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January 20th, 2013

Second, to love to the next one as we love we ourselves, including our enemies. God did not say you to love to the next one as you love proper It so that you did not commit the sin of the idolatria, but said so that you knead to the next one as you love to you yourselves, to prevent the egoism, to keep justice between the men and to promote emotional and social adjustments. The great newness is that God always takes the initiative to love you and me, although our errors and weaknesses. ‘ ‘ love we It because It in them loved primeiro’ ‘. I Joao.4: 19 the Bible all treats a sacred romance, where it counts to a pretty history of love between a gotten passionate God and its rebellious fianc.

In this history it enters one third good-natured candidate, and tries steal-It the loved one. God loves this flaring woman, dressed in such a way of sun, the point to give the proper life for it. thus, is wounded, deceased, but ressucita and after that it makes a long trip in order to construct the pretty mansion where together they will go to live, and quickly promises to finish and to return to search it. However, while he is of trip, it he discovers that the fianc trai with that one another one? It cries, he pardons but it repetidamente he loves and it still more. History finishes when It comes back with thousand and thousand of godfathers.

The homesickness of the loved one is so great that a emotive meeting if of still in airs. Haunted, the other candidate is forced to attend to all the scene, and after that he is imprisoned for posterior destruction. The fiancs make a wonderful trip of seven days for the sidereal space until finally they arrive at a place of indescritvel beauty, never seen for human eyes. There they are recepcionados by a Being of high stature and radiating appearance, that softly goes leading them until arriving at a splendid ivory palace. There it is a magestoso white throne encircled by magnificent serafins and in it a more shining Being of what is seated the sun. Then, ahead of millions and millions of angels and witnesses comings of all the universe; to the triunfal touch of the spectacular celestial orchestra, the marriage is celebrated by the King of the universe, with a indizvel pomp. Finally, the fianc places a gold crown on the head of the fianc and together they live happy for the eternity. The Bible discloses as it will be the end of this history of love between God and the humanity. What the Bible does not disclose, and as sera the end of this history of love between God and you.


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