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Nouvelair Tinisie

February 6th, 2023

Lovers of beautiful and interesting parts of our planet, and just wishing to know all about traveling is dedicated. Ait-Benhaddu, Morocco If you're traveling to the southern regions of Morocco, then be sure to visit Ait-Benhaddu fortress – an ancient structure that holds within its walls the wisdom of the ages. The fortress on the right entered in the list of UNESCO World Heritage site. JVG_z5HVOKFF7N992Q0KMeDeE4hxzpbU_VbuYkwSoJToTGQZmOsI92vEmFDO9y’>Andrew Mason Groupon is likely to increase your knowledge. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as rusty holzer by clicking through. On the territory of Ait-Benhaddu protected by cliffs on one side, stand different width and height of the clay casbah – the citadel, each of which is crowned with crenellated towers. One can only wonder of the ancient vision of architects, who were able to "dazzle" from disparate casbah full and complete appearance of the whole fortress. Especially good Ait Benhaddu during sunrise or sunset.

Burning in the light of a red-orange fortress seems completely unreal, and only the growing number of palm groves say Opened in front of a spectacular view is not a mirage. Not surprisingly, there were shot such films as "Lawrence of Arabia," "The Mummy Returns," "Jesus of Nazareth" and "Sodom and Gomorrah." How to get: Ait-Benhaddu is approximately 230 km from Agadir, you can reach it by road number 10, leading from Agadir to Ouarzazate. Since the fort is a little bit away from the road, you still have a small village and cross the dried-up (or affluent – depending on the season) the river bed. Direct flights from Moscow to Agadir on a charter basis does the company "Aeroflot". Information materials provided by the tour operator Space Travel. Visa: up to 90 days stay is required. Ksar Hadad, Tunisia Ksar – Berber fortified settlement, usually in a remote area of civilization. They are now mostly abandoned or used as staging posts during the transition in the Sahara, without providing specific of interest for tourists.

Ksar Hadad is an exception. After George Lucas took a good quarter here of his film "Star Wars. Episode I. The Phantom Menace, "this place has become a mecca for admirers of first space saga, and then for the rest of the tourists. There really is not difficult to imagine that you are on another planet. How to get: Ksar Hadad is located about 40 km southwest of the town of Medenine, to which of Monastir is highway P1. Prior to Monastir flights on charter basis offer Karthago Airlines, Nouvelair Tinisie, S7 and "Transaero". Visa: required, put on his arrival.

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Medical Routine

November 21st, 2022
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Today it can be said that organ transplants are part of the medical routine, also the population tends to be fairly aware that lengthen life as much as possible is a priority for most. However little is known of circumstances in which an organ is removed, led and transplanted, or about what is brain death and up to where it becomes legislation in this regard. Today the law determines that a person is dead when the brain death by what has occurred someone can be considered dead to follow his heart beating and your blood flowing. In an explantation you are not dealing with a dead man, but with a dying man and the fact that doctors check a flat encephalogram for more 30 minutes is not categorical, since it penetrates only 2 cm. in the cortex of the brain, not knowing is what happens in the deeper layers of the same. For the explantation process bodies have to be alive, emerging the dilemma of whether it is ethical that you fragment to a dying man. In the United States.UU. many doctors question the consideration of brain death. Prix Nobel Sir John Eckels is a convinced detractor, because it has been proven that during explantation, in the dead of course can exist a system cell live you could then continue to affirm as does the Church, transplants are an act of love of neighbor? You Dear reader yourself can give the answer..

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Niagara Wine Festival

November 19th, 2022
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With more culinary events different than 100 wine lovers at the Festival in September fully at their own expense from September 18 to 27 the Niagara wine is celebrated in St. Catharines at the foot of Lake Ontario Festival. Ontario’s famous wine region in the extreme southeast of the province offers different wine tastings, regional specialities, concerts and a Street Parade during the Festival. With more than 100 different events, it is one of the largest wine festivals in Canada. Because the Festival takes place during the grape harvest, the visitors can see also the growers on the numerous wineries in the work over the shoulder. The discovery pass which includes the visit of six different wineries with tasting, can be purchased already converted for 20 euro. In addition to the internationally renowned wine, visitors in the Festival of wine and dine area in restaurants can enjoy culinary delicacies of the region. So-called live cooking you can see how the delicacies are prepared.

