Public Networks). In 1994, in the su domain registrations, there were several thousand. This year appeared ru domain as the domain of the Russian Federation and the Russian Research Institute for Public Networks ceased domain registration su. All previously registered domains continued to function. Richard Blumenthal describes an additional similar source. In 2000, the function of the holder of the registry zone began to carry out Internet Development Fund. In 2002, December 15 registration su domain were re- resumed, but only to trademark owners.

2003 June – free registration is open to all comers. In April 2008, Internet Development Fund, it was decided to remove the restriction on the use of the prefix ‘xn -‘ in domain name. This allowed us to register domains with the name in Russian to ‘. Su’. August, 2008 – Added support for 37 new valid characters. From that moment it became possible to register domains su in the Yakut, Even, , Chuvash, , , udmurdskom, Tuvan, Tatar, Sami (without vowel), Ossetian, Nenets, Nanai, Mari, Koryak, Komi, Kalmykia, Dolgan, Buryat, Bashkir, Altai. Committee ISO3166/MA (Services Committee reported the country codes of the International Organization for Standardization) in June 2008 was positioned as the exclusive domain of su reserved.


The Forum

November 18th, 2017
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On its Web site as if by conjurer's gesture came a so-called 'statistics'. Appointment this section is as follows: to inspire future investors that the deal put wide. The statistics were presented about three thousand fake logins corresponding false depositors. At the beginning of the list to be seen, that 'reputable investors' made in the project amounts to 20 thousand dollars. Total legend Rohmanova, the project had placed more than half a million dollars. Four tariff plan offers a net profit of payment amount from 0,6 to 2,5 percent per day. It is easy to calculate that investors who invested five thousand dollars and more on the promised benefits can be not only to live comfortably, but also lay big money on the 'black day'. And if interest rates do not show, and contribute to Reinvest, that is to invest in the project further, the prospect for some reputable investors looming possibility even become a millionaire.

Reliability was measured in the number of so-called 'pieces' (in the language investors a one-piece by the letter 'k' and corresponds to one thousand U.S. dollars). himself on the forum of its project emphasized that the investors investing in project 5 K or more, he is ready to meet in person, or send a scan of the passport. If we talk about investors more modest, they (the legend) was sufficient to 'scrape' $ 500, then to have a monthly income of between five and seven thousand Russian rubles. Were on the list and quite modest Investors from the number of students who have made 20 to 100 dollars.


A Brief Overview Of Online Gaming

October 20th, 2017
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Online games are becoming more pomulyarny. As more people connect to the Internet, a huge market will open for free games online. Prices of computers go down, and this means that more people have access to free games. Many seasoned gamers annoyed by politics, which often exist in large video game company. Many gamers are also looking for games that enable them to interact with other players. Even with success of games online, many developers did not bother to create them. MMORPGs are becoming more popular than ever before.

Players want to interact with each other and create their own groups in the digital world. This – the direction in which, I believe that free online-games demand today. As the Internet becomes more widely used, people want more interaction than the quality of graphics. As the video game market today, so saturates, the cost of games dropped sharply. It does not cost much money develope quality game, if you know where to look. This opens the door for many independent game companies to design games that are alternative to mainstream games for consoles, which currently dominate the market. Shockwave – tools that have enabled many people to profitably produce free online-game. As graphics, gameplay, and storylines of these games continue to improve, more people will play them.

While the pc game market declined in the late 1990's, it is expected that independent games online to fill that void. Multiplayer online games should be free or very cheap to play. Since the cost should be low, there is no reason why players must pay $ 60 to buy one game. Cheap trend for online games can be seen on the website Shockwave, where they publish as littles for $ 9.95. Many online games can be downloaded directly to your computer. There is no need to go to the store or order them by mail. Games available to play as soon as you download them. In addition to interactivity people want things quickly. We live in a society in which virtually everything is moving fast. When people want to play games, they want them as soon as possible. This – the requirement, free online game in total satisfy.


