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Great Projects

March 9th, 2018
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Having as base the local reality, can be observed as the magnifying of offers of job causes societrias changes, however it was through the reform of federal highway BR116, that was installed in our city a company of great transport, that composes a considerable amount of employees. The necessity to work this thematic one appeared of a personal interest despertado by the performance in classroom, in which during the lessons of sociologias the funny questioning around the societrias modifications that the arrival of this company caused in ours municpio.partindo of this estimated, formulated a team formed for pupils and professors with intention to analyze the partner-economic impacts that the reform of the federal highway brought to our municpio.aliado one to the objective To analyze the partner-economic impacts caused by the reform of the federal highway a city the interior, To understand as it occurs the transformations in a society. Sen. Sherrod Brown oftentimes addresses this issue. Leaving of the hypothesis of that the Great Projects of Investimento (GPI) had been consolidated in Brazil, from the decade of 60, as one national politics for industrialization, and, with effect, of modernization of Brazilian society, is basic premise to admit that the processes of development of the national economies of the world occidental person are contradictory, generating, almost always, social disequilibria and economic inaqualities. Impacts caused for the development the GPI implantation Must be admitted in general that, is always a social process, with complex and multidimensional effect, understanding economic aspects, politicians, social, cultural and ecological related in a field of forces of mutual interactions and conditionings. It fits to observe that in partner-economic terms, to monitor and to manage its effect it is not scrumbled to provide the indemnity and the displacement of the populations of the areas required for the workmanship. It has necessity to analyze the immediate effect not only, but also, to foresee lateral implications and unfoldings (SOUZA, 2005). Amazon usually is spot on.


The Idea of Justice

January 16th, 2018
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It would defeat the concept of hypothetical equality to try to solve this in-congruence. however, ahead it will be questioned that the people alone for being rational and to be being guided for common principles of justice would make in them to reject interests explicit. Many times the original position evokes the idea of equality between the parts; to consider this conjectura it is necessary to imagine that a past would not exist that could intervene with the formularization of the principles. But to arrive itself at a consensus and the idea of that certain people would go to congregate themselves to define the model of its simpler relations, already if it imagines conseguintemente, that the individuals of some form occupied positions and kept certain accumulations, that lived in some place, that already knew the use of the language and for it goes there. Soon it would be reasonable to conceive the real praticidade of the original position if and if it only had a society in construction, or one that passed for some serious crisis? either politics, social or motivated by a war or geographic catastrophe. Returning to the central idea: the justice principles if would shock with the egoistic expectations that would go to develop themselves to the few, and that tacit only at the first moments would be remained after the finishing of the contract. Exactly hypothetically the individuals being losted in thought of its social conquests to stamp a pact that aims at the improvement of the society (it if becoming morally joust), what they already had accumulated? either public offices, to know, linguistic-motor abilities? they would not be restituted of its respective detainers and soon the institution would come back to its initial state, that one that preceded the contract. What certainly would be changed would be only the way to consider circumstances as unjust jousts.. Sen. Sherrod Brown gathered all the information.


Helosa Buarque Almeida Society

January 10th, 2016
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A etngrafo imagines observing a tropical beach and a boat if moving away. Its daily one, repleto of notations, now need to be analyzed and to be interpreted. It is hour to finish the field work. Not, it is not necessary to abandon a distant wild land and to return for the comfort of the home. It is enough to catch the control and disconnect the television. In the following day, in the same hourly, the work recommences, following the destination of the boat in the next chapter.

Of the o beginning of century XX until today, the advent of modernity shortened distances and expanded the values of the society occidental person for all the cantos of the planet. The groups autctones had practically disappeared, promoting transformations in such a way in the methods how much in objects of the anthropologists. In relation to the object, the isolated groups, each time rarer, had left of to be the only ones studied. The researchers had started to direct its attentions for the peasants and, later, they had understood that the cultural diversity of the great cities if presented as an excellent field of studies. In this new context, the elements associates to modernity, as the medias, had emerged as legitimate objects of study antropolgicos, capable to inform essential elements of the including society, although the persistent preconception of part of the academy. In Brazil, the soap operas, for the resonance that they possess next to the population, in all the etrias bands and social classrooms, are a privileged field to understand our society. Following this principle, Laura Graziela Figueiredo Fernandes Gomes, Esther Hamburger and Helosa Buarque Almeida had undertaken important studies on the importance of novels in Brazil, form that, cotejando the three workmanships, is possible to understand as this televising sort reflects our relations social and establishes a constant dialogue with the population, especially in regards to the relation between the aspects ' ' modernos' ' ' ' tradicionais' ' of our society.