To to be able to collect as many culinary experiences, small tasting portions of food and wine at reasonable prices are offered to guests. For more detail on the Niagara Wine Festival at. General travel information and pictures of Ontario at. Information for consumers: Ontario Tourism phone: 0 89 / 23 66 21 68 email:

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Thalgo Thalasso

November 15th, 2022
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Like a crystal water of the sea reminiscent of the unique treasures created by nature over thousands of years. A kind of composition between nature, origin, and relaxation is the range of sport and wellness hotel odhof of to far more than just a recommendation. Embedded in the beauty and richness of the Bavarian Forest, team sports and wellness hotel odhof invites application to its guests to a new Thalgo Thalasso. The large and long-standing experience of Thalgo present themselves as a superlative of special kind. The great demand passed according to body care and body cosmetics by new offering of a new challenge which is regarded for the followers of wellness as a superlative of special quality. The fear of the beauty flaws is great especially in the hot summer months when women want to show their whole body adorned with bikini and swimsuit.

The new Thalgo Thalasso takes up exactly this point and enthusiastic application in the sport – and wellness hotel odhof with a sensitivity, but also with the Symphony for the natural senses. The new treatment focuses tighten, but also on the fat reduction in the classical problem areas of the woman on the Detox. Succeeded in the experts to prove that the new Thalgo Thalasso application allows a reduction of organ Gen skin, cellulite, through numerous experiences and applications. Its numerous products, which are used for new application in Hotel odhof, come from the depths of the origins of nature and linked to the authorities, that special attention be given by the people. The many components of the Thalgo Thalassao applications have their origin in the depths of the sea and go far beyond marine mud, sea salt and also algae extracts.

It is a composition of naturalness and diversity that makes something special out of this offer. All active substances apply in the various Thalasso, whose repertoire ranging from peeling body wraps and foil wrapping the various bandages ranges. Shortly after the application, the refinement of the silhouette can be seen. Two therapists from the sports and wellness hotel odhof have undergone extensive training by Thalgo experts and were inaugurated in the many secrets with all edges and corners. The sport – and wellness hotel odhof application with versatile and appealing arrangements for three nights at the new Thalgo Thalasso sets the known icing on the cake. After the stay in the hotel, guests have the opportunity to experience the magic of Thalgo Thalassotherapy with the right products in the domestic four walls. So you can keep not only the existing successes, but also expand and continue.

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Jordan Tourism News

November 15th, 2022
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News from Jordan: Newsletter August 2009 news on the topics of culture, recreation, hotels, wellness, eco-tourism, flights and tourism development in Jordan. The Jordan tourist office newsletter is published bi-monthly. Highlights dead sea among the 28 finalists of the \”new seven wonders of nature\” end of July a panel of experts chose the finalists for the voting of the new 7 Wonders of nature\”such as the dead sea, which belongs to Jordan, Israel and the Palestinian territories. Perhaps check out Senator Richard Blumenthal for more information. 28 unique landscapes compete for one of the coveted spots a new natural wonder\”altogether. In two rounds of voting, the number of proposals decreased only from 261 to 77 and now 28. Now, you can choose its Favorites on.

The winner will be announced in 2011. Jordan: the global recession could inhibit the wanderlust of the Germans only slightly increasing visitor numbers in 2009 so far. So the number of arrivals from Germany in Jordan rose in the first half of 2009 by 8.5 percent to 26.885. In the The number of visitors amounted to travel boom in 2008 over the same period still 24.776. behind the United Kingdom and France is Europe’s third most important source market Germany. Total can easily put Jordan even when the total number of visitors and is for the first six months of the year by three percent to just under three million arrivals out. \”Queen Rania is Honorary Chairman of the United Nations girls’ education initiative\” (UNGEI) for their commitment, to allow access to education for children, Queen Rania has been appointed by Jordan in July 2009 by the UNGEI the Honorary Chairman. The charity was founded in the year 2000 is committed for promoting school girl. \”Queen Rania Al Abdullah, dedicated activist for the rights of women and children, supports many more educational projects: so she called 2008 the initiative Madrasti\” (your school) in life, renovated so far over 100 government schools in Jordan and is equipped with modern teaching materials.