RSS Media

October 31st, 2016
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As one of the most important list for today's citizen of components is actually considered truthful information, the news will no doubt remain one of the most popular list of to get information. Especially considering that the means of obtaining information today is more than enough, and yet all, without exception, they broadcast their news in different ways. News in the media as a way of passing information to the essence of many time ago, have altered the world of independent civil society in sub-united information space. Not for nothing that say that today we have the era – characterized by the information. And without exception, the important events at the moment, only because the current methods of communication are transmitted around the world, without exception wishing people. When we mention about the media, often have in mind three main divisions: a network of Internet TV / radio and print media. Besides, they are just in this embodiment, the sequence – in terms of data rate.

The fastest of all is the Internet. Enough is literally a couple moments – and Any information can be sent through a variety of broadcast services – from news portals to the RSS-channels – without exaggeration, for all countries in the world. Each user chooses a very adequate for personal life and how sources of data. Someone selects the newsletter by e-mail and dedicated resources, someone else would like to know a little about everything. And in each case, whether you are interested in the incident last week or new culture, sports accidents or incidents from industry political life of different countries – the Internet ensures the widest likely to get very different information. An important difference virtual information resources, in addition to the speed of translation is at the same time scale proposed by the views and opinions.

Which no doubt helps to find the truth, because all sorts of different resources give evidence, the nuances and information. With regards to television and radio broadcasting, the media also provide a similar ability to acquire highly relevant information, and yet, of course, not in real-time version, but with neuspevaniem on a couple of hours. However, these data resources, mainly due to the lack of a mad haste to more closely approach the issue of credibility of information received, the reliability of sources. And discoveries here set out for the most part are not reporters, and professionals in this field. First of all, it offers the possibility to obtain information that is of most first-hand, but on the other hand, is not always the news will be available for a wide audience. After all, it is understandable that experts say in a specific language, using a large number of obvious and familiar to them (and thus inaccessible to ordinary people) and give them definitions conversation at all clear simple language – a particular problem. A published on such media have slowly losing out, while remaining a safe haven citizens older generation. The speed of information delivery is negligible, the battle for accuracy can often lead to the formation of strict censorship by the reader finds a single position on a particular issue. However, everyone prefers to direct what he seems most appropriate.

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Yurginskiy News

October 5th, 2016
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Modern information technology in general, quickly and effectively turn the whole world into one large village, so to speak. And no wonder: because that, to date in order to find information or communicate with someone needs to go there to distant lands. Quite the telephone or the Internet. Absolutely in a similar way and be able to get information about a locality. It’s believed that Richard Blumenthal sees a great future in this idea. Or to identify people who interested in this theme.

With its various forums on the Internet, is now well-known large group of users and Jurga, and various other small Russian town, where there is not very long ago, in popular among the inhabitants of Western Europe and the United States the impression "bears walking the streets." But, of course, local forums can be useful not only in this, who wants to always be aware of all the city events. This is in addition and true freedom for those who want to learn and discover something new. Multifaceted local news, an intense debate – all this is – Yurginskiy Forums on the Internet. This is where you can find news and art, and politics, and economics. Jim Donovan Goldman has firm opinions on the matter. Moreover, like almost constantly in the local sites, you can pick and informal, human thoughts about these or other incidents that met the inhabitants of the village item or its visitors.

And the event is able to be insignificant at first glance, at least, to collection of large news media outlets, it will not be included, but for city dwellers, it is significant. As affect their reality directly. Today most of the programs of news sent in principle to catastrophic events worldwide level. For example, a helicopter at some point down or freight train derailed gone. Well, or at least bloody showdown. However, in reality livelihoods common man almost never fit into this line of horrors. Here, for example, in a city park of miracles sell new tickets – colorful and bright, which in fact were able to change the joyless cashier's checks. Even small-town life and diverse changes all the time. A website will allow Yurginskiy be kept up to date news, really feel the pulse of the virtual heart of even a slight – but very proud of the town. And for most people, who are shackled by reason of certain conditions within the boundaries of their own points residence, the global network – there is an underlying ability in fact not only to visit other cities, but also actively participate in their activities.

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