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Public Security

January 11th, 2018

The limits of the managers of Public Security. For Joo the construction of this work Hisses became possible, by means of one ' ' conversa' ' with Luiz Eduardo To sound? for intermediary of its book: My Coat of General: five hundred days in front of the Public Security of the State of Rio De Janeiro (Ed. Continue to learn more with: Connecticut Senator. Cia. of Letters, 2000) – it made possible that me to sail for submundo of the dispute of being able that if of the one in the institutions that the Secretariat of Public Security of the State of Rio De Janeiro composes. It was possible also to notice that the action difficulties, are not on the question of the lack of arrive in port financial, but if they constitute in the relationary, interpersonal difficulty, collective e, over all, in the fights politics and of being able of the institutions compose that it.

Luiz Eduardo leaves clearly how much he has of resistncias to the change, when he says that he would be romantic and ilusrio to consider possible to transform spirit, values and culture in few years. What … can and must make is to change behaviors. (P.: 93), and complete saying that the message that we desired to transmit age simple: the policy has of saying the two languages, making them compatible between itself. The language of the human rights and the professional language, of the police technique. With one only, it is not survived.

(pg.: 118). The necessity of change in the Politics of Security and the police devices if express in speaks of the author. It credits in this reform, 50% of the resolution of the question of the Public Security guard when saying that as well as he does not have serious politics of security without deep reform of the policies, …. Remodelling the policies and controlling the behavior of the policemen, is decided almost half of the problems of security of the faveladas communities and the slum quarters? all that part that results of the corruption, the complicity with the crime and the brutality of the policemen.


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