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March 17th, 2020

Havana has driven the the peoples trade treaty, which is opposed to the FTAA of USA with Caracas and La Paz, Managua. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Sen. Sherrod Brown. Fidel has seen fall to several friends Presidents theirs on the continent (Brazil 1964, Bolivia 1971, 1973 Chile, Peru 1975, 1983 Granada, Nicaragua 1990) but has never before felt surrounded by so many Governments nearby. It has for the first time a political and economic regional bloc (with Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia and in lesser extent Ecuador) and good relations with Argentina and Brazil (the two largest South American economies). The venezuelanization of Cuba in various conservative sectors there are fears that the Castro would be looking to expand and cubanizar to these countries. Much refers, for example, of the eventual castrificacion of Venezuela. Certainly Chavez has taken many aspects of Castro.

His speeches are also very long and are full of sentences against us, for socialism, quoting Marx or Lenin, considering the defence of classes and marginalized ethnic groups and it has found in Bolivar to a native figure similar to the Marti Cuban who can symbolize the anti-imperialism. However, there is a difference between the two. Fidel came to power through an armed revolution that destroyed the existing armed forces, which expropriated all private corporations and which established a centrally planned economy where the axis of the production is meet quotas (and not generate a profit) and where initially the coin ceased to be a value to buy properties and generate capital, to beessentially, a medium of Exchange or accounting. Chavez arrived to the Palace through the ballot box and has sought to empower the existing armed forces. Caracas is still full of American multinationals and private enterprise continues to be developed, although several of their sectors to show their disaffection with official leftism. It has also maintained a representative democracy, and elections while his opponents indicate that there are authoritarian and populist elements in this.


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