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To Be Or Not To Be, Here It Is The Question

July 19th, 2012

Here between us, this secular pearl of the theater does not seem current very, mainly at the time of Elections? It is one such of who is to say that not; who is not to find that it is; who people I fear certainty that will be, finishes not being; who nor we imagined that it would be, is. Before somebody thinks besteira already we go advancing that we are speaking in being candidate. But the guilt is not properly of many of the candidates. It is that the electoral rules change as much that in an election can a thing, in the other cannot It has moment where it is allowed to disclose who is candidate. In another one, the press has that ‘ ‘ esclarecer’ ‘ to the voter who someone can be candidate the daily pay-candidate of previous of candidacy and, in case that it has accepted the mission and its coreligionists agree, then virtual one indicated will think will be itself candidate But everything this if decides three months before the Elections, then the Campaign starts exactly and unhappyly good part (but of bad politicians) of the litigants leaves to show ideas and proposals (or they have nor them) and part for you would lower, personal attacks and ‘ ‘ denuncismos’ ‘ , things that in swim help the democracy. Until more than the candidates, us voters we are the main personages in any direct free election and. Each vote is a vote.

It is with it that we can make the difference on who will conduct our lives per four years, in the case of the Presidency, the Governments of States, the State legislatures (State deputies), of the Federal Chamber (Representatives) and eight years, in the case of the Federal Senate. It is very important then that let us make multicriteria analysis for not leaving itself to make an impression for ‘ ‘ disse’ said me; ‘ , that someone is more experienced than cicrano, that this or type of position is not for woman or for who did not concur in an election. It is as much bobagem that one hears, that normally never is gone to most important: The person is ethical? Honest? Idoneous? competent? If it did not have experience in ballot boxes showed ability in other activities? If it had experience in ballot boxes translated the experience in good fruits or what it was to be resume turned ‘ ‘ fiche corrida’ ‘? These yes, I believe, to be questions more pertinent than ‘ ‘ bl, bl, bls’ ‘ , as not ‘ ‘ perco’ ‘ my vote; vote will only be certain that it goes to earn; I go to annul; I go to forbear; vote only based on research, etc The ballot box is not a so solitary moment, is we, God and our conscience and in it we must show plus our diligent vocations.


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