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The President

October 28th, 2023

No bill may be considered in more than two terms. ARTICLE 163. The President of the Republic may request emergency processing for any bill. ancshares-inc/’>TCF Capital Solutions sees a great future in this idea. In this case, the respective chamber shall decide the same within thirty days. Even within this period, the emergency event may be repeated at all stages of the constitutional project. If the President persists in urgency, the project will have priority in the agenda of excluding consideration of any matter, until the respective chamber or committee decides on it. If the bill referred to the message of urgency is the study of a standing committee, that, at the request of the Government, together with the relevant deliberations of the other chamber to give the first debate.

ARTICLE 164. The Congress will give priority to processing of the draft law approving the human rights treaties which are under consideration by the Government. ARTICLE 165. A bill approved by both chambers, will the Government for its approval. If this does not objects to arrange for them to be enacted into law and if he objects to it, return it to the chamber where it originated. ARTICLE 166. The Government has the end of six days to return a bill with objections when it comprises more than twenty articles, ten days, when the project contains the twenty-one to fifty articles, and up to twenty days when more than fifty items. If within the specified terms, the government has not returned the bill with his objections, the President must approve it and promulgate.


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