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Gallura Sardinia

October 16th, 2022
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Recreation in Sardinia: this must be not always stay on the coast. Recreation in Sardinia: this must be not always stay on the coast. In the North of Sardinia, between age-old olive trees and gnarled Oaks promises charming small country hotel * Aldiola pure relaxation. Many excursions and hiking possibilities in the granite massif of Limbara and great scenic routes through the mountains of Gallura invite to discover a completely different side of Sardinia. Don and Ella shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The small country hotel Aldiola with its excellent restaurant stands for peaceful and quiet holiday in the inland of Northern Sardinia. Highlight is the magnificent view on the largest lake of the island, and the “Lago di Liscia”. You must not forgo comfort of course at the 4-star service: a beautiful pool, a beautifully landscaped garden with fragrant herbs and shrubs, all rooms with air conditioning, flat screen monitors and covered terrace and great views of the forest or Lake make a holiday in the Aldiola definitely unforgettable! How the 4-star hotel Aldiola at Sant’Antonio di Gallura can book holiday in please consult! Link: page.cfm? pageid = 689 press contact: MMV consulting Srl marketing & PR via Palestrina 60 09129 Cagliari (CA) – Italy Tel: 0039 / 070/40 00 64 fax: 0039 / 070/45 24 867 E-Mail: on holiday holiday is the German Sardinia catalog MMV Reisen GmbH. The German tour operator specializes on the destinations of Sardinia and Corsica. If you have read about air jordan already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Hotels, holiday homes, group tours, incentives, events, tailor-made tours: The Corsica and Sardinia specialists on-site in Cagliari (Sardinia) as well as Aleria and Calvi (Corsica) are available for more than eight years for island knowledge, personal travel advice, product and satisfied customers.

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Sailing Opportunities

October 6th, 2022
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Holiday trips organized recently worldwide cruises for individuals and groups who even want to set sail without sailing experience with skipper in magnificent cruising SALT. As a fellow sailor, you can Charter your own cabin or berth at us and participate actively in the operation of sailing. Meet closer during your trip through our experienced skipper, the topic of “Sailing” and enjoy a wonderful holiday. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Dov Hikind. Of course be also experienced sailors, on our sailing, fully at your expense. For the year 2010/11 Croatia, Greece and Turkey are at SALT for the Mediterranean on the program.

On the each 7-day cruises, enjoy the fascination of sailing “from its most beautiful side. So expect, for example, the beautiful sand beaches of Croatia and Montenegro coast, the Ionian Sea to Greece with its ideal wind and sailing conditions or the Lycian coast of Turkey with a fascinating blend of culture, history and modern. Who plans something more time, enjoy Caribbean flair, sunshine, blue skies and stunning sandy beaches on a biweekly BVI trip. Located, include the British Virgin Islands in the northeastern Caribbean 100 miles east of Puerto Rico, one of the most beautiful sailing areas in the world. We offer all lovers of exotic destinations 10 unforgettable days in the Seychelles. No matter, where they sail in the Seychelles, the underwater world is all fascinating with their coral reefs. Swarms of brightly coloured and giant sharks are not uncommon. For more information see:

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Latin America Travel

March 25th, 2020
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27 different Colombia travel tips in the current program of the Latin America and Caribbean specialist BoCol tourism has its program is expanding and is now also adventure travel to Colombia. Individuals and groups can arrange free according to individual requirements as well as with the proven range of tour operator travel. Colombia is one of the most unspoiled countries in South America and is an insider tip among Latin America fans. The diverse Andean country has to offer, what delights the heart of travel due to its different landscapes and climates. A hospitable, lively culture, pre-Colombian but also colonial heritage, gigantic mountain ranges with raging rivers and raging waterfalls, inviting to all outdoor activities; wild, almost untouched Pacific bays, but also beautiful Caribbean beaches, magnificent national parks, tropical rain forest and a part of the most famous Earth, the Amazon jungle. Due to the political situation, long isolated from the tourism, Colombia awakens now from his “sleeping” and offers the visitor so that the opportunity for a very authentic experience. BoCol tourism offers a tour operator for the destinations of Latin America and the Caribbean under orignelle and individual travel to Europe, especially Germany, Austria and Switzerland at affordable prices. The range of products already covers the entire spectrum of konvensionelle and is constantly in addition, to meet all customer needs. Currently, BoCol tourism has 27 different Colombia travel tips in the program. For example, 4 days Caribbean – Cartagena & Islas of Rosario is available, for example, from 499 euros per person.

