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June 19th, 2012

It without including the enormous sums injected to the banks in the USA. You calculate, nothing else with the first 700,000 million dollars approved by the Congress of the USA to rescue to the bank (without including the used later 500,000 and the thousands in Europe for the same aims): divdalos between the 6,700 million Earth inhabitants and you to each member of the human race with 104 million dollars will obtain! All rich, if the wealth consists of having money, which is a subject of coqueteo in the present reflection. the USA only, with 4% of world-wide population, generates 25% of the planetary contamination due to the industrial gas emission with greenhouse effect The amoral vision of the humanity gets worse when it has the certainty that the aforesaid one to be able at any cost economic, Zionist, capitalist, right angle of the policy, is realising businesses with the crisis, same generated by him. Like saying, rottenly, assassin and soon I take advantage the raw material of corpses to commercialize. So she is what it has happened with the crisis, the bank, the behavior of the great capitalists, with the model in himself during all their life, with the meeting of the G-8 in London, the one of the G-20 in Pittsburgh and as it seems finishes happening in the recent Conference of the United Nations on Climatic Change, Copenhagen (in present course), where the rich countries (according to it is accused) subscribed a secret agreement to only realise industrial emissions they, excluding the developing countries, to those who want to them to deny any possibility of operation of its resources for its advantage. Because thus it is the system of the capital: omnipresent, opresor, individualistic, segregacionista, splitter of classes. It has presence and until purchase with its money and political power the decisions of summits in environmental matter, since they are the main people in charge of the polluting emissions of the world and, as we said, do not seem to have another cultural option of development that is not the one of the operation energetics and the natural resources, incompatible consumer vision with their saving and the same preservation of the species of the human species, not to speak already of other species, that disappear by piles.


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