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Dominican Republic

June 20th, 2012
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Rather often, it indicates, a lobbying company/signature will subcontract to a company/signature of public relations the work with mass media. As example we remember the intense loose informed offensive on the occasion of the Agreement of Free Commerce with America Center and Dominican Republic (ALCA). The agreement, that would abrira to the commerce between the United States and several countries of the region, needed the congresional approval to enter vigor. In the countries subscribers in these agreements also lobbying campaigns were developed to forts to obtain that the congresses of each of these countries approved the company/signature, in the middle of serious and sustained campaigns of the popular organizations well and of left that were against adducing more damages and asymmetries than benefits in the economies of the small countries in comparison with the United States. Equal activity lobbyist or of lobbying is at the moment carried out in the countries that they look for to subscribe the Alternative agreement Bolivariana for the Americas (WHITE), formed by Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia, Martinique, Nicaragua, Paraguay and Honduras. There is action of lobbying in both sides: Those that agree and the opponents in each country.

In summary, the lobbying is a process: Through what one looks for to reach specific changes in institutional policies. In that it is possible to involve to several organizations and individuals. That it is abierto generally and public. In which the groups of citizens make merit their right to try to change the society. In that the democracy of integral way recreates. In that one becomes qualified to the citizens for the political influence. Educative in that they are rescued, as much saberes professional and practical of the citizens. That it foments the work of network between civil, social and political groups or instances. In synthesis, the lobbying looks for to influence in the takers of decisions at governmental and political level of a professional and strategic way. It is all a profession that becomes popular and necessary nowadays in the scope of the Latin American countries.


Magna Carta

June 13th, 2012
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Besides which one can be to favor or against the new Magna Carta proposal of Ecuador a thing is clear. One is a constitutional project that introduces a series of new features in relation to the integration of the disporas in the national system. Esteem that there is more than 20 million of Latin American living outside his mother country and that are about 50 million people of Latin American origin residing in North America, Europe and Asia. In the Americas there have been hundreds of constitutions but the Ecuadorian is first in which in their writing elect members of an assembly have participated representing their respective disporas. Six of them were name by the Ecuadorian residents in the outside (2 by North America, 2 by the South and Center America and 2 by Europe). One calculates that there is between 10 to 12 million of Andean that live outside their mother country. This number is a little smaller than the one of almost 14 Ecuadorian million of but greater to the one of the 8 million Bolivians.

Of in case it implies that within the Andean Community of Nations they could mean a number greater than one of its four Member States. The new Magna Carta to be voted east Sunday contemplates to create a permanent large stone bench for the dispora, something that, for example, if it has Italy. Colombia to date is the unique country of the region that has an elect representative in the outside, although it is only a congressman to represent about 4 million emigrated Colombians. The Peruvians vote in the outside and he comes discussing the power to cause that the congress of this republic has two elect members by the 2 to 4 emigrating million of Peruvian. Brazilian, Argentine or Mexican also they can vote outside its countries, although Bolivia (that 20% of their inhabitants have between 10% and residing outside their territory) and Chile (the country from where the first massive wave left after the 1973 blow from immigrants to Europe) not yet give that right him to their disporas. Another newness of this Magna Carta proposal is that it allows the foreigners who reside during 5 years in Ecuador the power to vote, although not the one of being elect, thing to that if they have right many resident foreigners in local elections of Europe.