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Vladimir Mikhailovich Grineva

December 17th, 2011

Vladimir M. Greene was born January 1, 1959 in the village Zhilino Rossoshanskij district of Voronezh region. In 1981 he graduated from the Voronezh Agricultural Institute. Glinka, and in December 2001 – Voronezh Branch of the Russian Civil Service Academy under the RF President. In November 1991, Vladimir Grinev appointed head of the city administration and Rossosh Rossoshanskij area.

In 1995, 1999 and was elected head of 2003godah Local Government Area. In position as head of the municipal district and is working now. Since 2000. Annually, VM Grinev awarded with diplomas and memorable signs on the basis of economic competition between the workers of agriculture Voronezh region for increasing production efficiency and quality. In 2001, for services to education development in the region of Vladimir Rossoshanskij Grinev awarded the badge "Honorary Worker general education of the Russian Federation. " 2003 – Presidential Decree awarded the Medal of Merit in the conduct of national census. " In 2005 – by presidential decree awarded the Medal of the Order of Merit before Fatherland 'II degree.

In 2006, for his great contribution in building the Holy Temple in the city Iliinskogo Rossosh VM Grinev awarded the Order of the Russian Orthodox Church of St. Sergius of Radonezh III degree. During his stay, VM Grineva as head of local government in the area Rossoshanskij year witnessed a steady growth of industrial production. With the direct participation of VM Grineva actively carried out gasification area, a lot of attention is paid to improvement of the city and rural areas, is constantly growing stronger material – technical basis of the social sphere. At a higher level to raise the cultural and sports life Rossoshanskij area. Vladimir Grinev married. Wife – B. Hope. The couple raised three daughters Grinev. Rossosh Rossoshanskij area

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