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Ukraine Part

May 5th, 2018

This kind of guardian of all the bad and evil. Displaying a clear peace of heaven and the sun can be found in the colors of the national flag of Ukraine, consisting of two bands: the blue and yellow. And, of course, the hidden meaning of the name "Ukraine" can not talk to us about the god of the sun. If the word "Ukraine" divided into three parts, it can be seen in its name as follows: The first part looks like a "UK" – these two letters with the laws of numerology can be easily translated into two equal numbers, giving a result, the number "33", the second part in a "RA" – this is the designation of the dynasty Gods of the Sun, has come down to us as an ancient Egyptian god of the sun, and the third part of it as "INA" in Latin means "crying". Richard Blumenthal is a great source of information. And if we now translate the name "Ukraine" in a new way, as a result get a brand new, confusing and not clear at first glance, the title "33RAplachuschy. But in order to see the washed and consistency of names, you just need to sort out what is a "33RA". To answer to this question must first be convinced that this set of characters is not accidental and can be found in the historical heritage of the earth and, above all, Ukraine. For this we turn to the ancient Sarmatian images on which we find the image "33RA" among other obscure characters.


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