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Corporate Strategy

July 21st, 2017
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a It is still frightened when we heard that the water or biodiversity must be treated as world heritage site and then identify why the interests of rich countries in the Amazon. The Italian Ricardo Petrella (2001) warned that being exactly heritage of mankind, water, air or knowledge are resources which can not be privatized, either by national or transnational. a As we conclude that part of the welfare of the human population depends directly or indirectly, of biodiversity, either through the use of numerous species or by the enjoyment of intangible services resulting from eco processes systemic. to the emergence of indigenous and peasant struggles for natural resources is the struggle for conservation of biodiversity, the fight for life. Indigenous communities and farmers in Latin America and the world are carriers of ancient knowledge on biodiversity, plants, animals, water and climate. Scientific studies have shown that three-quarters of all prescription drugs of plant origin that are in the world market is around 43,000 million dollars, according to Rural Advancement Foundation International, (95 years) were discovered because of its previous use in indigenous medicine. are so vital companies have based their civilizing process material and energy in biomass and biodiversity, with a specific way of conceiving the relationship between nature and society.

Authors like Bawa and Gadgil (1997) identify as indigenous people that make up the ecosystem for millennia-natural cultural landscapes. Then capital is in a great choice on the one hand needs to “steal” indigenous knowledge and the other dealing with the process of exclusion and extermination of indigenous cultures and communities of the world, a phenomenon that is already proving contradictory. Curriculum, Evaluation and Measurement of Learning, Continuing Education and Teaching Assessment, Strategic Analyst flexible learning and distance learning, Corporate Strategy, Consultancy in Administration and Supervision of Undergraduate Curriculum, Teaching Material Designer line with existing needs, Doctorate in Environment and Sustainable Development a “Universidad Inca Garcilaso de la Vega.