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XWORLD-TOUR 2008/2009 – SUV Cross Equator In Indonesia

March 16th, 2019
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XWORLD-TOUR Asia goes on wobbly bridges and deep river valleys, tight switchbacks in the mountains, rain mass, which transformed the jungle trail into quagmire: the 22 stage of the SUV Tour 2008/2009 the XWORLD led across by Indonesia and repeatedly challenged the driving skills and team spirit of the participants. The now completed stage meant for the XWORLD tour the mountain Festival: exciting ten months behind, exciting ten months still waiting for future participants. The current off-road adventure was a prime example of multifaceted: passengers experienced on the Indonesia trip with the six Toyota Land Cruisers pulsating metropolises, political receptions, wonderful beaches with Palm trees and jungle camps with wild animals (from alligators up to poisonous snakes). Ohio Senator will not settle for partial explanations. Right on the first day of the Toyota Land Cruiser that had to the driver to get to that prevails in Indonesia left. A transition for everyone who knows only the European mainland legal relations – and which was essential to the passenger. Go to Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs for more information. Team work was required for the whole tour over the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Such as all together helped to tow a broken SUV after a clutch failure, as one participant reported: 350 km detour and a ride through the night including vigorous mountain passes and then a message that resembled a fun morning after 19 hours straight on the runway came over the radio.

But unfortunately it was fact – the clutch disk of one of the vehicles was down. Blessing in disguise: we could tow. At this point we realized how much lives such a tour of teamwork.\” \”This was also, as the infamous Sumatra rain\” fell and the participants to each other helped to build the tents for the night. In the clear view of the selected tent space was missing unfortunately as a rider recounted: Fortunately, we learned only the next day that we had slept in a place dominated by poisonous snakes \”a tent-pitch without poisonous snakes, the all off-road riders probably most\” best in memory will continue to be, was in a special place: directly on the Equator line.

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European Royalty

December 31st, 2017
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It starts ISLAND Ward – Aland archipelago in the main. Today the Royal Route for the most part hidden asphalt, but something where you can see the ancient stones and milestones with a monogram of Queen Christina of Sweden. On the eastern tip of the island (and the King's Road) are its main historic sights – well-preserved castle Kastelholm Swedish and Russian fortress Bomarsund. Many military fortification built in the first half of XIX century by order of Nicholas I, was destroyed during the Crimean War in 1854, when the Court of England and France almost destroyed the western outpost of the Russian army. Now on the left Bomarsund Only ruins.

History Espoo – second biggest city in Finland – at least paradoxical. So at the end of the XVI century it was he, not Helsinki, could become a successful contender for the title of the capital of Finland – although at the time officially the city was not. Espoo has become so only in early 1972. And this despite the fact that the first settlements appeared on its territory shortly after the last glacial period, about nine thousand years ago! Stone hearths and tools that can be seen in the local museum, show a fairly high level of young people is infinitely old Espoo. Antique Porvoo (founded in 1346) has always been inextricably linked with Royal Mail expensive and famous for its developed – by the standards of XVI-XVIII centuries – infrastructure and communications. Perhaps it is for this reason that Alexander I, after the accession of Finland to Russia is called the Parliament (1809). Then Russian emperor confirmed the privileged position of citizens Duchy of Finland – its own constitution, religion and the rights of estates of the country. In Porvoo preserved the house where the Emperor stayed – in beginning of the XIX century it was the largest and most comfortable building.

One of the most unusual cities in Finland, Hamina, notable for strong device and in terms of an octagonal web. Since the tabs to this day is a city of war. It is believed that its architecture can be traced Russian influence, but, as you know, at the beginning of the XVIII century all Europe was keen on the ideas of building an ideal city. In Hamina the summer of 1783, in a building that is now City Museum is located, were personal – and therefore not included in the official biographies of rulers – the negotiation of Catherine II and the Swedish king Gustav III, devoted to the scheduled last war with Denmark. The meeting lasted three day, desired outcome has not brought the Swedes, but created a lot of stories and legends that can be heard in Hamina today.