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Civil Rights Of Individuals

December 3rd, 2012
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Legal Center "Analytics" is a small legal review. We specialize in divorce (divorce), citizens may have property ownership rights, inherit and bequeath property, do business and any other activity not forbidden by law, establish legal entities independently or jointly with other citizens and legal persons, do not make any contrary to the law of the transaction and participate in liabilities; choose their place of residence, have the rights of authors of scientific, literary and art, inventions and other results of intellectual protected by law activities; have different economic and moral rights. Citizen acquire and exercise the rights and obligations under his own name, including name and proper name, and patronymic, unless otherwise follows from the law or national custom. In the cases and manner prescribed by law, a citizen can use a pseudonym (fictitious name). A citizen is entitled to change his name in the manner prescribed by law. Change citizen of the name is not grounds for termination or change of its rights and obligations acquired under the same name. Citizen is obliged to take the necessary steps to notify its debtors and creditors of the change its name and bears the risk of the consequences caused by lack of information about these individuals change its name. A citizen who changed his name, the right to demand their own expense to make the appropriate changes to documents, furnished to its original name. The name received a citizen at birth, as well as a change of name to be registered in the manner prescribed for civil registration.

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Enlargement Government

December 5th, 2011
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Head of the European Commission to Ukraine, Joseph Manuel Pinto Teixeira said the concerns of Brussels progress of the democratization process in Ukraine, including disturbances during recent elections to local authorities, as well as the problem of freedom of speech. According to the Head of Delegation, EU leadership hopes for a speedy solution to these problems, Ukraine, as they may affect the During the negotiations between the EU and Ukraine on the preparation of the association agreements and free trade zone. EU Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy Stefan Fule during a visit to Ukraine drew attention to the negative trends, indicating a backsliding on democracy in Ukraine. Referred to statements by U.S. and EU indicate that the West is not going to silently observe the advent of democracy in our country.

Commentary Fund "First People": The Ukrainian government is facing an important choice. After the recent failure of the visit of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to Ukraine relations Russia, to put it mildly, have cooled. Even if we consider the relationship between Presidents Medvedev Yanukovych and warmer, we should not expect that there will be set up by Putin and Medvedev against each other in a year presidential elections. Relations with Europe and the U.S. also now getting colder. Ukrainian government obstinately continues to test their strength, showing disrespect for democratic values in matters of respect for freedom and human rights. Against this backdrop, even the dynamics of China looks more positive. "The unique" understanding of democracy has become a feature of government policy.

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