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How To Build Confidence Apparel

January 16th, 2012
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Man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing. Oscar Wilde. Posted in: Dedicated to: Paola, more than sensuality, grace projected. Throughout the history of costumes, we can see that it has met very specific functions in each historical period. To mention a single fact, we have the boom of the fashion industry in the reign of Louis XIV. The main function then was to project all the splendor and power with which he had the king by divine manifestation; policies seek to justify that power. Focusing on the immense creative world that developed in the textiles industry can understand the great importance that it was at this juncture. In our days, and full motion or individual consciousness, the role of clothing has become democratically to reach the level of individualized identity.

With our particular way of dressing silently scream here we are. We are playing and the stage of the search for status, even, I suspect that we are also breaking the barrier definition of a style of life. What we consciously (and often unconsciously) want is to find or regain confidence in ourselves. Why am I saying this? For to find our personality leads us to be confident in ourselves and that is a major step towards confidence. Sometimes I also suspect that this is taking us as consumers to change our criteria for purchase. How this argument? As follows: What are the factors that influence our decision to purchase? No order of priority that we can answer are: price, brand and / or designer, season, fashion and more. These factors are gradually relegated the search immediately find himself.

Human beings seek it now when you saw: to find his own ego. Found means just trust someone, in itself. Herein lies for me the importance and great value that the world textile print. We are certainly going through the stage to see positive things for the price we but for the value since we have invaluable ourselves. I think from now on clothing purchases will be much more intelligent. Purchases will be human quality. What is the real future of fashion? Difficult to predict or envision. What I do wish is that our self-esteem is raised by this new attitude to dress. From this point we have to think this way everything will be more productive and emotionally and psychologically. No longer exist, I believe, compulsive shoppers. Us focus on things for their value, not price. Wearing my ideas will continue. Recommended by: