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August 25th, 2021

From there, the necessity urges of if to make an analysis of contributo of the performance that the Local Agencies of the State and other representations reach face the reform launched for the Government of Moambique in the year of 2001 wants in the fulfilment of the plans considered in electoral campaigns, wants in the enrolled plans in the respective budgets including the real and direct impact in the communities that in it are inserted. 1.4. Objecto of study In this research, constitutes objecto of study the contribution given for the Garbage Tax in the retraction effective process and garbage treatment in the communities (Avenues, Streets, quarters, etc.) in the MCN in the triennial of 2007-2009. 1.4.1. Problematizao Taking care of the concept of Prof. Frank Sousa on tax and the postulate in the CPCN as obligation of the CMCN, the reality sample that the tax of garbage charged to the townspeople does not correspond to the effective consideration the management of these in favor of the townspeople, since, verifies much garbage in some arteries (esquinas, streets, markets and in other spaces) of the City of the City of Nampula, that remains much time without being collected. It is in this order that the Author chose this subject to make a study on the impact the Garbage Tax, as Consigned Prescription, for the process of garbage retraction raising the following question: It will be that the Garbage Tax, that the townspeople with contract of supply of electric energy of the EDM when pay this tax, has given to some contributo for the process of garbage retraction in the City of City of Nampula? That is, where measured the Tax of Garbage charged only to the consumers of electric energy it contributes for the effective retraction of the garbage in the City?


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