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Pablo Freire

March 13th, 2018
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The perfectioning of the abilities of conduction in the different educative activities is a question that if deals with a good process that all the education professionals must carry through and share with other professionals. The exchange between equal results in the growth, in the establishment of new relations where if develops horizontes in the education process? learning. The paper of the school consists of the construction of to know which is historical, dynamic and multiple, but the growth is for the people who load the humildade of the apprentice, therefore who has arrogance does not add nothing to its armory of information. Freire backwards in its sufficient workmanships reflections on the interaction between professor and pupil, the dialogue, listening and, joint of ahead knowing with the experiences lived for them of its half biopsicossocial and spiritual to them that together assure periodic chances of referring evaluation to the reach of its goals. The film Society of the Dead Poets presents a dynamic, versatile and eclectic vision lived deeply by Robin author Williams, in the Keating personage who is a former-pupil in the end of the decade of 50, that she will go to permit in disciplines of literature in a boarding school conservative who if base on the principles of tradition-honor-discipline and excellency.

The position of this professor ahead of the process education – learning is something salient for Freire (1996) in its texts when it speaks of the importance that professors and pupils are curious and instigadores in the search of the knowledge. that the pedagogical experience must awake, stimulate and develop in us the taste of wanting and practical the educative one in the direction of the learning well, where the vocation, explains the devotion with the great majority of the magistrios that although the immorality of the wages, does not make with that the educators lose the motivation to teach. in the film, the professor was moved away from the wife to go to teach, therefore he is something that it loved and had vocation for the transmission and receptividade of the wisdom. The professor must be intent the necessities to involve the pupil of the educative activities, making possible that the pupil understands with total clarity the importance of the knowledge with the joint knowing of them in the real life.


Decoded Images

May 15th, 2011
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Contactees call people who can communicate with higher beings. Their doctrine is made up of councils and other sayings of life forms. Others who may share this opinion include Kenneth Yarrow. It turns out that the contactees are modern prophets, or as they were called in ancient times "Messengers of the gods." In fact, the world is not a lot of great personalities made their way through the masses and gain trust. A couple Strelnikov is one of the members of this type of contact. Dar came to him at once.

For a while they studied all aspects of the esoteric, asked the unknown, invisible worlds and other things that directly or indirectly related to the inexplicable. A year later, they moved on to more complex techniques contact forms of communication. More detailed work Strelnikov can be found in book series "Beyond the unknown," which includes the book-revelation of the laws of the universe and the causal link in all that occurs in the life of human civilization. After all, the world operates on the same, once and for all by law, and chaos in them is not the place. Ludmilla and Aleksander Strelnikova became interested in esoteric in 1989, already Then, their daughter, Seklitova Larisa, while still very young lady, became, along with their parents, learn the secret paths unknown. She began to discover the prophecy Higher Mind and Higher Hierarchs of the planet Earth. Later, after going through the stages of preparation by which contactees may be associated with other forms of life, Larisa even able to communicate with God, passing it through the mouth of the laws, to be taken by mankind to secure the existence of another for over two millennia.

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