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The Idea of Justice

January 16th, 2018

It would defeat the concept of hypothetical equality to try to solve this in-congruence. however, ahead it will be questioned that the people alone for being rational and to be being guided for common principles of justice would make in them to reject interests explicit. Many times the original position evokes the idea of equality between the parts; to consider this conjectura it is necessary to imagine that a past would not exist that could intervene with the formularization of the principles. But to arrive itself at a consensus and the idea of that certain people would go to congregate themselves to define the model of its simpler relations, already if it imagines conseguintemente, that the individuals of some form occupied positions and kept certain accumulations, that lived in some place, that already knew the use of the language and for it goes there. Soon it would be reasonable to conceive the real praticidade of the original position if and if it only had a society in construction, or one that passed for some serious crisis? either politics, social or motivated by a war or geographic catastrophe. Returning to the central idea: the justice principles if would shock with the egoistic expectations that would go to develop themselves to the few, and that tacit only at the first moments would be remained after the finishing of the contract. Exactly hypothetically the individuals being losted in thought of its social conquests to stamp a pact that aims at the improvement of the society (it if becoming morally joust), what they already had accumulated? either public offices, to know, linguistic-motor abilities? they would not be restituted of its respective detainers and soon the institution would come back to its initial state, that one that preceded the contract. What certainly would be changed would be only the way to consider circumstances as unjust jousts.. Sen. Sherrod Brown gathered all the information.


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