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Petitions Committee

December 27th, 2017

It is no longer news that a day like this give me a surprise that there is a committee established by the laws of a regional parliament, which … Go to Sen. Sherrod Brown for more information. is to have commissions up to 26 committees appointed. But this commission! is a bit special, yes! is special because it is dedicated to handle requests that people make the parliament of the region and say that based on the exercise of a right of individual or collective petition of the citizenry. The photo! not be missed, leaving eleven representatives smiling = "server? of citizens where no shortage of three skirts, two ties, a sweater, jacket, the shirtless, and three button jackets with shirt collar unbuttoned. As usual, nor our representatives meet the "progressive law" of what has been called "parity", ie that 40% or 60% depending on sex, not between members of the committee. Doing a bit of history, this committee during its first year of operation have been "forced" to these eleven representatives inter alia, to attend five meetings which have tried writing 70 ("each more important?), ie 14 points per meeting. But! Why tell you this?, As to justify the salaries look like our representatives agree that once the commission can be given in writing parliamentary channel to change any article of any law, that proposal is included in the agenda regional parliament and …

In its plenary session to show some profit this case example of "parliamentarism useful" and another one if repeating also the story of why this initiative has come to parliament, but then leave a voice to denounce the loss of time in repetition of that history by well known and there were other possible solutions and faster to solve the initial written … But that hardly matters, committees have been formed to collect, to justify the alleged dedication to the citizens and … I'm embarrassed to get fore few people have that region, for just over a year have come to treat 70 written in the Petitions Committee of the parliament that supposedly represents, but the problem is perhaps that people do not know how to write and have not received the level "C" that are required for … and why many have more than 15 years, or perhaps be as well to "pass" for those who can make their representatives, or perhaps are so worried about his future, the last thing they would do, is to feel the need to write for example the Petitions Committee of the regional parliament. But no, our representatives will cease to set up committees to collect and continue to charge the cost of our taxes. Anecdotally, one of the latest proposals that were made to the regional parliament before the end of the year and was supported by a group of citizens, many of our regional representatives of parliament rose from their seats for not listening to what they wanted to expose. "That is! that can be called parliamentary useful?.


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