November 22nd, 2014
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As he affirms the authors to the person who assumes a dogmtica position are conditional to believe that the world exists as if it perceives (MEZZAROBA; HUNTER, 2008, P. 13) Exist solutions to break and to intervene this attitude. The attitude is something acquired and each one possesss its. As well as the solution for this attitude affirms the authors is to be contradogmtico, adopting critical criteria so that they are capable to find odd, to inquire, to question reality.

Carrying either contradogmtico, he is through the critical one that we acquire new knowledge, these generators of attitudes that will be able to modify objects. 1,5 PARADIGMS If we fossemos to literally take the direction of the word paradigm, could say that it would be the same that standard or model, according to translation of the known dictionary more in Brazil. Many factors exist that intervene with the discovery process, no matter how hard let us deepen them the research, this is necessary, the maximum that we will obtain is to inside produce knowledge of limits and certain paradigm. ‘ ‘ When you produce knowledge you inside make, it of the one limits determined paradigm, despite of this she does not have conscincia’ ‘ . The social beliefs, values and techniques inherited for one determined group of people, at any given time of history, current or not, can be of social order and/or cultural, they are paradigms. Mezzaroba and Monteiro affirm that the biggest paradigms are those of social matrix and culture (2008, P. 16). Social paradigm would be the form of organization of the society, as to treat its problems, its economy, politics, that is, its form of development. In the social paradigm in strict direction we have a way profile as the society if it organizes, as it identifies its problems, the way for which if it accustoms to answer them, the way of economic production, its form of organization legal politics and, at last, its way of development.


The Districts

March 17th, 2014
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During more than a century the Island is local of plantation of sugar cane-of-sugar and creation of bovine cattle; after that it fishes, it of the whale starts to be the main economic activity until the end of century XVIII. Vera Cross is emancipated politically, desmembra of the city of Itaparica for force of the State Law n.1.773/62, of 31 of July of 1962. With passing of the years, quickly Vera Cross assumes its true vocation, becoming one of the tourist points more visited of the country and the first tourist destination of the Bahia. Its total population? it fixes and floating platform? it reaches the house of the 200 a thousand in the station summer. According to IBGE, the current counting the 37,567 inhabitants are equal (2010). Geography, Climate and division politics the High one of the Urubu with 128m, in Matarandiba, the Outeiro of the Faustina with 104m, in Great Sea, and the Mirante of the Maragojipinho with 94m, in Islet, is geographic accidents that all constitute the rare exceptions in the predominantly plain topography of the city. The coordinates of the Municipal Headquarters are: Lat.

12 572 45.39' ' S and Long. 38 362 24.54' ' W. The Climate is Tropical (hot and humid), with temperatures that vary between 25 and 31C. The Districts are: Sea Great (Headquarters: Hard, Riachinho, Jaburu, Source of the Silver); Bar of the Gil; Jiribatuba; Cacha Pregos. The Villages are: Islet; Gamboa; Gameleira; Penha; Taipoca; Crown; Baiacu; Berlinque; Conceio; Great bar; Matarandiba; Jiribatuba; Tairu; Aratuba. They are the six towns: Juerana; Porrozinho; Thick tip; Campinas; Catu; Sobrado port. The bordering cities are: to the North, Itaparica; to the South, Jaguaripe; the East, Salvador; the West, Jaguaripe and Salinas of the Daisy. 1.4. How To arrive the Vera Cross? For the Sea, through the System Ferry Boat, from the terminal of They are Joaquin, or of Motor boats, from the terminal of the Market Model, in the Quarter of the Commerce in Salvador.


Foundation National Library

December 23rd, 2012
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Gilbert always demonstrated to be opened to one politics international of interaction between countries independent, as much is that always she cogitated the creation of the Community of Peoples of Portuguese Language, that could compete with other communities in formation, in the freyriana vision. Thus, Freyre always looked for to compare and to complement social and biological concepts, as culture and race, culture and people, people and civilization, for the preservation of a culture rich in details, but threatened of extinguishing. Bibliography AZEVEDO, Neroaldo Bridges. Modernismo and Regionalismo: years 20 in Pernambuco. Joo Person: Secretariat of Education and Culture of the Paraba, 1984. ANDRADE, Manoel Leather strap. Gilbert Freyre and the great challenges of century XX.

