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Turkish President Abdullah Gul

May 6th, 2014

Where is Turkey, and where it can turn together with the countries themselves, one way or another connected with it, whether in matters of regional or global politics? This question becomes relevant again after starting last week of November 2009, almost the entire country is creeping Kurdish rebellion, has already received a number of global media the name of "Kurdish intifada" – a reference peaceful uprisings against the occupation of the Palestinian Arabs Israel. What does this all relate to the Transcaucasus, the entire Caucasus region? Exploring Kurdish sources, it appears that is not the last. And in all these conversations and analytical reasoning, and attempts to forecast frankly amateurish predictions and finds a place subject thwarted by the Turkish authorities, and even more still coming military coup in this country. Which, of course, must rely on external support – Guess with three times, helping the revolutionaries of this country which is mainly concerned. Apparently, in the wave of arrests of participants of the "Kurdish Intifada" and the number of leaders of the pro-Kurdish Democratic Society Party (DTP) that the Turkish government launched after the issuance by the Constitutional Court's verdict on the prohibition and dissolution of the PDO (December 11), something has gone unnoticed for the vast majority of world opinion. In Anyway, Turkish President Abdullah Gul, as the Turkish journalists channel CNN Turk, asked during his intvervyu question about the threat of revolution and eventual ownership of the number of senior military officials, were good reason to talk about this topic.

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