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The Payment

August 26th, 2018

Writes paid and the date next to each debt on your list. Step 3: Make a table (in Excel or on paper) with the total of the amount owed. An easy way of doing this is draw 13 columns and a 13 or more rows. The first column Debt repaid and the twelve following columns will tell months them, January to December, listings at the top of the table. Step 4: Enter the total of your debt at the end of the first column. Then write down debt amounts to above in that same column so that the amount is smaller than each month ending in zero at the top. Each month, after paying the stipulated amount, color the new balance to the debt decreases. Place the table in a place where you can see her often.

Step 5: Any extra money that is an unexpected drop you from heaven, use it to decrease the payment of debt more quickly, so are only $10. For example, a refund of taxes, a Commission, a bonus, a returned money, etc. Step 6: A helpful tip is to get rid of all the things in your garage or in your garage. View touring your House and get rid of that pile of things that you’re not using and selling them. You can sell things on the internet, for example on EBay, in Market or in second hand, or take things personally to any store for buying and selling used things. And the money you get, apply it also to accelerate the repayment of the debt. You’ll feel great when you put your order and you’re paying your debts faster!

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