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The Advantages

June 8th, 2011

It should be noted that the mechanism of the device removal of moisture affects another, and angle of the roof, is considered the best 20-250. If you flatter roof to change the structure of the roof of cake (to think of additional drainage and drainage). If the roof is steep, then there risk of slipping into the soil during the rains and snow melt. In this case, the device roofing pie, too, requires changes (additions) – instead of lot better to use turf. In the normal slope of the roof as topcoat, you can use regular ground. Her stamps in packing and then loosen the already directly before sowing seeds.

Topsoil in Norway for the device green roofs used pallets from the torfogrunta that are placed on a prepared base. For landscaping use the most ordinary grass. Or that occurs more frequently admired the fact that the rise itself. Therefore, the roof on the Norwegian homes, often, "shaggy" "Wrong", but very colorful. Our same landowners like the right shape, smooth corners, so the roof is most often possible to see manicured lawns. What are the advantages of green roofs? First of all, it is beautiful.

But apart from the aesthetic appeal of such a roof has a lot of other advantages: environmentally friendly, not a fire risk, reduces background noise, eliminates heat roofing materials and helps create a home more favorable climate. And most importantly its advantage is that it minimizes the negative effects of shrinkage of log cabins. Shrinkage occurs due to shrinkage of logs (in log diameter is reduced by 4-7%), and due to their cracking, and this process lasts from one to two years. To frame a good standing, the shrinkage is predictable and held in the shortest time, the roof should be heavy. Earthen roof of the heaviest of all currently used: one square meter of wet turf can weigh from 100 to 300 kg depending on its thickness. Green roofs will not require repair as many years as will provide waterproofing – some manufacturers offer a guarantee on its products already up to 50 years. If you decide to do this arrangement of the roof, remember that the credibility of this work can only be professional and in no case can save on the quality of materials used.


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