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March 29th, 2019

Waits for the online platform immediately with a NEWS tool on what’s new in KiTa.de: online platform now waits with a NEWS tool for regular updates and news related to the topics of kindergartens, childcare, early childhood education and education can now get NEWS on under the navigation point. Thus, the fast-growing platform enriches its already comprehensive and user friendly offer for parents and educators with a new and informative service. Journalistically professionally implemented, all news on industry-related topics can be found now under this heading. Whether KiTa.de attacks law changes, health issues or conflicts of interest promptly and at short intervals industry vibrations and publicity foci of discussion of politics, medicine and education on editorially. Updated at regular intervals, can parents and educators in the NEWS now trivia and informative about the different content with the main topics of childcare and Find education – effective and free. The handling is very easy: by clicking on the navigation point NEWS one chronological immediately receives an overview of the latest reports. Excerpted text informs about the contents of the respective report.

Each news can feature Twitter subscribes to or about the famous Facebook like “button will be evaluated. A filtering helps readers by province to find out directly about news in their own region. Particularly well managed they are researched topics and specially guided interviews, which prepares independent, critical and informative editorial. KiTa.de thus creates a great transparency in an area of interest which has presented itself for parents and kindergartens as very cluttered. By the nationwide directory for creches, kindergartens and nursery schools succeeded the operators, Kristina Schwahlen and Axel Kuzmik, to implement a clear platform around the issue of child care.

The site is refreshingly user-friendly and convincingly effective KiTa.de. (A valuable related resource: Congressman Lee Zeldin). The portal serves as a guide through the nearly impenetrable jungle of information circulating so far around the search for a suitable child care facility on the Internet. Services like Kitaplatzsuche PLZ or detail filters, waiting list management, Stellenbordse and trivia from the industry and are just a few examples of the extensive services of for parents and educators.


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