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January 26th, 2013
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A time a mother was to place its son to sleep and using to advantage one of the rare moments that had to be together, since the work of it consumed its time all, it decided to read a history for the son, this in turn in the height of its five years, was better to read now for it while still it was time, before the girl grew and the time finished. The mother caught a great rose book and read for the son a classic history on a princess any that in the end of the book finished living happy forever to the side it its prince hero. The illustration of the book showed a pretty shining castle with an immense well drawn rainbow the deep one. The mother verifying the intellectual progress of the son passed then to ask: _Voc knows that drawing is this? What the son answered: a castle. the very proud mother: Muito well. In Brazil it does not have many castles, has more in the Europe. They had been constructed in another century, you know what it is a century? See mother, is one hundred years.