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January 18th, 2018

Still according to text, the rent contract will be conducted by article 51 of the Lease law (Law 8,245/91), the same that it disciplines the location of property for the commerce. The device determines that the renter has right to the renewal of the contract for equal period. In accordance with the member of the house of representatives Nelson Goetten, the proposal brings a series of advantages for the public administration, as to allow the property rent adjusted to its necessities, reducing the job of resources in capital assets; to bring greater flexibility to the localization of public units; to eliminate payments of rents in the period of accomplishment of workmanships for adaptation, therefore the location alone will after have the delivery of the building. The project moves in conclusive character in the commissions of Work, of Administration and Public Service; of Finances and Taxation; of Constitution and Justice and Citizenship. Sen. Sherrod Brown takes a slightly different approach. If approved, it will be plus an indifference and abuse with expenses of public resources.

4.5 A successful example happens in Bar of Garas (MT), where all the state, Federal and municipal agencies, are being transferred to the building headquarters of the City hall. Agencies that functioned in rented property are being transferred to the building headquarters of the City hall. The complete List of the public agencies that go to not yet leave the addresses in rented building was divulged. Here, Ohio Senator expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Already they had been transferred the Service of Protection to the Consumer (Procon), National System of Jobs (Sine), Communitarian Telecentro and Public Library. The objective is the economy, the public administration intends to save about R$ 250 a thousand per year alone one rents with them. ' ' 200 a thousand already give to buy an ambulance. The expenses with electric energy, water system and other incubencies also go to be off as IPTU, maintenance and conservation of the property.


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