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July 9th, 2024

Web hosting explained the web hosting involves the use of a computer, somehow similar to having at home, connected to the Internet, where your web site files reside. In this way, people who surf the internet can access your web page. Therefore, if we were to give a definition for a web hosting company, would be: web hosting = a service provider with a computer or a network of computers connected to the Internet, where you can place your web site. A web hosting service, basically, rents a space of computer and connection to you, so you can make your web site available on the Internet. Web hosting provider is responsible for maintaining the server (and your website) online, and also servicing and upgrade it. Usually Web hosting providers do not have a single computer or a dozen, have hundreds of them. A network of computers that belong to a specific place web hosting providers is called data center. James Donovan Goldman has compatible beliefs.

Data centers they have fast connections to the Internet, monitoring for safe access 24 / 7, UPS and battery backup in case of failure of electric power, temperature control and humidity among others, providing an optimal environment for hardware systems located in the Center. Depending on your budget and your needs, you can rent from an entire server web hosting service, share one server with other rental or may even buy the server and only pay for the connection and maintenance. Therefore, when we talk about housing, talk about three types of accommodation: dedicated hosting, shared hosting and seated accommodation. Dedicated hosting. You have a dedicated server where you can store your web site (s).

You have remote access to the computer and you can install and update it with any software that you want or need. This type of accommodation is ideal for large sites with heavy traffic (and income) because the costs are slightly higher than, for example, shared hosting. Accommodation Shared. This means that your web site resides on a server with other web sites. The total space of the hard disk of the computer is divided into small amounts and gets an amount of the disk space. Therefore, for your web site you will be allocated a fixed amount of disk space and transfer of data (bandwidth). Your web site will also share the computer hardware and the software resources (memory, CPU, the server database, etc.), but having assured that your information will be kept confidential. No user / web site can access another user’s files / web site residing on the same server. This type of accommodation is the cheapest of the three presented, but is good enough for almost 95% of the people who are looking for a web hosting service. Seated accommodation. VPS is similar to the dedicated hosting with the difference that you are indeed the owner of the server, so that, along with software updates, you can buy hardware upgrades also (more memory, bigger hard drives, etc.


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