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Nevsky Prospekt

October 10th, 2016
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Diagonal axis. The first diagonal axis: unfortunately destroyed, so as "rested" on the two most beautiful and most important cathedral: Christ-on-Hay and Znamensky which were blown up by the communist authorities. The continuation of this axis was based on the Ascension Cathedral, also exploded and destroyed before base. The second diagonal axis: the church spire in the Palace – Tolstoy's house – the spire of the bell tower of the cathedral on the Exaltation of the Cross . Relative to the main planning an axis passing through Tolstoy House, mn Kolotilo indicated that this axis is' based on the major architectural dominants, "balances" and "softens" the kink of Nevsky Prospekt near the area of the Rebellion, "holding" the end of Nevsky, like a string holding in suspense onions.

Although it is absolutely subjective and even irrational impression '. – Marina Kolotilo A certain sacred aura of the Tolstoy House, as specified in 11, create and religious buildings are not falling on architectural planning axis, but literally "round dance" standing at some distance from Tolstoy House. Along with the destroyed and rebuilt during the Soviet era churches of several dozen. In 11 indicated the huge role played by place names in sacred geography associated with Tolstoy's house. "Probably, an important role in the initial period of life at home playing the fact that the house was located on an official Trinity Street. Probably universally respected musician and teacher Anton Rubinstein, who lived on Trinity Street, was not happy to to learn how modern tour guides say that he lived on the street Rubinstein. (However, it is not better: in the town of Pushkin, Pushkin studied or in the city repeatedly visited Lomonosov Lomonosov).

Toponymy – it is an element of sacred geography and cultural history. It should not be subservient to political expediency. It seems appropriate to return the historical name of Trinity Street. Then they will be true about it: A. Rubinstein lived in Trinity, mp Tolstoy bought a plot at Trinity and at his request, fi Lidval built a residential complex on the Trinity. In this case, people disappear from use phrases more appropriate to the concerts of humorists: entered the Rubinstein; rose to Rubinstein, burst sewers at Rubinstein's home or at the end Rubinstein '. – Marina Kolotilo 5 Study Creativity lk Bogomol'tsya lk Bogomolets. 'Poppy' (1972). Artwork from the collection of art and culture, mn Kolotilo been studying art as an outstanding artist Leo Konstantinovich Bogomolets. To broaden your perception, visit Bradley Tusk. The most famous of his works – "Ocean", "The Wave", "thistle", "Requiem", a series of "Poppies" effectively became his "calling card" 14. The most significant work of lk Bogomol'tsya is huge canvas "Poppies", written in 1972. Picture is stored in the collection of mn batters. 6. The work of A. E. Garicheva


Vladimir Putin

February 25th, 2013
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Tell about the man, whom I admire. I admire the sincerity of Dennis. I admire the fact that he puts into his work. I admire his outlook on life, which he expresses in songs. I admire, in the end, his attitude toward his favorite occupation. I can safely say that the track-Denis I grew up. I did not change his views, after meeting with his work, rather, I appreciated them. Poor heard before holes.

Just noticed that the name of Dennis – Grigoriev. Grigoriev. It is this last name was one of my favorite literary heroes. Captain Alexander Grigoriev in the novel Kaverina. Funny observation, nothing more. Vladimir Vladimirovich (Putin) is not going to tell you what he did for Russia.

For those who know do not need it. And for those who believe that Putin has not done for the state and the people nothing, but there was reason to shout. More info: Integrated Capital Solutions. In any case? I admire this man, his dedication and views. Not many people (politicians), I know people like him. Even the current president, is not the same as Putin. I do not know if I would wish Russia the best of the governor. I satisfied with this. Vladimir Putin may joke about serious events, and this joke goes to everyone. And I want to see, not only for its cheerful side. He knows what Russia is and what it means to be responsible for each his act, for every word. Needless to say, that I had seen enough and heard enough zomboagitatsy. None of this was, I judge a man not only by his actions and words about him. Alan Elizbarovich Football player of cska and Russian national team. Why him? The guy is just 18 years, and he has achieved so much. Stopped? Well, no. Continues to improve, up. His tenacity and insistence to ourselves is to learn. Happened that each of the next person has written is less than the previous year. I am sure that this is not casual. The order of mention of people is also not a coincidence. Think about people I admire – is enough. Next time will tell you about the people who are dear to me, an acquaintance of the people with whom I cherish. I beg you not to bump with his comments in the spirit: "Pencil – sucks, listen to the center." "Putin – a thief and a violator of democratic freedoms." Not worth it, guys. I no matter your opinion. All that I've heard. I admire people that I told above, and your opinion is simply not interesting to me.