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The Meditation Is A Way Towards Our Inner Being

March 23rd, 2013
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Meditation is to transcend the mind, noting it as something alien, studying it, when she disappears i.e. you elevaste consciousness, are in a State of consciousness, of no mind. In the West are considered before we talk about meditation from previous steps such as: Concentrarcion: that is only thinking about one thing. Contemplation: already here is a step beyond the concentration, only you think about a particular issue, deep, it is a step most of growth with respect to the previous. Here in the West the meditation is considered a third State, i.e.

a deeper contemplation. As I mentioned earlier meditation is a State of no mind, in the East named it originally as Dhyan, that does not mean any of the three stages mentioned above but as a State of no mind, is beyond the mind. This word Dhyan in China was the pronounced Ch an, in Zen Japan, these changes are due to variations in pronunciation of each region. In the most people especially in the West the silence and serenity associated with boredom and energy accumulation that ends up becoming stress and anxiety, along with your food, air, water, accumulating even more this energy has to be used, but will become more tension and finally in anxiety, we are half exterior and half interior. We use energy in creative activities of the outside world, there is much to create, discover and to explore, we use it to make our world more beautiful, poetic, healthy loving. Then Yes through meditation will travel towards our inner being, there you regain energies and you will earn new, you comunicaras with your inner self, you will achieve serenity, silence, you will find the outer inner balance, achieving your two halves, your energy overflow into love, humility, joy, creation, appreciation, because you know the happiness, the joy of living, through your way inside discovering who really you are.

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