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Right Lawyer

June 26th, 2018
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Lawyer – a mysterious Professional with 7 seals how do I get a good lawyer? I don’t know that. There is actually no patent recipe to find the right lawyer for themselves. It comes, as is often the case the lawyers it on. “It depends” is no excuse of lawyers, not wanting to set. The lawyer takes apart have the sentence “it depends”, E.g. in it and on it. Get to the right touches such as the question or have under the law, what we know is a huge difference.

They can be convinced of the quality of your work performance such as as a craftsman, if it is not the DIN regulations, “an expert in the process skin” your performance around the ears; you or your witnesses can (or want to) do not remember the events supporting you! Then you may be right, at Court you will not get but your right (say, your account balance). Or, Have clearly what is also confirmed by the experts and the witnesses. worked correctly only: you have asserted late claim at Court, and your party gets only “limitation”, then you will only lose your process, because your claim is barred. In this case you have no right. In this case, law was given however. And immediately the question arises, what is right? You could and you has written books on this issue. It is relatively easier to read books about it. You don’t need to make, your lawyer in a long-term study has done this.

I will write something in another post about this wide subject. And already I’m digressed I the right lawyer, from the subject, think. There are many ways to find a lawyer. There is the possibility to search the Internet for a lawyer for a specific area of law. If you know which special jurisdiction relates to your thing, no problem.


Regional Council

April 26th, 2018
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The shredding level 5 applies according to the DIN 32757-1 as suitable for “maximum safety”. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Sen. Sherrod Brown on most websites. When no particle which has a larger surface area than 12 mm according to the proper destruction – as it only happens with us -, a subsequent decoding or even reconstruction of files in this crushing standard is already nearly impossible. However, we’re in the aftermath of the destruction, which goes beyond the policies of the BDSGs, also a professional and secure “file management”. While all particles under suspension and solution are completely resolved. A recovery becomes impossible. We are all unneeded files and data that is in good hands. Probably must be not separately mentioned it, that we treat all the files entrusted to us with the highest caution but we want to do it.

The loading and unloading happens with us through hermetically secure locks. Their files and data are accessible to absolutely anyone. Data destruction and disposal of acts according to highest DIN standard: crushing stage 5 (!) We destroy files from a quantity of 100 pieces or but from a total amount of data, which weighs more than 50 kg for you. The collection of files and data is already included in the price of the destruction. Here, you can pick up your sensitive data and files via telephone or online order type. We pick you up within 24 hours after the application locally you and guarantee an immediate destruction, file management, and also data destruction – on the day of pickup.

This happened in our high-quality and State of the art facilities which are regularly maintained and approved by the Regional Council and also monitored. Our premises is optical, acoustic and electronically protected. By the way: With us, all work steps are documented very closely. For your personal safety with us on the carried out data destruction, shredding and file disposal a special disk destruction certificate.