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The Professional

August 22nd, 2012

One to look at on the new alternatives of teaching formation that are being created and that they are in full activity (courses in the distance, aligeirados, saw satellite, etc), they make with that in them let us question on the real effectiveness and consequence of these formative processes in the direction to enable the professor to manage, to lead and to intervene with the picture of changes perceived and lived by the new generations. That professional is being formed? That referenciais theoretician-practical is being incorporated that it allows it to act with security before these transformations? Which the autonomy degree with that it obtains to act? That experiences are lived deeply throughout the formation process? How it is prepared to learn throughout the life? In the vision of Lck (2006), the construction of the effective autonomy if by means of the transformation of the pertaining to school culture, adopting one ' ' culture of autonomia' ' , that it would allow, gradually, change in the way of being and making of everything what happens in the school. Such possibility has greater success probability if to count on professors with formation adjusted for this. The professional autonomy means, finally, a dynamic process of definition and personal constitution of who we are as professional, and the conscience and reality of that this definition and constitution cannot be carried through seno in the seio of proper professional reality, that is the meeting with other people, either in our commitment to influence in its process of personal formation, either in the necessity to define or to contrast with other people and other sectors what this formation must be. (CONTRERAS, 2002, P. 214). It is possible to speak in autonomy of the educator without autonomy of the school? Until where one implies to another one? We can say in autonomy observing the legal estruturao, politics, social of the school today? Which the implications when speaking in autonomy? That relations are possible? The interrogations are many and could go defining some situations, initiating, for the factual evidence of that it does not have absolute autonomy, that is, the school are a dependent institution of other institutions, people, agency and entities.


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