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Social History

May 7th, 2020

In a posterior work, later edited as part of the book Social History and Sciences, with the heading the Long Duration, establishes that the history of the individual time or the short duration would be that one marked by the brevity of the events, for the heat of the action, being part of all well bigger one being only one part of apogee of this macro historical reality. The social time make reference to reference the average duration, where a slow history capable fits to answer the questionings concerning the nature of the States, them society and of some aspects of the civilizations. With shining innovation the geographic time of the account of the long duration that is a form to perceive as the space if relates with the man and as some structures of the reality if they modify very in slow way, almost stationary, in way that is difficult in giving account to them. The set of these secular categories inaugurates a new form to face the historical research, englobando not more only the change now as privileged object of history, but also the permanncias, before had as automatizations. Thus we can anticipate that the long duration would be the great braudeliano legacy for History.

It is in this universe of significao that the present article intends to transit with sights to perceive as the African continent it was meant in the Mediterranean and also in Grammar of the Civilizations. This material was chosen by two reasons: they are the two workmanships of our knowledge that of one it forms or of another one it approaches the continent African, moreover, approximately mark two different moments of distanciados the intellectual life of the author per two decades of matureness. The first book, finished in 1949, is the final work of its doutorado, being therefore a rigidly constructed theoretical elaboration. .


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