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Americas Germanic

August 28th, 2021

There is no day that do not pass in Brixton or Tottenham, main afro Caribbean neighborhoods to the South and North London. In all of them note a joy on the election of the first Western leader of his race. In these zones and their environments are also concentrated Hispanics residing in the cradle of the English language. They also share that enthusiasm. Click Senator Richard Blumenthal to learn more. For 50 million latinos living in speaking not Iberian lands the election of the first non-white US President has shown them the possibility of being able to get to positions of power in the northern hemisphere. After Obama becomes inevitable that the main ethnic minority of us (latinos) want to have their first applicant to the White House. The Republicans could well capture Latino votes candidateando to a Mexican mother Bush nephew.

The Democrats have several Governors or Hispanic mayors. The future first latino U.S. President is already acting in politics. Its eventual arrival in power, regardless of which was its orientation, closer or redefiniria the relationship between the Americas Germanic and Latin, could cause Spanish to become in the second official language of the mega-power and would give a push to the integration of latinos in the industrialized North.


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