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The Children

June 23rd, 2013

From physical education. To charge of active special, collaborator Professor of the project. From music education * charge of active special, collaborator Professor of the project. From art education. * Plastic and visual art: the image in the bidimension as a tool of expression and communication (using records of data, signs, etc.) * three-dimensional techniques (scarecrow armed) * development of perception, recognition and selection of shapes, textures and flavors. Image reconstruction through the evocation.

* Appreciation of referents contextual: reading of simple images, expressed and communicated messages recognitions. From educational technology: * relation with the environment: action techniques and effects in the natural and social environment (target of) the garbage that we withdraw, origin of the water used in irrigation, origin of the seeds used) * inputs of production: tools, how they are used in the family environment. Implementation of security measures for its use. * Transformation processes of material: (showers confection) form of substances: mixture of Earth with manure. * Simple construction: delimited seedlings. * Modes of production: description of the subject to use (seeds or seedlings), performance of various roles, reconstruction of the process (by linguistic and graphic media).

OBJECTIVES find multiple possibilities in the surrounding environment to kindergarten. Compromising and interested families to perform in their own home a huerta understand the importance and risk of the use of preservatives, doubtful irrigation, etc. Know and systematically integrate cycles, processes, dynamics of natural phenomena and relationships between the elements that compose the system without having to consider situations artificial problems. Previous activities: Through a notebook of anecdotes and research (mode of the teacher’s work) jointly with the family of the children where translated: ideas, experiences, research, special tasks, graphic material, personal productions, photos and what each activity requires. In this project you will be within families, as planned, hoping the collaboration active of them, suggestions for practice, homemade tips and the commitment to implement in their homes as important venture.

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