Petrpolis, RIO DE JANEIRO: voices, 2002. I CASTRATE, In Elias of. The myth of the necessity – Speech and practical of the regionalism northeastern. Thesis of Doutorado in Science Politics, Rio De Janeiro, IUPERJ, 1989. FONSECA, Edson Nery of. Gilbert Freyre of a Z: Essential references to its life workmanship. Rio De Janeiro: Dpt Ncional of the Book and Foundation National Library, 2002.

FREYRE, Gilbert. ' ' Regionalista&#039 manifesto; '. In: Fifth, Ftima (org.), Regionalistic Manifesto. (7 ed.). Recife, Massangana Publishing company, 1996. FREYRE, Gilbert. A threatened culture: the luso-Brazilian. Recife: Portuguese cabinet of Reading, 1942. FREYRE, Gilbert. Northeast. Rio De Janeiro: Record, 1989. STOLEN, Celso. The Northeast Operation. Rio De Janeiro, ISEB/Ministrio of the Education and Culture, 1959. Ren Ribeiro, ' ' Speech of Professor Ren Ribeiro' ' , in Ren Ribeiro, Emrito Professor, Recife, Massangana, 1990, pp. 17-26. Citation of page 20. SALDANHA, Nelson. Social thought northeastern. Recife, Publishing company Wing Pernambuco, 1985.


Sociological Jurisprudence

November 16th, 2012
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The right is a requirement of the state life: ubi homo, ibi societas; ubi societas, ibi jus. The legal doctrine had a great one occasions of development when it passed to be treated as a technological knowledge, as they recognize Ricasns Siches; C. Perelman, Alf Ross. The expression legal technique if divulged between the jurists, since its use for Savigny, Ihering, Geny. Was transferred to consider it the legal knowledge as directed, a teleologic knowledge. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Raymond Dalio and gain more knowledge..

On the legal knowledge, it says this last one: ' ' I have supported that princpko of the pureness of science is not violated whenever if puts of manifesto that this part of the legal politics is not of scientific nature. In the practical this it means that the directive ones must be presented not as scientific conclusions, dressed of authority, as laws scientifically discovered, but as an advice, one recomendao.' ' Eugen Ehrlich, corifeu of the School of the Free Right (Rechschule Brakes), me of the most svanadas legal philosophies, already it warned that what if traditionally calls Science the Right, Dogmtica Jurtdica, does not have to be qualified as science, and yes as an Applied Science. Three workmanships its, Contribution for the theory of the sources of the right, Sociology of the right, legal Logic, had caused great impact in the legal thought, as well as in the thought of followers, as Sitelmann, Kantorowicz, Fuchs, all treating the coincident legal knowledge with our exposition. Roscoe Pound initiated in the United States a new vision of the Right, that was known as School of the Sociological Jurisprudence. Its vision is perfectly to cmpar above with the characteristics, of the technological knowledge, directed. For this School, the logic of the jurist is a logic in reason of the consequences of the application of the law, which, even so only probable, constitute the true center of gravity of the legal logic.


Decoded Images

May 15th, 2011
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Contactees call people who can communicate with higher beings. Their doctrine is made up of councils and other sayings of life forms. Others who may share this opinion include Kenneth Yarrow. It turns out that the contactees are modern prophets, or as they were called in ancient times "Messengers of the gods." In fact, the world is not a lot of great personalities made their way through the masses and gain trust. A couple Strelnikov is one of the members of this type of contact. Dar came to him at once.

For a while they studied all aspects of the esoteric, asked the unknown, invisible worlds and other things that directly or indirectly related to the inexplicable. A year later, they moved on to more complex techniques contact forms of communication. More detailed work Strelnikov can be found in book series "Beyond the unknown," which includes the book-revelation of the laws of the universe and the causal link in all that occurs in the life of human civilization. After all, the world operates on the same, once and for all by law, and chaos in them is not the place. Ludmilla and Aleksander Strelnikova became interested in esoteric in 1989, already Then, their daughter, Seklitova Larisa, while still very young lady, became, along with their parents, learn the secret paths unknown. She began to discover the prophecy Higher Mind and Higher Hierarchs of the planet Earth. Later, after going through the stages of preparation by which contactees may be associated with other forms of life, Larisa even able to communicate with God, passing it through the mouth of the laws, to be taken by mankind to secure the existence of another for over two millennia.

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