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Construction License

December 29th, 2017
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As a consequence, since the point Netherlands – Holland, it is important to check what type of activities allowed under the zoning plan. This also applies to firms located in private homes, rental properties or buildings in which this type of company was located previously. Because the municipalities in the Netherlands – Holland regularly make changes to zoning plans, it is important to consider the new plan. It is also recommended to monitor the expected changes, so both in terms of these zoning changes could affect the rights that everyone has under the current plan. On the basis of the Law on spatial planning (Wet op de ruimtelijke ordening; WRO), the release of a zoning plan can be granted if the business plan or building plan meets the future policy planning. If the building plan meets the zoning plan, or if granted privileges, the next step is requesting a obtaining the necessary permits. Permits in the Netherlands – Holland To legally conduct business or to start construction in the Netherlands – the Netherlands will require specific permissions. To expand the business or grow a business, such as in a private home, you must have permission of the municipal bodies.

Businessman who wants to sell drinks or food must have at least a license system catering. The following will be considered the most important and complex permits – building permit and environmental permits. Construction License To build extend or make a reconstruction of the premises is usually needed a building permit in the Netherlands – Holland. There are three types of construction: construction, requiring constant building permit; minor construction work, requiring a simplified version of a permanent building permit, free construction work not requiring a building permit or permission of the local government body (for example – regular maintenance). In many countries, a building permit issuing authority of the central government.


Civil Code

December 26th, 2017
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Private buildings take-up inspection state architectural-building control on their location, which provides for a fee a certificate of conformity of these buildings the state building codes, standards and regulations. Fee for issuance of a certificate of 0.1 minimum wages. More info: Sen. Sherrod Brown. Also, based on inspection of the documents takes the decision to bring the developer to administrative responsibility for the construction of private buildings without a permit for the construction work and to impose a fine in the manner prescribed in Art. 97 of the Code of Administrative Offences, the maximum size is 170 UAH. Date issuance of the certificate is the date of adoption of the house in operation. Consequently, the issuance of a certificate of conformity will testify under private buildings state building codes, standards and rules, as well as taking it into operation. In addition, the certificate of conformity is the basis for contracts on the supply of building required for the operation of their resources – water, gas, heat, electricity, etc., the inclusion of this location in the state statistical reporting and registration of property rights.

Third stage. For the full harmonization with the requirements of Art. 376 of the Civil Code of Ukraine on appropriate recognition of property rights by the court, after making changes to the act of state, obtain a certificate of conformity and registration of ownership of the buildings in the Bureau of Technical Inventory, you sue for confirmation (recognition) of property rights. Information provided by the lawyer and the lawyer.

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The Organization

December 10th, 2017
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9. The prosecutor is involved in a court only on rare categories of cases, such as in cases of reinstatement and for the eviction of a residential premises. As a prosecutor acts as a rule, not the prosecutor, his assistant or assistant twenty-five. Active role in the trial the prosecutor is not playing, the court listens to its conclusion, but still decides on its own way. 10. If judge or the prosecutor asked you a question impatient tone, do not be angry or afraid that you on something or try to catch, they are just trying to clarify some misunderstood their circumstance. 11.

Unnecessarily be refer to the fact that you feel bad that something you remember. This creates distrust. 12. Do not be offended when you interrupt the court. He does so not from dislike to you, in any case, not only from this.

The court, unlike you, understands when you say no on the merits. Additional recommendations for witness 1. After entering the courtroom should be transferred to a passport and Secretary following a request the judge to sign a piece of paper on liability for perjury. 2. The court, in primarily interested – in what ways you are with the parties? Possible answers: I am the plaintiff's brother, with whom I get along well, so I work some in the organization, which is the defendant, worked together with Ivanov, relations are normal, I Petrov, neighbor, with well known, I am a little familiar with the surfer and the defendant, the relations are normal.

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Save Sausage

November 30th, 2017
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Lose the sausage, we started back in the 70s, when the Soviet Union became irregular with meat. Then, in the State Standards have introduced some concessions. In particular, the minced meat was allowed to add up to 2% starch or flour. Then, milk and eggs replaced powder forms of these ingredients. By the end of the 70's began experimenting with soy. Then came 'Mechanically separated meat' (MDM) – puree substance of pressed bones, cartilage and meat residues. And yet – 'protein stabilizer 'of milled pork skin. Without them, soy starch sausage meat lost its flavor.

By the way, soybean producers are required to indicate on the label as a vegetable protein, and about MDM and protein stabilizer, as a rule, simply write: 'Meat'. At the turn of the 70's and 80's has entered into use the phrase 'a dog's delight. " So wits dubbed low-grade sausage, made from offal. A better name for such a sausage you can imagine – in Europe MDM only allowed to use in the manufacture of cat and dog food. It is noteworthy that before the revolution 'happy dog' called a cheap sausage, which is sold in Moscow in Khitrovka. Often, to prolong of the product, its fried.

In order to extend the life of the current sausage, it added preservatives. However, surrogate sausage is already well kept. 'The history of sausage the last 40 years – a history of science and technology progress, as they say in Soviet times – says Vladimir Timchenko, chief technologist slaughterhouse 'Outskirts'.

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Natural Resources Ministry

November 21st, 2017
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These circumstances can be confirmed, in particular, checking out the schedule on check. 2) During the site inspection failure to pay taxes must be confirmed by analysis of primary documents of the taxpayer. Correlating these data with tax returns accounting registers is not sufficient basis for conclusions about a taxpayer has arrears to the budget, because the accounting records do not fall under the concept of 'primary accounting documents. " 3) The decision taken by on the results of field inspection should be based only on those materials that are obtained under this test, and therefore the act of the Main Department of Natural Resources Ministry of Natural Resources can not be the basis for decisions about call the taxpayer to the tax liability (Resolution of the Federal WZO from 16.04.2004 N A19-12299/03-40-F02-1284/04-S1). According to Section 1, Art. 82 Tax Code, tax audits conducted by officials of the tax authorities within its jurisdiction through tax audits and how should the content of Section 1, Art. 83 Tax Code – the place of the taxpayer. Court found no legitimate decision to appoint a tax audit, since the decision to hold such tax audit in respect of the taxpayer made the district local Tax (at the location of immovable property), which is on tax records in the Interregional INMS on the largest taxpayers because the materials of the case established that the district subject to local Tax tax audit questions the correctness of real estate tax was not intended, and has verified the correctness of the calculation and timeliness of payment of VAT and income tax.

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Civil Rights Of Individuals

December 3rd, 2012
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Legal Center "Analytics" is a small legal review. We specialize in divorce (divorce), citizens may have property ownership rights, inherit and bequeath property, do business and any other activity not forbidden by law, establish legal entities independently or jointly with other citizens and legal persons, do not make any contrary to the law of the transaction and participate in liabilities; choose their place of residence, have the rights of authors of scientific, literary and art, inventions and other results of intellectual protected by law activities; have different economic and moral rights. Citizen acquire and exercise the rights and obligations under his own name, including name and proper name, and patronymic, unless otherwise follows from the law or national custom. In the cases and manner prescribed by law, a citizen can use a pseudonym (fictitious name). A citizen is entitled to change his name in the manner prescribed by law. Change citizen of the name is not grounds for termination or change of its rights and obligations acquired under the same name. Citizen is obliged to take the necessary steps to notify its debtors and creditors of the change its name and bears the risk of the consequences caused by lack of information about these individuals change its name. A citizen who changed his name, the right to demand their own expense to make the appropriate changes to documents, furnished to its original name. The name received a citizen at birth, as well as a change of name to be registered in the manner prescribed for civil registration.

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