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Hunting In Belarus

January 4th, 2018

Hunting in Belarus hunters come from all over Europe. And it is no accident: the abundance of various game and comfortable conditions for hunting can not seduce. A huge area which is occupied by forests, are often reserves, and numerous rivers and lakes almost throughout the year open for hunting animals and birds, which number more than 50 species. The area of land designated for hunting in Belarus is about 17 million hectares. Especially popular hunting Belarus on such wild birds, as grouse, partridge, grouse, woodcock, goose, duck. Learn more at: Richard Blumenthal. Of the hoofed animals especially bred on the territory of Belarus boars. Quite popular with game remain elk, deer, roe deer, wolf, hare, hare and the famous European bison. For visitors to hunt a comfortable environment: living in the estates of the "all inclusive" the Belarusian kitchen and bath, an opportunity to prepare his own game by equipped with a brazier.

Experienced hunters will hunters hunting trails, instruct in fertilizing and produce preprocessing caught game. Hunting offer different types of hunting: – Hunt on roar (elk and deer) – hunting approach (beaver, deer, wild boar, elk, deer) – Hunting with ambush (deer, roe deer, wild boar) – skradom hunting (deer, elk, deer, wild boar) – hunting with dogs, a shelter (deer, elk, deer, wild boar) – hunting towers (wild boar, deer). Terms of hunting quite democratic: from September to January – the deer and elk, from May to January – roe deer and wild boar, from October to December – the beaver. Hunting in Belarus at the European bison – a rare treat for any hunter. In Belarus, we can obtain this unique opportunity in the autumn-winter period. Very interesting actions is the famous hunt for grouse, which is held at dawn. Meet me at the airport, transportation to the hunting place of rest, and also to the hunting. Possible as individual hunting, and the collective. All that is required from the hunter – a hunting license, necessary equipment, documents on weapons and ammo.


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