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May 8th, 2018

The Organization of the United Nations has also addressed the topic together with the multilateral financial agencies coming to the conclusion that is a need for State to establish national observatories, that better decisions can be taken and objective counting with credible and reliable data. The Attorney-General announced on October 21, a report that establishes ten crimes most incurred in our country in the period from January to July of the current year, where it is observed that the violation of Law 241 and its amendments there are only 2 settled throughout the national territoryrepresenting 0% of the total number of cases recorded in the country. Evidence garrafal failure when comparing data from the metropolitan authority of transport – AMET – with the Attorney General. A previous publication Unveils large amounts collected by concept of offences exceeding hundreds of millions of pesos per year, to light involve violations are called 241 law and its amendments. In the first 7 months of the 2010 registered more than 229,000 the traffic law violations. What concludes the first place among the crimes most prevalent in our country has to do with road safety.

These and other reasons not stated, do us recommend that the road insecurity in the Dominican Republic be declared of national interest; make road safety efforts by political will leading to the creation of a governing body that develop, coordinate and give follow-up to public policies on road safety specifically, whose objective is the minimize of traffic accidents, the number of fatalities and injuries in the national road network based on information of a National Observatory on data, according to the plans of the United Nations called a decade of action for road safety, consisting of drastically reduce violence on roads through national, regional and global programmes implemented until 2020. Finally, to Dominican Republic It is inserted to United Nations road safety plans including the issue in the National Development Plan it is about to be discussed publicly. Eng. Mario Holguinpresidente Ejecutivofundacion network of the dignity FundReD-Rep. Dominicana.


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